Eyebrow slits

Eyebrows Cut: a Fashion that never dies

The eyebrow cut, from the 90s to the present day, have not yet gone out of fashion, on the contrary, they are becoming more and more popular. If before it was thought that this style could only belong to the world of men, today it is no longer so.

In fact, eyebrow cut are a fashion for both men and women and you just need to look for the hashtag #eyebrowslits to understand what I’m talking about. Here, you will find lots of photos and different styles to take example from and emulate in case you want to try them out.

There are many questions related to this style and today I will try to answer some of them.

What eyebrow cuts meaning?

Neymar da Silva Santos eyebrow slits

Eyebrows cut are a real way to express yourself before being a fashion. Character, grit and a bit of arrogance are the characteristics that most reflect this street style.

Particular and impressive, they give an extra tone that focuses the concentration on the eye and the gaze. Intense, deep and involving, in some cases the eyebrows cut are a real beauty mark.

From the catwalks to the world of cinema, this style, born from the strata, has been able to take the most important scenes in the world. A success that has made its way through the different styles of eyebrows and now stands alongside the great classics.

Eyebrows cut risks


eyebrows cut can lead to unpleasant problems if not carefully cared for. That’s right, cutting or tearing them off badly can cause permanent damage.

For example, wrong pressure with the razor blade can cause deep cuts and scars that prevent regrowth. Or, it can make the hair stiffer and permanently modify the brow arch.

As you can well understand, underestimating these small details can really ruin the nature of your eyebrows. That’s why it’s important to know all the tricks and steps you need to take to respect them.

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That’s why I leave you here below a little tutorial to follow in order not to make mistakes…

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Eyebrows cut tutorial


We have seen how many risks you run in shaving your eyebrows incorrectly. So if you want to reduce the possibility of damage, follow these easy steps carefully.

1. Use a razor with an unobtrusive shaver head
2. Wet your eyebrows to make them softer
3. Track the area to be shaved with a pencil
4. Radiate the affected area without applying too much pressure
5. Clean the area and if necessary, complete with the help of tweezers
6. Use a cream to avoid irritation

This way it will be easier to cut the part of the eyebrow that interests you most without causing damage. Alternatively, you can also evaluate a makeup that can give the idea of a eyebrow cut.

How to create eyebrows cut with make up

If you do not want to shave your eyebrows, because you do not want to risk ruining them, this is the solution for you. In fact, all you need is glue and simple concealer to recreate the effect of the eyebrow cut.

these videos showing the steps to create eyebrow slits with make up:

all you’ll need is adhesive tape and cosmetics to draw eyebrows, preferably in cream or gel. Create small strips of adhesive tape a few millimeters thick and stick them on the eyebrows: if you want a single eyebrow cut use only one strip, if you want a double eyebrow cut use two. At this point, with the help of an angled brush draw your eyebrow arch, also covering the area of the adhesive tape. This way you only have to remove the strips to see the effect of the cut on your eyebrows. This technique works very well if you have sparse eyebrows: if your eyebrows are thick you’ll have to do it in another way, using glue and concealer. With the help of a glue and a spatula, completely flatten the area of the eyebrow arch where you want to create the eyebrow cut. Then cover it with a concealer with total coverage and apply a veil of transparent powder. Then proceed to draw the eyebrows with the brush, taking care to create the eyebrow cut where you have previously removed the eyebrows. Discover in the gallery the products to use and the looks to copy

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The eyebrows cut are trendy again

The trend of the moment is once again eyebrows, and in this case eyebrows cut. These are real cuts, which are called eyebrow slits, whose hashtag on Instagram counts almost 3000 shots and the number of photographs increases day by day, and which divide the eyebrows into two or more parts with vertical or diagonal lines. In the 90s it was spreading among boys and men who wanted to emulate rapper singers and celebrities, while today the trend also concerns the female universe, especially young girls.

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