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Eyebrow with mascara,how to choose a quality product and how to use it correctly?

Creating a perfect image with skillfully applied makeup is the dream of every girl. Fortunately, manufacturers today are arming women with high-quality and diverse decorative cosmetics. One of the honorable places in this “arsenal” of beauty is the mascara for eyebrows. Fashionistas around the world have already appreciated its convenience and possibilities.

Like any cosmetics, the mascara has its own nuances of use. Let’s find out how to choose a quality product and how to use it correctly.

What does mascara mean?

Mascara is a decorative cosmetic designed to accentuate, highlight and change the natural color of your lashes.

Why you need mascara for the eyebrows?

An innovative product in decorative cosmetics – mascara for eyebrows – is perceived by many women as a salvation. This is evidenced by the numerous grateful reviews from those who have already used and appreciated the new cosmetic product. Neither the usual pencil, nor ordinary mascara, which girls tried to tame and evenly tint naughty hairs, did not give such a stunning effect.

The mascara achieves several goals at once, because it:

  • fixes the hairs in the desired direction;
  • tints them in the desired color;
  • gives them shine;
  • Keeps the makeup for a long time;
  • helps to correct the bend and emphasize the contour of the eyebrow.

For the owners of already bright eyebrows, colorless eyebrow gel is available. Its task is to neatly arrange the hairs and fix them in the right position.

In addition to standard mascaras for eyebrows, there is a variety with microfibers. This product is a real find for those who can’t boast of the density of natural eyebrows. It helps to fill in the “treacherous” gaps and makes the eyebrows look more voluminous. Microfibers look absolutely natural and create the appearance of natural hairs.

One of the variants of decorative means is a gel for eyebrows. It has a lighter structure, gives the eyebrows a shine, fills the voids well, gives the hairs an extra volume. The gel-like texture hardens quickly. The gel is also suitable for daily care.

The choice between gel and mascara is a matter of taste – both products are worthy of attention.

What’s important to know when buying?

When choosing a remedy, there are a number of factors to consider before finally deciding on the purchase.


Overly bright, eyebrows that catch the eye will make your face look grumpy and gloomy, and will definitely add years to your life. In addition, the wrong shade will create dissonance in the image, attracting unnecessary attention to the eyebrows. To avoid this, when choosing mascara for eyebrows, follow the rules of color selection:

  • Light beige for blondes or beige-gray for platinum hair;
  • Dark brown and gray for dark-haired girls;
  • brown tones with gold and a slight terracotta shade for redheads;
  • grayish-brown is good for grayish-brown ladies.

One of the immutable rules is that your eyebrows should be tinted a shade lighter than your hair. A wide range of cosmetic products on today’s market in a wide range of shades will facilitate your search for eyebrow mascara to match the color of your hair.

Some mascaras tend to darken after application, so test the shade carefully before you buy!

Choosing a brush

The brush for eyebrow coloring is just as important as the right color. In addition to the standard form of brush-brushes there are also such modifications as: enlarged at the end in the form of a balloon brush, slightly beveled form, narrowed towards the end of the brush and even brushes with teeth and applicators. Various forms are created specially so that each girl can choose the best option for herself.

In addition, brushes can have different hardness. Girls with dense eyebrows and stubborn sticking out hairs should prefer a stiff one, as it easily pierces and securely fixes the hair.

Silicone is considered the best material: it doesn’t traumatize the skin and doesn’t collect the excess of mascara.

The brush should be chosen according to the width of the eyebrow, as otherwise the paint will stain the surrounding skin.


The main ingredient in the mascara is water. It gives the product a liquid consistency and, as it dries, securely fixes the hair. To keep the mascara during the whole day, chemicals are added to it. Usually the product contains:

  • beeswax or palm wax to make the structure viscous;
  • petroleum distillate, a common component of any mascara;
  • fatty acids, aromatic and organic compounds;
  • iron oxide is used to create color;
  • caring substances in the form of panthenol, vitamin B5, glycerin or silk proteins.
  • The water-resistant version has a wider composition.

