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Find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face

You want to give your eyebrows the perfect shape? We’ll show you the best way to do it.

You find it difficult to find the right eyebrow shape for your face? It is! Which shape fits my face? How do I shape the eyebrow correctly? And is plucking allowed? Questions upon questions pile up when it comes to shaping the eyebrows.


Here we try to answer all questions about your eyebrows for you and show you how to find the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Here we go!

Which eyebrow shapes are there?

Which shapes are suitable for your eyebrows at all? Basically, you can’t generalize. Because every face is different and so are the eyebrows. There is not one perfect shape that suits everyone. It depends on whether you have a round, square or long face, how high your forehead is and how your bones are formed.

However, there are a handful of shapes that we can cluster because they are very common and many women find them beautiful. You can use these six eyebrow shapes as a guide when it comes to your own brows. But you will also find an answer to the question: Which eyebrow shape do I have?

5 classic eyebrow shapes

The Arch

Arched eyebrows have a slight inclination, a flattened tip and taper gently, approximately at the same level as the brow head.

The pointed arch

With the ogival shape the eyebrow is even more pointed and higher. The end tapers slightly above the brow head.

Going up

This eyebrow shape runs upwards and very straight upwards. Upwardly directed brows have almost no arch and the end is clearly above the brow head.

The S-curve

Eyebrows with an S-curve shape are much more curved. After the brow head, the shape first runs slightly downwards and then makes a strong curve upwards, ending just above the beginning of the brown.

Straight line

Straight eyebrows run without swing at a constant height to the eyebrow head, making only a gentle, hardly noticeable curve in the middle of the eyebrow.

Find the perfect eyebrow shape

To find the right shape for you, it is best to get an expert to help you, so-called brow experts. You can find them, for example, at the Brow Bars of Benefit or Twinkle in many department store chains or in any good beauty salon. The experts first carry out a so-called brow mapping and find out how your natural eyebrow is shaped, where the highest point is and how long it has to be. With our instructions you can also check your shape at home. This is how it works:


In Brow Mapping, the correct brow shape is measured against the shape of your eyes using a pencil-shaped ruler. How is this done? It’s not that hard. In the instructions, we show you how to do it with your left eye.

Guide: Brow Mapping

1- Place the mapping tool on the outer nostril and lead it in a straight line upwards to the eyebrow. Your eyebrow must start at the intersection of the tool and the brow. Here you set a small marker with your eyebrow pencil.
2- The mapping tool remains firmly attached to the outer nostril. Only the upper part continues to move along the eyebrow until the tool reaches the outer edge of the iris. The point of intersection between brow and tool marks the highest point of the browbow. Also here you place a small mark above the brow.
3- The mapping tool remains firmly attached to the nostril, but is tilted further outwards at the top until it reaches the outer corner of the eye. The intersection between eyebrow and tool marks the ideal length of your brow.
4- Now make sure that the markings on both sides are at the same height so that the eyebrows are symmetrical.

How to get the eyebrows in the right shape?

Now you know what your eyebrows should look like – great! And how do you get them in shape now, plucked, waxed or dyed? Let’s go through the options step by step:

make up eyebrows

Have you found the perfect eyebrow shape for you? Then continue right here with our tips for the right make-up for your wow brows, for example with eyebrow gel, brow mascara or eyebrow powder.

The eyebrows wax: yes or no?

When you are at Brow Experts, you get your eyebrows waxed into shape. The advantage: It is super fast and incredibly precise. Even the smallest hairs are removed. The disadvantage: You need a professional for this and can’t easily do it at home.
– Brow waxing lasts about 3-4 weeks
– Depending on the provider, it costs between 15 – 25 Euro

Pluck your eyebrows: yes or no?

Today, eyebrows are plucked only to a small extent. Since bushy, natural brows are in vogue, the fine hairs only need to be removed in a few places. Actually – and this is what the experts do – only the fine hairs under the arch of the eyebrow, above and below the brow end and between the eyebrows need to be removed. Otherwise, please do not pluck any hairs from the eyebrow! This thins them out too much.

– Plucking the eyebrows lasts about 2 weeks
– Depending on the provider, it costs between 10 – 20 Euro

Tinting the eyebrows

Besides eyebrow modelling, many beauty salons also offer eyebrow tinting. Thereby the eyebrows are not coloured darker, as many think. Only the light hairs are adjusted to the actual color of the eyebrows so that they look fuller.
– eyebrow tint lasts about 3-4 weeks
– It costs with the professional depending upon offerer between 10-15 euro

How do I get beautiful eyebrows?

with the right care! Because not only your skin and eyelashes need good care to look beautiful. Your eyebrows also need a little help here and there so that they can grow back healthy and strong. Unfortunately, the care of the eyebrows is neglected far too often. There are some great products on the market that can help with the growth, shine and fullness of the eyebrows. Very popular are the Eye Brow Enchancers, i.e. growth serums that promote the growth of your eyebrows. The serums work in a similar way to eyelash growth serums and supply the hair roots with vitamins, oils and keratin. Castor oil is also traded as a miracle weapon.

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