Eyebrow Tutorials

Eyebrow Threading Tutorial for Beginners

Eyebrow threading is a more difficult technique than waxing or tweezing, and you will need special training in this art. By learning the proper methods and techniques for shaping your eyebrows, you can create the most flattering look for your face. So, before you pull your thread and start to attack every little hair, take the time to hone your skills and perfect your technique,in with this video we can show you how to thread your eyebrows perfectly at home.

Before you can start to thread your eyebrows, you need to decide what shape you want your eyebrows to be. Having a clear vision of the final shape of your eyebrows before you begin to practice threading them will help you get the best results. Although everyone’s eyebrows are slightly different, most fall into one of five main categories. They can be S-shaped, hard angled, soft angled, straight or rounded. In general, the shape that’s most flattering to you will be the one that comes closest to the natural contour of your eyebrow. However, there are other factors to consider, such as your face type.

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