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Fashionable eyebrows: what is a stencil for eyebrows and how to use it

What women did with their eyebrows to always conform to fashionable standards. In the 1920s, they were threads – so thin that women simply shaved off their own eyebrows and drew them. A decade later, Greta Garbo set the tone by making these threads dramatically curved. In the ’40s it was already fashionable to add a long, thin tip to wider eyebrows, reaching to the temple. Then came the era of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor with their sexy curved arches. And then came the natural eyebrows, and then the very wide ones. The hard nineties changed the trend again, but at the beginning of the XXI century naturalness triumphed again, remaining in fashion to this day. But what to do if your own eyebrows are far from ideal? The visagistes found a way out – stencils for eyebrows.

Why do we need templates for eyebrows?

The eyebrows are the foundation of the image, the feature that gives individuality. If the shape of the eyebrows, given by nature, does not meet your idea of beauty, it can be corrected in different ways – plucking, drawing, tattooing or use a stencil for eyebrows. The template is a simple device for contouring and drawing the curve of the eyebrows. With its help, the eyebrows are symmetrical, and the process of makeup is greatly simplified. Today, this beauty accessory is produced by many well-known cosmetic brands and is an overlay with a slit in the shape of an eyebrow. It is designed to correct, pluck, paint and makeup eyebrows. Types of stencils:

The single plastic stencil is a product often used in beauty salons. It is a budget option, the set can include from 4 to 6 different shapes. The disadvantage of such a template is the need to hold it with your hand. In addition, it can move in the process of makeup.

A stencil made of adhesive paper is more convenient in this sense – it is securely attached to the skin. But this product is disposable, and the painful sensation of tearing the strip from the delicate skin around the eyebrows is not one of its advantages.

The silicone stencil avoids this inconvenience. If it is moistened with water, it adheres tightly to the skin. However, it also costs more than its plastic counterpart.

The mask stencil with the nose attachment leaves the hands free. In addition, the pattern is double, allowing full symmetry.

Stencil mask with attachment on the back of the head.

The disadvantage of double stencils is that the shape, size and spacing of the eyebrow slits may not match the shape of the face and the cut of the eyes. When using single templates it is sometimes difficult to achieve exactly the same eyebrows. In general, the eyebrow stencil is a very handy tool, equally suitable for professionals and home use, allowing you to save time and make perfect makeup.

If you’ve found the right double stencil for you, you won’t need an eyebrow ruler. You may need it to avoid asymmetry when drawing the eyebrows through the single stencil. Use it to mark the main points with a cosmetic pencil.

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Choosing a stencil

Unfortunately, our eyebrows don’t always grow the way we want them to. They can be wide and thick or, on the contrary, sparse and shapeless. Often they need correction. But you should not blindly follow the fashionable shape. The main criterion for choosing a line of eyebrows is matching the type and shape of the face.

The only way to find the right shape for yourself is by experimenting. Make a trial makeup with the help of templates of different shapes and choose the most suitable one.

When buying stencil sets or individual templates, pay attention to the markings:

  • full arch – for wide eyebrows;
  • high arch – for eyebrow arches with a noticeable bend;
  • medium arch – for medium width eyebrows;
  • slim arch – for sparse and thin eyebrows;
  • petite arch – for petite and short eyebrows.

What manufacturers offer

One of the disadvantages of ready-made eyebrow stencils is finding (sometimes fruitless) the right shape and size. But if you have found your option, you will appreciate this beauty tool.

Avon offers sets of 4 shapes made of thin plastic material. The approximate cost is $9. The minus of the set is the lack of auxiliary markings on the stencils.

Divage Ideal Brow Stencils Kit offers a set of five forms. The single stencils are made of thin, flexible plastic. The cost of the kit when buying online is $5. The advantage – versatility (they can be used for correction, coloring and makeup) and, according to reviews, a successful set of forms.

The Brow Factor presents a set of 6 stencils. High-quality plastic tight to the skin, which allows you to achieve the best result. The price is $7. The disadvantage, as well as in Avon stencils – the lack of marking.

If you like to experiment, buy templates on Aliexpress. The price starts from $2 per set, but the results can impress even seasoned beauty bloggers.

How to use the stencil

A stencil is a versatile accessory, and each application has its own nuances.

Correction and plucking

For correction you will need light powder, a stencil and tweezers. How to correct the shape:

  • To make the line clear, lightly powder the brow.
  • Apply the stencil and fix it with your hand.
  • Holding the pencil at one angle, trace the edges of the template.
  • Do the same with the second eyebrow, paying particular attention to the precise tracing of the arch.
  • Remove the stencil and, if you are happy with the result, use tweezers to remove hairs that are outside the lines you have drawn.

Don’t do your makeup right after plucking, your skin needs to calm down a bit.


For makeup, use special eyebrow shadows, powder or pencil:

  • Apply the stencil and draw the outline.
  • Fill in the color between the lines. This can be done with the same pencil or with a flat, thick brush with a beveled edge.
  • Remove the stencil and blur the sharp edges.
  • Comb the eyebrows with a brush and fix with gel.
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Brushing will give your eyebrows a natural look, and fixing the gel will keep your makeup on all day.


Self-coloring eyebrows is better to do henna, and not to risk by making their own composition, and buy ready-made paint needed shade. How to do it:

  • Clean the brow area and scrub with a scrub brush.
  • Brush your eyebrows thoroughly with a brush.
  • Apply a stencil and trace the contour with a light pencil, or preferably a white pencil, so that you can see even small errors in the coloring.
  • Lubricate the skin beyond the outline with a greasy cream.
  • Apply the diluted paint in small strokes, starting from the tip of the eyebrow and moving towards the top of it.
  • If the colour falls outside the contour, use a cotton swab to remove it at once.
  • The curing time is according to the instructions.

At the end of the dyeing process, remove the dye with a cotton sponge in the direction of hair growth.

Mistakes in the application of the stencil

The most common mistake is the wrong shape of the stencil. An experienced makeup artist can help you achieve the desired harmony of facial features. He will advise on the most suitable shape of eyebrows for your face.

Not every stencil is suitable for home use. The second mistake is the use of special templates for salon coloring and tattooing, they are not very convenient for everyday makeup.

Beginners are recommended to use stencils, which can be fixed on the skin. Later, when the skill will appear, you can buy and ordinary plastic or silicone templates.

Stencil with your own hands

If you can’t find stencils, you can make your own shapes. You will need a thin flexible plastic, a sharp office knife and a bright marker for marking. First you need to find a suitable eyebrow shape on the Internet. There are life-size templates.

How to make your own stencil:

  • Find the shape you want and save the picture.
  • If there is no possibility to print a template – put a piece of transparent plastic directly to the monitor and carefully trace the contour.
  • If you want to keep your shape or slightly correct it, the resulting contour on plastic, put it to your eyebrow and see how well they match. If you don’t like the result – keep looking, you will definitely find what you need, as there are plenty of options on the Internet.
  • Suitable shape, translated on the plastic, carefully cut out with a stationery knife and, if necessary, sharpen the sharp corners and burrs with a nail file.

The beauty industry offers the modern woman a lot of tools to facilitate makeup. The beauty industry offers the modern woman a lot of tools to make her eyebrows easier.

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