Eyebrows are never identical, which is why

Have you ever spent a few minutes in front of the mirror looking at your eyebrows? If you haven’t, you should run and try. If you look at them very carefully, you will notice that they are not identical. This is not as unusual as you might think, as practically all parts of the body are slightly different, from the hands to the feet to the legs or knees, which is why this happens to everyone.

Why are your eyebrows different?

All women and men who want to be perfect at all costs have to get over it: eyebrows are never identical and there is also a very specific reason why it happens. As expert Tonya Crooks, who has taken care of the eyebrows of stars like Megan Fox, Eva Mendes and Fergie, said, each brow has different muscle movements. Depending on which side you sleep on and your facial expressions, in particular, precise facial muscles develop, which one part of the face is weaker than the other. It is no coincidence that some people can only raise one eyebrow well and others can do so with both. Is the only way to make them practically identical? Use make-up, adding a little dark eye shadow on the tail or tip to make them perfectly symmetrical. In short, it’s useless to think you’re weird, all those who boast impeccable and identical eyebrows will have used makeup and tweezers: only in this way you can “remedy” the small natural imperfection.

That’s why one eyebrow always looks better than the other

It is simply a fact: one eyebrow has a nicer arch, is fuller and simply looks better than the other – in EVERYONE’s case. But why is that so? Why are the brows not symmetrical?

Uneven brows – but why?

The fact that your eyebrows are unequal is not because you are not good with tweezers. It’s rather a natural reason, as eyebrow professional Tonya Crooks says, who is responsible for the correct eyebrow swing at Megan Fox, Eva Mendes and Fergie.
“It’s the eyebrow muscles,” the expert says. “With most people, one side is more stressed than the other and is therefore more pronounced.” (Many can also raise only one eyebrow skilfully, namely the ‘strong’ brow).

Left- or right-sleeper?

That actually already depends on which side we sleep on. If we lie with our face on the right side all night long, the muscles here slacken over time – the eyebrow ‘hangs’.
But this asymmetry can easily be corrected, says Tonya Crooks. “I pluck away a little more on one side and help with an eyebrow pencil on the other side to achieve a symmetrical effect.

One eyebrow above the other: how to fix it?

Were you one of those with asymmetrical eyebrows? We’re telling you how to fix the situation.

Reasons for eyebrow asymmetry
How to correct asymmetry in the eyebrows with make-up
Other ways to correct asymmetric eyebrows

Almost all people have asymmetry in their faces. However, if some people have this defect almost invisible, others spend a lot of time to hide it with makeup. One of the most common problems is asymmetry of the eyebrows. And if you’re not among the people with the same eyebrows either, there may be several reasons.

Reasons for eyebrow asymmetry

One of the most common causes of asymmetry in the eyebrows is incorrect correction. If you decided to change the shape of your eyebrows on your own and get rid of unnecessary hairs or turned to a non-professional master, it is not surprising that the upper or lower limits of the eyebrows could be at different heights. In this case, if the eyebrows are left uncorrected for a while, the asymmetry may disappear by itself.

Another reason is the peculiarity of the skull structure or heredity. In this case, the asymmetry is likely to become only more pronounced over time.

The asymmetry of the eyebrows could also be caused by injuries and diseases, such as inflammation of the facial nerve or nerve endings clamps.

How to correct asymmetry in the eyebrows with make-up: step-by-step photo instruction.

You’ll need this method to correct asymmetry in the eyebrows:

Brush the hairs with an eyebrow brush and put them in a natural direction. If the eyebrows are not symmetrical, most importantly, apply the cosmetics gradually. Do not design the whole eyebrow at once, work both eyebrows out in stages.

First, paint over the lower line of the eyebrow that is higher with an eyebrow pencil or shadow, visually lowering it slightly. You can try one of these tools. This way the correction will be invisible, and the eyebrows will look harmonious if you add to the width of one of them to 1-2 mm.

Then draw the upper line of the eyebrow, which is located below, also a little beyond its natural contour. In this way you will visually raise the eyebrow and finally level the height of the eyebrows.

Fill the beginning of your eyebrow with a pencil, just lightly pressing it, and grow slightly to get a natural gradient. Then paint the main part of the eyebrow.

Make sure that the highest points of the eyebrows (where they bend) also coincide as much as possible. If necessary, you can protrude 1-2 mm beyond the natural contour on the side where the height is not sufficient. Finish the eyebrows by drawing the tails.

Brush your eyebrows with a brush to grow clear lines. Try to leave the eyebrows fluffy and not to change their natural shape to make the asymmetry even more visible. In the final step, brush your eyebrows with transparent gel and gently fix them. How to choose the right shade of this product, we told you here.

And remember, choosing an eyebrow shadow or pencil is not based on the color of the roots of your hair, but so that their shade imitates the color of the shadow falling from the hair.

Other ways to correct asymmetric eyebrows

Eyebrow Shadows

Eyebrow shadows are an option for those who just need to adjust the position of their eyebrows relative to each other a little. It is enough to accurately fill in the gaps in those places where there is a lack of density, and places that, conversely, you want to hide, not to emphasize. The result can be fixed with a gel.


Tweezers are the most time-consuming way to line up eyebrows. However, it is worth noting that it is not suitable for all cases. If the asymmetry is too strong, too many hairs would have to be removed in order to hide it. But if the eyebrows differ only in certain points, it is enough to carefully remove excess with tweezers. The main thing – do not overdo it, if you do the correction at home.

Tint for eyebrows

Tints for eyebrows are usually quite pigmented. With their help, even very asymmetric eyebrows can be corrected, as the product almost completely covers the hairs. This means that you actually draw new eyebrows over the real ones on the same level. The main thing: to make the eyebrows still look natural, make the beginning of the eyebrow lighter than the tip.

How to raise an eyebrow ?

How to raise an eyebrow

Eyebrow movement is one of the most expressive movements we have at the facial level, since it can transmit a lot of information in just a few tenths of a second. Do you want to know how to raise an eyebrow? Read on and take note of the steps to achieve it successfully.
A raised eyebrow is a curious gesture that not everyone knows how to make. A gesture that can indicate skepticism, disbelief, surprise, entertainment and much more. A movement that can be very simple for some and challenging for others.

Steps for raising an eyebrow

Stand in front of a mirror and use your fingers to raise your eyebrows to the desired height. At this point, release one of your fingers and hold the position up for a few minutes. By practicing daily you will soon be able to raise your eyebrow by itself, without holding your fingers, and also to raise it naturally.

Another method is to stand in front of a mirror and make a sad face, which will automatically raise an eyebrow. With the sad expression, try to pull the chin down, you will feel the forehead muscles and the eyebrows will rise automatically.

Also in front of the mirror you can fix your eyes on the forehead and make a sad face and wait 3-4 seconds. Now make a surprised face and wait 2 seconds. Exchange both expressions quickly and in a short time of practice you will master both facial muscles and you will be able to raise your eyebrow very easily.

One of the most effective methods is to start with a frown and focus your attention on the muscles on only one side of the face. Try to raise the eyebrow, if you do it by enlarging the eye you will achieve it more easily.

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