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Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

Girls who have a triangular face that looks like a heart often wonder what shape of the eyebrows for a triangular face is suitable for them?! Let’s see, what is the right shape of the eyebrows for a triangular face?! Let’s first define our appearance type, because sometimes girls don’t have a clear idea of the shape of their face.

How to determine the eyebrow shape for triangular face

If you are still in complete ignorance of your face shape, then run one simple home test that will easily help you resolve this issue.

  1. Tie a tight ponytail so their hairs don’t break out. If the hairs do break out, put a bezel over your head and secure them.
  2. Go into a well-lit room with a large mirror and equip yourself with an unnecessary outline pencil.
  3. Lean tightly against the mirror surface and use a pencil to circle the oval of your face on the mirror.
  4. After you’ve finished drawing the shape, step away from the mirror and see what shape you’ve got. You should see a triangle eyebrows or the likeness of a heart. If that’s the case, you have a triangular face.

Features of a triangular face shape

The peculiarity is that its main broad line of proportions is shifted upwards – to the frontal area. The derivative shape of this type of face is the “heart”. It also has a shifted main wide line, but the forehead is reduced to the top. And also, maybe, a playful curl on the hair growth line, which this type was awarded with this name.

Features of a triangular face shape

The main points in the selection of hairstyle, makeup and eyebrow shape for the triangular face is to narrow the forehead and balance it with the chin.

A little bit of skill and skill and you will find the shape that is perfect for triangular face.

How to shape triangular shaped brows

The classic shape of the eyebrows suits all types of faces. But with other variants, there are some peculiarities. When choosing the shape for a particular type of face, in addition to the recommendations of stylists and makeup artists, you should also listen to the natural growth of hairs. And then the result will please you!

Arched eyebrows

This shape of the eyebrows will distract attention from the wide forehead and open your eyes. It is extremely undesirable to make the eyebrows straight. Such a move would make the forehead and face as a whole too wide, and the chin quite narrow.

Softly curved arched eyebrows

This variant differs from the classical form in that the bend and movement of the eyebrow line begins at its very base, gently breaking and ending at the same level as the beginning.  triangular eyebrows shapes should not have a clear break in the uppermost point of the eyebrow. As this will make the face eternally surprised. And the tips should be properly lowered to the level of the eyebrows beginning.

“Winged” shape of eyebrows

This variant is more suitable for derivative forms from triangular eyebrows – for “heart”. As the “pure” upside-down triangle eyebrows can be a bit damaging. The raised tips will widen the wide forehead. The shape itself comes from a classic shape, only its tips tend upwards. They don’t go down to the line where the brow starts to grow. Since the heart-shaped shape has a small curl on the forehead and a slightly narrowed forehead upwards, it only needs a little horizontal support.

Perfect eyebrow arcs for a triangular face

Since girls with a triangular face want to shrink their forehead, the arched brow line will suit them best. She’ll hide this visible flaw like no other. You must consider that the shape of the eyebrows for the triangular eyebrows must be natural. Only natural lines will give softness to your sharp chin and make your appearance classic or even perfect.

Another beautiful shape of the eyebrows for the triangular face is the shape with a slight lift, which visually pulls out the face. Straight eyebrows, persons with triangle eyebrows faces, should not be worn. Your appearance will become non-harmonious and your facial features will take on irregular shapes. Creating a bend or rise in the line of eyebrow arches, be careful, if you raise the brow break angle too high, then you will get a surprised look and your appearance will become too rigid. This is also true for the narrower eyebrows. With thin eyebrows you risk becoming like an old lady. Thick and wide eyebrows also will not give you beauty, and will resemble the feet of a furry spider.

Procedure and correction for triangle shaped eyebrows

you will get a beautiful shape of the eyebrows for the triangular face. If you are tormented by the question – how to choose the shape of the eyebrows, you can go to a professional shop, where you can buy stencils with the correct form. With such stencils, your eyebrows shape will have no flaws.

Procedure for eyebrow shape correction

  1. Before manipulation you should wash your hands, moisten the cotton pad with lotion and wipe the eyebrow arcs with it. Take another cotton pad and walk it through the corners of the tweezers.
  2. Stretch the skin underneath the eyebrows with one hand and grasp the tweezers tightly with the other hand and use it to pick up a hair right under the root. Then pull it out with a sharp movement. If you grab a few hairs and pull them out, you will feel quite painful. You only need to pluck the hairs under the eyebrow, you don’t need to pluck anything above it, otherwise you will spoil the naturalness of the line.
  3. Remove any extra hairs on the nose bridge.
  4. To create your own beautiful bend, remove the hairs on the left and right side right above the middle of the iris. A broken brow will be there.
  5. Girls with a triangular face do not fit the shape of the eyebrows with excessive length, so at the tip of the eyebrow arch remove excess hairs by slightly shortening the line. But do not get too carried away, the length should not reach a couple of millimeters until the outer side of the corner of the eye.

Eyebrow shape correction with a thread

Many girls are very interested in how to make the shape of the eyebrows threading itself at home. It must be said that this procedure is quite complicated. We will explain the nuances of this manipulation step by step, but for better understanding you need to watch a good video lesson.

  1. Wash your hands, then treat your skin and hair with disinfectant lotion.
  2. Using a clean brush, brush the hairs towards the forehead line.
  3. Take a piece of thread with a length of at least 60 cm. Bind the ends of the thread to each other. Throw the resulting rim of thread on 4 fingers, which should be put together. One of the thumbs of any of your fingers should be free in this case.
  4. Grab the thread with your index fingers and thumbs on both hands and bring it closer to the eyebrows.
  5. Bring a piece of thread that is tightly twisted to the eyebrow arch. Put 2 fingers together on one hand and spread 2 fingers apart on the other hand. You should be able to pull the hairs in a small gap between the curls of the thread.
  6. Carry out the manipulation on each of the eyebrows, and at the end of the procedure, apply a towel to the eyebrows soaked in cold water. This will help you get rid of redness and feelings of irritation.

The pros and cons of eyebrow thread correction

Before making the eyebrow shape for a triangular face with a thread, you should be aware of all the positive and negative qualities of this procedure.


• The cheapness of tools.
• Excellent post-procedure result.
• Even the horny epithelium is removed after the correction with a thread.
• As the hairs are removed with the root, a second correction is needed only after a month.


• Patients with low pain thresholds will find this procedure overwhelmingly painful.
• The redness of the skin.
• Salons will charge you more money for this procedure than for working with tweezers.

Tips for you before eyebrow shape correction

If you are one of those girls who feel painful during eyebrow correction, there are a few recommendations for you to help you avoid such unpleasant moments.

  • The first method is vaporization. A lot of salons resort to this method. For this method you will need a small towel and hot water. Lower the towel in water, then apply it to your eyebrows. This hot compress will widen the pores, which means that the hairs will be removed more easily.
  • The second method is cooling. This method is no less popular than the first one. For this method you will need 2 pieces of ice. Dice the eyebrow line for about 1 minute. This freezing will make you feel no pain during pulling.
  • The third method is a cream mask. The cream mask is still used today. Children’s or just fat cream is applied in a dense layer on the fibers and incubated for 5 minutes. The hairs are softened and pulled out more easily.
  • The fourth method is rubbing. The easiest method, for it you only need finger pads. Using them, rub the correction zones well until the sensitivity is lost.
  • The fifth method is the use of painkillers. In the specialized shop you will find tissues and sprays with analgesic effect.

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