Eyebrow tattoo removal with remover, laser and at home

Tattooing is a popular cosmetic procedure used to correct the shape of the eyebrows. Its demand is constantly increasing. However, many young girls often wonder how to remove the eyebrow tattoo. This operation is usually necessary when the correction is unsuccessful. But sometimes the need to remove the pigment is also felt due to changes in fashion trends.

Causes of eyebrow tattoo removal

There are several main factors that force women to get rid of the tattoo. They include the following:

  1. A faulty procedure technique – the eyebrows can become asymmetrical. This problem occurs most often when the manipulation is performed in a lying position, whereas eyebrow correction can only be performed in a sitting position.
  2. Poor insertion of pigment under the skin, which causes some hairs to become brighter than others.
  3. Wrong choice of the shade of the dye composition – the beautician may accidentally make the blond eyebrows too dark.
  4. Violation of the technique of drawing the eyebrows – they may look strange and unsightly.

Causes of eyebrow tattoo removal

Eyebrow Tattoo removal in the salon

There are a number of methods to get rid of permanent makeup. Each method has certain advantages and disadvantages. It is worthwhile to study them before performing the procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo removal with remover

This technique was invented in the USA at the end of the 20th century. To remove eyebrow tattoo, remover is used, which is a chemical with pigment content. The composition and structure of the element is similar to the structure of the paint, which was used for tattooing. During the procedure, the paint and pigment begin to interact, which causes a chemical reaction. As a consequence, the dye composition is pushed out of the skin structure. To perform the procedure, the beautician performs the following steps:

  • The tattooed area is treated with antiseptic and anesthetized.
  • A special blank needle damages the treated area.
  • The affected areas are covered with remover.
  • As a result of the procedure, the area is covered with a crust. After a while it comes off together with the paint.

Eyebrow tattoo removal with remover

If the eyebrow tattoo removal is performed by a qualified master, who uses a sufficiently strong remover, it is possible to completely remove traces of the dye. The main disadvantage of this method is a burning of the skin, which is obtained because of the substance. Therefore, it should be used with extreme caution.It is categorically forbidden to perform chemical eyebrow tattoo removal yourself.

Overlaying the old eyebrow tattoo

This is a fairly simple and accessible technique. In this case, the master selects a flesh-colored dye and applies it over the tattoo. It is worth bearing in mind that the effect only lasts for a few weeks. Subsequently, however, the shade of pigment changes, becoming whitish, yellow or creamy.

Also, the old makeup starts to show through it. Therefore, we can conclude that this method is not very effective. In addition, to get rid of the lightened tattoo with a laser will be almost impossible.

Surgical eyebrow tattoo removal

This method is quite effective. During the procedure, the doctor uses a scalpel to excise the skin in the area of the tattoo. After the manipulation, it is necessary to wait a certain amount of time for the area to heal. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The technique helps remove the tattoo completely. However, it has a significant disadvantage – a long rehabilitation period. In some situations, the scarring changes can remain forever.

Electrocoagulation of tattoos

It is quite an effective technique. Electrocoagulation gives very fast results. You can get rid of the tattoo in one visit to the cosmetologist. Usually after manipulation, no defects remain on the skin. However, in some situations there are exceptions. Sometimes scarred defects remain and take a long time to heal. In this case, the use of electrocoagulation helps remove the eyebrow tattoo completely.

Eyebrow tattoo removal laser

It is this method that is considered preferable today. Quite a few girls give preference to this method. This is due to its high efficiency and minimal likelihood of scarring. Under the influence of laser radiation, the pigment is crushed, and then it is removed. The degree of penetration of the beam and its size are selected individually. To remove the eyebrow tattoo by laser, the following peculiarities are taken into consideration:

Eyebrow tattoo removal laser

  1. The saturation of the dye composition. If it was injected quite deeply, it will be much more difficult to get rid of permanent makeup.
  2. The type of face. On dark skin, the radiation is dispersed. In such a situation, it is much more difficult to achieve tangible results. At the same time, for light-skinned girls, it is much easier to remove the tattoo by laser method.
  3. Pigment tint. It can be very difficult to remove light paint. In some cases it is not possible at all. Laser light will cope with dark paint much faster.

At the same time, eyebrow tattoo removal laser has certain disadvantages.

eyebrow tattoo removal laser has certain disadvantages

The following are included:

  1. High cost. This event is quite expensive, so not everyone can afford it.
  2. Duration. Usually one procedure is not enough to eliminate the eyebrow tattoo. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the beautician several times. The interval between the procedures – up to 2 months.
  3. Discomfortable sensations. Many women report that eyebrow tattoo removal laser is accompanied by pain. To compensate for this disadvantage, cosmetologists perform manipulation under local anesthesia.

Home eyebrow tattoo removal

Not all women dare to have their tattoos removed in a salon. In this situation, you can use home recipes. But it should be done very carefully, because there is a risk of unpredictable results.