Gel mascara, in addition to the above components, may contain plant extracts (chamomile, aloe, cedar), moisturizing agents (sorbitol and hydroxyethylurea), vegetable oils (castor, burdock or jojoba).

Some components (especially fatty acids, organic and aromatic compounds) can cause allergies, so it is advisable to test the product before buying it. A good mascara should definitely contain beneficial substances, if they are not in the composition, it is better to refuse to buy such a product.

How to paint eyebrows with mascara?

There is nothing complicated about applying the product to your eyebrows. Here are a few rules that will make your makeup look discreet and neat:

There should not be too much mascara on the brush: it should be enough for exactly one coloring;
Move the brush upward from the bridge of the nose to the temple without touching the skin. If it is mascara with microfibers then from the bottom upwards one should dye the eyebrow to the middle (to the upper bend), and then just hold the brush to the tip of the eyebrow;

The eyebrow should be painted only once. Repeated application of mascara will lead to the formation of lumps and will give the eyebrows unnatural, and even vulgar look;

If a bit too much mascara is put on eyebrows, it can be brushed out with a clean brush after the product has dried.

Makeup artists advise to try another way of applying mascara – to run the brush first against the growth of hairs, and then to smooth the eyebrow in the right direction. Also if necessary you can use any other eyebrow products first, and use mascara only as a finishing touch to fix the hairs and give them a light shade or shine.

The shape and color of the eyebrows is a trait that can transform even the most inexpressive face or finally ruin the natural beauty.

Top 8 best mascaras for eyebrows

Every woman has her own preferences in choosing a cosmetic brand. We have tried to compile for you the top most popular products according to customer reviews.

Maybelline Brow Drama

Mascara with a gel formula that has a modeling effect and firmly fixes the hair. The color range is small – dark and light brown. The cap is equipped with a brush with an extended round tip.

Brow Precise by Maybelline

Mascara with microfibers, which gives eyebrows volume. It has a light texture and has a one-sided flat brush. The volume is 8 ml. Product lasts for 4-5 months of daily use. Available in three shades – 02 Dark Blonde, 05 Medium Brown, 06 Deep Brown.

Brow Arcade by Vivienne Sabo

The mascara is suitable for dense eyebrows with protruding hairs that are difficult to comb and fix. There are only 2 shades in the palette: color 01 is recommended for dark-haired girls, 02 – for blondes and blondes. The small brush successfully covers small gaps in the eyebrows. Has good reviews due to the balance of price and quality.

Eyebrow Gel Mascara Make me brow by Essence

The mascara successfully combines dyeing, fixing and volumizing properties. It contains microfibers, giving beauty even to weak and inconspicuous eyebrows. It applies evenly and has good staying power. The makeup stays on all day in its original form. Available in three shades suitable for blonde and dark-haired women. The product has earned many positive reviews both on the European market and on the Russian market.

Brow Artist Plumper by L’oreal

The tube is equipped with a small brush that paints each hair. The mascara makes the color of the eyebrows rich, smooths and firmly fixes the protruding hairs. Gives a natural look and doesn’t need extra brushing. Available in Medium/Dark Brown, Light/Medium and transparent shades.

Inglot Modelling Mascara

Modelling Waterproof Mascara by Inglot has a gel consistency, easy to apply with a small brush and resistant to shattering. A small amount of mascara is enough for modeling. The gel texture is an excellent fixer. An advantage of the mascara is that it does not dry out for a long time in the tube. The shelf life of the product is 3 years. It comes in three colors suitable for blondes, browns and brunettes.

Brow Set by MAC

The manufacturer claims several advantages of the product – water resistance, safety, does not form lumps, does not smudge and does not stain the skin. The mascara gives your eyebrows a shiny and well-groomed look. It creates the effect of thick eyebrows. Available in taupe (beguile), dark brown (show-off), brown (girl boy) and colorless

Brow Corrector by Divage

It is positioned by the manufacturer as a mousse. Thanks to the high pigmentation of the product, only a couple of light movements are enough to create perfect eyebrows. It is persistent, but easily washed off with makeup removers. Another plus of this product is the natural color range, which allows you to create a natural look quickly and easily.

