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Eyebrow threading shapes before and after

The eyebrow threading method is popular because of its simplicity and effectiveness. It can be used to give your eyebrows the shape you want without having to go to a beauty salon. Threading is called “trimming”. Today, it is a modern procedure used in many professional beauty salons.

What is eyebrow threading?

With the help of a thread, loops made on it and good handling, you get rid of unwanted hair. Tweezers only remove individual hairs. They are not able to remove the small fluffy hairs that are visible.

A thread fulfills this function perfectly. The eyebrow thread can also remove unwanted hair anywhere on the face:

  • above the upper lip ;
  • between the eyebrows ;
  • on the neck;
  • remove side burns;

Beautiful, well-shaped eyebrows complete the look. The eyes become more expressive.

Eyebrow threading cost in beauty salons

Eyebrow threading is not a very expensive procedure. It costs an average of $15 to $40 at a salon.The exact price depends on the salon in question, as well as on the size of the treated area. For sufficiently large and thick eyebrows, the price can be higher.

Thus, eyebrow threading is a fairly accessible and simple procedure to correct the shape of the eyebrows. It allows you to make your eyebrows more beautiful, neat and graceful in a short period of time. In this case, an important point is the availability of the procedure – it can be done even at home. But you will need some practice.

Mistakes of beginners

Many beginner masters, although trained, do not pay enough attention to the preparatory phase and do not warn the client of the need to skin the skin. As a result, the procedure is painful.

The second common mistake is the use of synthetic threads. It is quite difficult to control the synthetic thread with an “untrained” hand. This results in a large number of “missed” hairs and an unclear shape.

Some eyebrow specialists perform trimming and coloring at the same time. After the plucking, it is advisable to refrain from any manipulation and cosmetics for at least an hour.

Eyebrow threading vs waxing

Eyebrow threading vs. waxing Pros and cons of both methods: which is better?

Eyebrow threading

Correcting eyebrows with thread is more complicated than with waxing. To do this, the ends of about 50 centimeters of cotton thread are tied together and then twisted to form two loops for the thumb and index finger of both hands. When a hair is caught in the area where the thread is twisted, it is captured and removed. With the right technique and certain skills, eyebrow plucking can achieve a perfectly clean line, because not only is the unwanted hair removed, but also the fuzz, which cannot be removed with tweezers.

Advantages of the method:

  • Eyebrow hair removal does not damage the skin and has no harmful effect on it;
  • In terms of hygiene, eyebrow threading is superior to all other techniques;
  • The correction of eyebrows with thread is much faster than with other techniques.

Disadvantages of the method:

  • When shaping eyebrows with threading, several hairs may be removed at the same time, so this method may seem more painful than, for example, tweezing ;
  • It is best to have your eyebrow threading done by a professional, which means that the cost of the procedure will be higher;
  • If you use the wrong technique or lack of experience, the hair will not be removed, but plucked;
  • Due to the friction of the thread on the skin during hair removal, a stinging sensation may occur.

Eyebrow waxing

This method allows you to maximize the intervals between eyebrow shaping. You can use wax strips or hard wax to shape your eyebrows. In the first case, the wax is applied to an area of the skin and then removed with a strip of cloth or paper in a brisk motion against the direction of hair growth. In the second case, the hard wax is applied to the skin in a heated state, then cools and is also removed against the hair growth, usually with a wooden patula. Of course, this method is not as convenient as the one mentioned above, but it allows you to get a smooth skin much longer. And finally – eyebrow waxing shaping requires maximum precision and accuracy. If you capture extra hairs or make a mistake in the shape of the eyebrows, you will have to wait a long time until the new hairs grow back.

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Benefits of the method:

  • Intervals between eyebrow waxing treatments can be up to 4-6 weeks;
  • This method is ideal for thick, stiff, intensively growing hair;
  • With regular eyebrow waxing, unwanted hair begins to grow more slowly and become thinner.

Disadvantages of the method:

  • Eyebrow waxing correction is dangerous for burns and, therefore, blistering and scarring;
  • Wax residue after correction or removal can cause irritation;
  • it is not easy to obtain a precise and perfect shape of the eyebrows with wax: the necessary hairs can also stick to the wax and be removed.

It is obvious that waxing or threading the shape of the eyebrows has its advantages and disadvantages, and that their application requires certain skills and experience. In the absence of these, it is best to leave this delicate work to a professional, who will remove the unnecessary hairs and give the eyebrows the perfect shape in a few minutes.

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Eyebrow threading shapes for self-correction

Before starting the correction procedure, you need to determine the shape of your eyebrows that you want to shape. The first thing to pay attention to is your face type. Long, raised eyebrows are a great choice for square-faced women, and arched eyebrows are a great choice for oval-faced women. If the face shape is narrow and oblong, then experts recommend taking the eyebrows off the bridge a bit and making them straight, and if the face is round, it is worth while to make the eyebrows slightly raised at the ends and rounded.

