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Eyebrows Can Change Your Entire Face : 8 Celebrities Eyebrows before and after

Eyebrows have become more than ever a real obsession for all of us and we now know how important they are for the success of a good look, especially if we focus on the eyes and the look.

Actually, the whole face is also very much influenced by the eyebrows we have and for this reason it is important to pay a minimum of attention when we put makeup on and, eventually, we touch them up to redefine and/or color them.

For this reason, I thought to show you some examples of eyebrows before and after, on 8 celebrities who have changed a lot over the years, even in this aspect!? We’ll see how this important element can change a face, often changing and improving color and shape! ?If you are curious, read on!

1) The eyebrows of Kerry Washington

At the time of Save the last dance, the actress had two rather sparse and not too defined eyebrows, which became darker and thicker over the years, especially in the final part.
But not only that, if you look at this second comparison, Kerry Washington seems to be even younger, because the fuller eyebrows make the face more harmonious and fresh. In addition, on her dark skin, her eyebrows that are too light are lost a bit, making them look too sparse and almost non-existent!

2) Rihanna’s eyebrows
From the mid-2000’s until today Rihanna has not totally transformed her eyebrows, but she has certainly given an extra gear to her gaze. From thin and grayish, her eyebrows have become darker and more marked, and she has filled the little holes here and there.
At the Met Gala 2015, Rihanna had also opted for these upward eyebrows, which made her look almost alien! The pigtail that goes down, in this case erased, is important because it better accompanies the shape of the eye and does not make the eyebrow ‘broken’.

3) Gwen Stefani’s eyebrows
Gwen Stefani’s eyebrows have undergone a real transformation over the years. When she was very young (and still at the mercy of the fashions of the 90s) Gwen wore them very thin and almost shapeless, in total contrast even with her hair colour.
Things have changed over time and now Gwen has more important and well-groomed eyebrows. The arch has become more accentuated and the whole face has benefited, also because a thickness of this type is even more appropriate to the elongated shape of her face.

4) Miley Cyrus’ eyebrows
Compared to the past, Miley Cyrus has changed from top to bottom! But if we just focus on her eyebrows, we can see that she has kept her shape quite straight, without any particular curvature. But she did a very important operation: she made them thicker at the beginning and thinner towards the end.
This modification helped a lot to lift his gaze, which before seemed to be even more downward and inexpressive and certainly fill his forehead, quite spacious.

5) Angelina Jolie’s eyebrows
Compared to the past, Angelina Jolie definitely opted for a more ‘softened’ look and thicker but not too thick eyebrows. One thing has remained the same: the highest point of her ‘bow’ is the same as in the past, but now the face definitely looks less angular.
The thin eyebrows, on a face like hers, make the expression more sullen and do not particularly give it.

6) BeyoncĂ©’s eyebrows
Even Beyoncé had her past as a compulsive pruner. Her eyebrows, at the beginning of her career, were very different from how she has them now and looked clearer and thinner.? With the look changes, and with her slightly darker and warmer hair, her eyebrows have adjusted and are also more noticeable on her face which already has a rather dark complexion.
In his case, the more defined and intense eyebrows are better able to enhance the look and make even the eyes appear bigger!

7) The eyebrows of Jennifer Lopez
We’ve all seen JLo’s looks, but I’ve never dwelt on his eyebrows. Darker, longer and thinner in the past, lighter, shorter and thicker today.
Moving from an intense hair color to her famous honey-colored balayage, Jennifer Lopez had to adjust, softening her face with eyebrows of a rather neutral color, ideal for those with light hair and I must say that now her face and her look have found a nice balance!

8) Lady Gaga’s eyebrows

And here she is, the most changeable singer in recent years, who is second to none in terms of weird looks! We really saw her in a thousand ways… and in many cases her eyebrows were not even contemplated!

A face without eyebrows, as you can see, is quite disturbing, and leaves a face ‘in the middle’, as if we couldn’t even understand the expression properly.
If the eyebrows are almost nullified, as in this case when they are dyed a very light platinum blonde, the whole face suffers from it, resulting almost alien!

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