Mascara for the eyebrows solves the problem of everyday makeup without too much effort and time, and for that is universally recognized as a necessary element in the cosmetic bag of modern girls.

Can I put mascara on my eyebrows?

Mascara can be used alone or over a pencil or eye shadow. It will fix your makeup and make it last longer. Eyebrow mascaras (especially gel mascaras) almost always contain valuable components such as oils, waxes and plant extracts.

What does mascara do for eyebrows?

Eyebrow mascara is a special gel designed for styling or tinting your eyebrows. As with lashes, brow mascara adds volume to the hairs and makes the eyebrows more expressive.

Is mascara necessary for eyebrows?

Eyebrow mascara is ideal for women who have rather thick and long, but blond eyebrow hairs, as well as for owners of unruly stiff eyebrows.

Can I use waterproof mascara on my eyebrows?

Classic, water-resistant mascara for eyebrows is a cosmetic product that is used as an alternative to shadows and pencils. The new product helps to blur the hairs, fill in gaps and give volume.

Why is clear mascara better?

No-makeup makeup look: Clear mascara enhances lashes by making them appear longer and shinier (think: your lashes but better), yet they’ll still appear totally natural-looking, as opposed to pigmented formulas that have a more dramatic effect. … You can use clear mascara to make loose glitter stay put.

What are clear mascaras used for?

Among the many ways to use transparent mascara, the most intuitive and widespread are as a primer for the lashes, as a top coat and, in some cases, as a healing and strengthening treatment.
As a primer it is used by applying it before the usual black or colored mascara to make the makeup last longer and to make it easier and faster to remove make-up in the evening. It will also help give your lashes more volume and length.

Some types of clear mascaras are also designed to be used as a top coat: if you apply it after your mascara, it will help make the color appear more intense and seal in the pigments to avoid unpleasant smudging. These kinds of products come in both completely colorless and glitter-enriched versions, to add an unusual touch to your makeup.

Finally, some transparent mascaras are real eyelash care treatments. In case of brittle, sparse or thin eyelashes, mascaras enriched with strengthening and healing ingredients can be a great way to nourish and thicken the lashes. These types of cosmetics are usually used on the lashes after removing makeup and can also be used at night before going to sleep.

Can you darken your eyebrows with mascara?

Some people have very light eyebrows and often look like they don’t have eyebrows at all! Also, there are others who dye their hair and want their eyebrows to have the same shade.So what can they do? Many of them use various techniques to darken their eyebrows. A dark, well-shaped eyebrow can really change the way your face looks, making it more attractive and youthful. Here are some techniques you can use if you want to make your eyebrows darker.

1. Darkening eyebrows through dyes:

One method of darkening your eyebrows is by using synthetic dyes. This can be done by a professional in a salon or at home.

2. Darkening eyebrows with makeup:

Another method to darken eyebrows is through various makeup products available in the market such as eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner. However, this method is not permanent and works for a day.

3. Darkening eyebrows through eye shadow:

A third way to darken your eyebrows is through an eye shadow. This is the easiest method but the disadvantage is that it comes off very quickly, so you need to reapply it frequently.

What is the difference between eyebrow gel and mascara?

Eyebrow mascara is now very popular and many make up collections include it within their cosmetic lines. But between the classic mascara, transparent mascara and mascara for eyebrows can be a bit ‘of confusion, especially if you are just approaching the use of cosmetics. Precisely for this reason, today I decided to talk to you about eyebrow mascaras and in particular the differences that you need to take into account when buying such products.

Curative eyebrow mascara

It is a real treatment for your eyebrows, which allows you to devote them targeted care to help their growth and keep them always strong. Its special formulation, rich in substances that strengthen your eyebrows, such as proteins, moisturizers and nutrients, allow them to grow healthy and strong. When should I apply it? It is preferable to apply the product in the evening, after washing your face well: in this way it can have time to act all night long. You can find it in practical cases and the mascara applicator is very similar to that of the classic black mascara.