To determine the harmonious length and height of the eyebrows, it is necessary to use a simple and well-known rule – use a pencil. First of all, it should be placed on the wing of the nose and form a single line with the inner corner of the eye – it is on this line that the eyebrow should begin. The line from the center of the upper lip through the pupil is the highest point of the eyebrow. But this facial element should end with a line passing through the same point at the phalanx of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.

When the shape of the eyebrow is chosen and the main points of the beginning, end and maximum elevation are fixed, you can safely proceed to the modeling procedure.

Eyebrow threading before and after

The effect of threading is noticeable immediately after the session. Before and after photos of eyebrow threading will help convince you of this. The main advantage of this technique is the excellent clarity of the lines. The smallest hairs are removed, the largest (main) hairs remain, which allows the natural glow of the chosen shape to be emphasized, even without paint.

Trimming is an increasingly popular service in beauty salons. Behind an obscure word lies an unusual method of hair removal: the removal of hair from the skin of the face and body with the help of a thread. Although the procedure is new to the beauty services market, the tradition of threading has its roots in antiquity.

Eyebrow threading for the ideal shape

Like eyebrow plucking, tweezing, waxing or sucking, negotiation is done according to certain standard shapes.

Eyebrow threading for the ideal shape

These types of eyebrow templates are generally used:


Suitable for owners with an oval face. This shape is considered ideal, it is important not to spoil it by disproportion. Therefore, the curve should be smooth, without abrupt transitions;

Folded eyebrows.

They are particularly popular with girls because of their versatility. They are suitable for all face shapes, nicely shade the eyes, emphasize the beauty of the cheekbones. But to get them, it is necessary to “draw” the face well, to measure the distance between the eye and the nose wing, between the center of the nose and the center of the iris;

Raised eyebrows.

Are very similar to the version with a curve. But they help to “open” the eyes, to make them visually deeper and bigger. Suitable for girls with a round face;

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Horizontal eyebrows.

Most girls have this natural shape. Eva Mendes, Heidi Klum, Cara Delevingne are the best examples. It is not necessary to correct them, just slightly emphasize their beauty and density;

The eyebrows are bulging.

Unlike stereo types, they do not have an obvious angle, but as if they grow from the outer corner. They help to visually reduce the distance between the wide eyes, but are not suitable for Asian-looking girls.

To find the shape that suits you, you need to draw an outline with a pencil, felt-tip pen or even iodine. If the face looks fresher, the shape is well chosen, but if some defects have become obvious, you need to change it. For convenience, a model such as Fast Brow is suitable.

Eyebrow threading for men

Eyebrow threading for men the procedure includes 4 areas:

  1. The bridge of the nose. This method is used to thread the hair on the bridge of the nose and to correct the beginning of the eyebrow. The bridge can be waxed or threaded, but it is preferable to correct the beginning with tweezers;
  2. The area above the eyelid – men usually don’t have much excess hair here – will need some trimming;
  3. The area above the brow arches. You should not be too keen on correcting the upper border. It is recommended to interfere with the growth of hair here only in cases when a drastic change of shape is required;
  4. Work with thickness. Men often have thick eyebrows that don’t lend themselves to styling and always look sloppy. The situation can be corrected by thinning with tweezers. When thinning work carefully and move away from the client’s face more often and look at the result from the side. If you get carried away, you can create “spillages.”

Eyebrow threading for men

Men are thought to tolerate pain more easily and to be able to cope with the correction, but in practice this is not the case. Despite the high level of testosterone, which helps to cope with pain, beauty procedures are not easy for the stronger half. Also, the structure of men’s hair is almost always coarse and thick, so their removal is a little more painful.


Can I use regular sewing thread to do the procedure at home?

You can try, but keep in mind that regular sewing thread can be difficult to control and will take time to get used to. Try not to use synthetic thread: it will electrify during the friction and make you uncomfortable.

On what other areas can the thread be used, or is it only used to correct the eyebrows?

The thread is applied to the entire surface of the face – the eyebrows, cheeks, above the lip, on the chin and neck.

What is the best thread to buy for a beginner?

There is no one concept of threading for beginners and professionals. You have to let your own feelings and comfort guide you through the process. I recommend trying several manufacturers. The best of them are CC Brow, Barbara, Henna Expert, Novel.

Can I do the procedure at home?

Of course, but it is unlikely that you will get a perfect result the first time. Be prepared for your first eyebrow plucking to be time consuming. If you have no idea about the procedure, consult a master once to get a feel for the procedure and avoid mistakes.

Why does the thread keep tearing during the procedure?

There are two possibilities. The first is poor quality of the thread, try changing the manufacturer. The second is that you are pulling too hard on the knot. Try to reduce the pressure on the thread and pay attention to the speed of the twist.

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