Eyebrow Tattoo removal with iodine

To remove the tattoo, it is recommended to use a solution of 5% iodine concentration. It is strictly forbidden to use a more concentrated composition, as there is a risk of burns. For the procedure, it is enough to soak a cotton swab in iodine and gently dab the eyebrows. It is important to apply the product in a thin layer. It is recommended to do the procedure three times a day.

Gradually a thin crust will appear on the eyebrows. It is strictly forbidden to remove it. At the same time, the damaged areas should be systematically lubricated with Bepanten or Lifeguard. To remove the pigment, iodine is used for about 2-3 weeks. If there is a wet wound on the eyebrows or to bring out the scab, they should be treated with powder from streptocide tablets. This simple procedure will help to dry the eyebrows. Thanks to the application of iodine, the eyebrows will gradually clear the dye.

The advantages of this technique include the following:

  1. Harmlessness. Iodine has pronounced antiseptic properties. That is why it provides a good effect. Thanks to the application of the drug it is possible to slowly but thoroughly cleanse the dermis.
  2. Excellent result. With systematic use, iodine can eliminate practically 90% of pigment.
  3. Ease of use. If iodine is applied in a thin layer, it will be almost invisible.

However, this method is characterized by certain disadvantages. They include the following:

  1. Risk of individual intolerance. In some situations, iodine provokes serious allergic reactions. It is forbidden to use the drug for such people.
  2. Duration of use. If the pigment affects the skin more than 4 mm, iodine will not bring the desired results. In this situation, the drug will help to eliminate only a pronounced dark shade.

If you apply iodine too thickly or remove the crusts, there is a risk of a burn. In some situations, it can even leave a small scar.

Salt eyebrow tattoo removal

This simple and affordable ingredient successfully eliminates eyebrow tattooing. The action of salt resembles the effect of a scrub. It helps to get rid of the top layer of the dermis and remove the coloring compound. To do this, you need to take 2 large spoons of iodized salt and mix it with the same amount of boiled water. It is important that the salt dissolves well. Then you can take a tight sponge or sponge, soak it in the solution and with circular motions wash off the paint.

Salt eyebrow tattoo removal

It is not recommended to rub the eyebrows too intensively. To remove the tattoo, you should gently work first on one eyebrow and then on the other. The following recommendations should be followed when performing the procedure:

  1. Rub the eyebrows with salt water for quite a long time and intensely. It is done for about 20 minutes. During this period of time the skin will be able to steam, which will ensure that the salt gets into its pores.
  2. Squeeze the sponge to avoid getting salt in the eyes. Otherwise, there is a risk of irritation and redness.
  3. After completing the procedure, it is necessary to wash well. This will help get rid of the salt residue.
  4. Then it is necessary to apply hydrogen peroxide to the eyebrows. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid infection of the affected areas.
  5. If there are wounds on the eyebrows, they should be treated with a healing cream. At the same time it is necessary to temporarily refuse the use of saline solution. It is important to wait for the dermis to heal.

Already after the first session your eyebrows will become noticeably lighter. The salt scrub does not cause noticeable damage to the epithelium. The procedure should be performed as the need arises. However, the total duration of application of the composition should not exceed 1 month.

Peroxide eybrow tattoo removal

This product is highly effective. To achieve the desired results, it is worth using a concentration of 3% peroxide. A stronger solution can cause serious burns.

To start with, it is necessary to soak a cotton swab in peroxide and treat the eyebrow line in the area where the paint is applied with it. Manipulation is carried out 4-5 times with an interval of 30-40 days. After this time a crust will appear on the eyebrows. It is important that it completely heals – it is strictly forbidden to scratch this area.

Hydrogen peroxide is notable for its noticeable lightening properties. This feature is also actively used for the eyebrow tattoo removal. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the effect can be obtained only after 1 month. To achieve the desired results and prevent negative consequences, you need to follow these rules:

  • Do not mix peroxide with other compounds, such as manganese or celandine. Such combinations will provoke damage to your eyebrows and cause deep scars.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use a strong solution of peroxide in an attempt to speed up the result. This will cause a serious burn.
  • When a crust appears, you should stop using peroxide. Otherwise, there is a risk of burning the skin.

Try to remove tattoos with celandine

To remove the eyebrow tattoo at home will help celandine tincture. To begin with it is recommended to wash your face with tar soap. Then soak a cotton sponge in celandine tincture and apply it to your eyebrows. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Then you can wash your eyebrows with water and treat them with a healing agent. The procedure is recommended twice a week. The course of therapy is 2 months.

Remove a tattoo with manganese

Extreme caution should be exercised when using this formulation. A highly concentrated solution can cause burns. In this case, not only the upper layers of the dermis, but also internal structures, including capillaries, can be affected. To remove the tattoo, you need to prepare a light solution of manganese. It is recommended to wipe your eyebrows with this solution 5-6 times a day. It is recommended to do this for 1.5 months. When crusts appear, it is recommended to stop manipulation.

There are several methods of eyebrow tattoo removal. To remove the dye from the structure of the dermis can go to the salon or conduct the procedure at home. In any case, it is necessary to perform the manipulation as carefully as possible. Otherwise there is a risk of scarring.

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