Colored eyebrow mascara

On the other hand, this type of mascara for eyebrows has the function of coloring the eyebrows to make them more intense and defined. A make up that does not take into account the eyebrows or that does not emphasize them properly, risks not giving the right importance to the eyes and the gaze, penalizing the final result: for this reason, a colored eyebrow mascara can be of great help. The important thing, however, is to choose the right color: light brown if you are blonde, rust if you are red and dark brown if you are brunette.

Eyebrow gel and transparent mascara

These two products at first glance are very similar to each other: both are transparent and enclosed within a case that is very reminiscent of that of mascara. But how do these two products differ? Let’s see them in detail first.

Eyebrow gel: the eyebrow gel has the function to fix the hairs and keep them tidy. This cosmetic is essential for those who have eyebrows that appear untidy even after being carefully defined with the help of tweezers. It has a brush that allows you to fix out-of-place hairs in no time. Never think of replacing this product with a normal hair gel: it is too aggressive and you risk ruining them. Instead, follow the advice I will give you in my new ebook “Unlocking the secrets of make-up artists: Eyes and Lips”, where I reveal how a cosmetic you already have, properly used, can be transformed into an eyebrow gel.

Transparent mascara: transparent mascara is used on the lashes when you want to obtain a very neat look even without makeup. In these cases it is a perfect substitute for mascara: simply apply it to clean lashes and let it dry. It is perfect for those who already have dark and thick lashes, while it is better to turn to the classic black mascara for blondes or redheads: lashes that are too light risk not emphasizing the look properly.

How do you make homemade clear mascara?

The transparent mascara is ideal for a natural look, water and soap effect to show off on the beach or by the pool: how to make it at home?

In summer, transparent mascara is a must-have for many women who want to lengthen and thicken their lashes, widen their eyes and gaze without overloading with color. It is, in fact, ideal for those who aim at a no-make up, a natural but neat look, a water and soap effect to be shown off on the beach or by the pool.

DIY transparent mascara

Mascara is undoubtedly a must-have item in any self-respecting beauty case. However, there are occasions when a too heavy makeup can be out of place. The pool, the sea or the gym, in fact, require a beauty more water and soap, but that does not mean we have to give up long, thick lashes and intensify the look.

The solution is the transparent gel. The transparent gel mascara is ideal for those who aim at a look that is always taken care of on lashes and eyebrows, but with a soapy and watery effect.
It can be made at home, obtaining a gel with the same consistency as a mascara, which helps to separate and define the lashes, giving volume and length.

Transparent Gel Recipe

First, clean a used mascara container. To clean it properly, use drops of makeup remover to let the product dissolve.

After doing that, soak it in a tub of warm water and coarse salt for a couple of hours. Rinse it off carefully under running water. Remove mascara residue from the brush with water and coarse salt as well.

When the container is washed and dried, fill it with castor oil using a syringe. Castor oil, which can be purchased in pharmacies, is an excellent natural ingredient for lashes, thanks to its emollient and nourishing properties, which make the lashes shiny, soft and well disciplined. In this way, your lashes will not only look longer and thicker, but also strengthened.

You can also opt to put a mix of vegetable oils, such as argan, olive and coconut. Mix the vial and apply it to your lashes.

What is the best mascara for blue eyes?

Mascara is able not only to make your lashes incredibly long and incredibly thick, but also to highlight the incomparable blue eyes. For this purpose it is worth choosing a mascara in dark gray, graphite, dark brown, blue or blue color. The classic black mascara is suitable only if your eyes are not too light or even transparent.

What kind of mascara does Kim Kardashian use?

Now Kim has shared with her fans her main beauty find – mascara. Considering that finding really cool mascara is a big problem, we’re sure that the Kardashian Family reality TV star’s recommendation will come in handy for many. According to Kim, her mascara is L’OrĂ©al Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

Can I leave transparent mascara on overnight?

Of course, you have to rinse it off!!!!There are no options. Mascara is a man-made substance, and leaving it on overnight, to put it mildly, is not useful.


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