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It is thought that eyebrow piercings are often rejected, but this is not entirely true. Eyebrow piercing is not only worn by punk rockers, body part eyebrow piercing is very popular among young people and not only. And although this eyebrow piercing has no famous historical precedent, the expensive jewellery that has replaced the English pins has raised this once shocking piercing to the highest level. All lovers of this hobby want to make an eyebrow piercing with a special, interesting and bright decoration.


Wearing heavy jewellery and straight bars instead of bananas can also be a problem. If you feel you don’t have enough skin or that it’s difficult to grasp where you want to wear your jewellery, you should consider other options, especially if you’re worried that a puncture that doesn’t go well will leave a visible eyebrow piercing scar.

According to a popular myth, eyebrow piercing can cause paralysis of the facial nerves, but this is certainly just a rumour. One of the main facial nerves is the trigeminal nerve, and it is its small branches that are responsible for sensation, not muscle movement. To damage one of these nerves, the eyebrow piercing would have to be done much deeper than usual, or too close to the nose or temples, but even then, the consequence would be more like numbness – and certainly not paralysis.

Eyebrow piercing can seem like a fairly complicated procedure. In fact, it is the easiest of all facial modifications. Like any other eyebrow piercing types , eyebrow piercing also involves several styles that differ depending on the jewelry and location.


The classic eyebrow piercing site is on the outer third (or fourth) of the eyebrow, although there are many eyebrow piercing types:

Vertical eyebrow piercing. Vertical eyebrow piercingA very original and even extravagant types of eyebrow piercings, which is carried out through the entire eyebrow. From jewellery is used the bar, the ends of which are fixed with balls or spikes. A small disadvantage of this types of eyebrow piercings is that the earring can be easily hung with clothes, which slightly slows down the regeneration period of the eyebrow piercing.


A horizontal eyebrow piercing.horizontal eyebrow piercing The eyebrow piercing is done horizontally, by hair growth on the eyebrow. A dumbbell or microdermal is chosen among the jewels. This style is much rarer than the vertical style, because the difficulty is to make a puncture.




Anti-brow. Anti-brow.The strong point of this style is that the eyebrow piercing is done under the eyebrow, on both sides of the face. It is a very beautiful and original eyebrow piercing types modification, which is only done in professional salons, by specialized masters.



Bridge. BridgeThis types of eyebrow piercings is also found in nose piercing. The location near the bridge of the nose is often associated with eyebrow piercing. The technology of the piercing is the same as for the horizontal piercing, less often a vertical eyebrow piercing is performed. The jewellery is used in the form of microdermabrasion, rings or placed on double bars.


For this eyebrow piercing procedure, a needle or catheter, a special clamp, earrings, and antiseptic drugs are prepared for the treatment of the eyebrow piercing area. Clamps firmly fix the necessary part of the eyebrow. Such fixation is achieved by means of a high-quality alloy (high quality steel).

1. The eyebrow piercing area chosen for puncture is carefully disinfected with antiseptic agents. It should be noted that it is not necessary to remove eyebrow hairs during the puncture.

2. After sterilization eyebrow piercing, mark the puncture (dotted lines). For this action, you can use an alcohol marker or felt-tip pens.

3. A special clamp fixes the skin eyebrow piercing area around the target point. With this clamp you can determine the depth at which the needle will penetrate and the location of the subsequent puncture. Using the clamp, it is necessary to capture a massive area of skin, so that the puncture is not too close to the surface.

4. At the exact location of the skin eyebrow piercing by a needle, which remains in the skin, the clamp is removed.

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5. The needle is carefully removed, followed by the clip. Movements should be performed gently and confidently.


Once the needle is replaced with an earring, blood may appear at the site of the eyebrow piercing. This is completely normal, you should treat the skin eyebrow piercing with an antiseptic. This is important! Do not use perfume or any other means at hand to disinfect the eyebrow piercing skin. Prepare for the procedure earlier and buy chlorhexidine or alcohol.

Eyebrow piercing is a painful procedure. But in general, everything depends on the individual threshold of the pain scale.If the client cannot tolerate the eyebrow piercing pain, the area of the eyebrow piercing is pre-treated with analgesics (mainly “Ice Cream” or “Analgin”).


which items are best suited for jewelry, let’s try to tell you all the nuances, eyebrow piercing also has many kinds of decorations. Earrings are classified not only according to the shape of the jewel, but also according to the material from which the earrings are made.

There are eyebrows piercing depending on the material of manufacture :

gold – gold jewellery is the most reliable and the most expensive; gold alloy does not cause allergic reactions, it allows a perforated eyebrow piercing area to heal quickly;

silver – silver jewelry is as beautiful as gold jewelry; it also has a regenerative eyebrow piercing effect;

plastic – is distinguished by its lightness and availability; does not weigh down the perforated eyebrow piercing area, which speeds up the regeneration process; this jewelry is no less original and effective, it has many eyebrow piercing types and shapes;

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, the eyebrows piercing are also available in wood, bone, etc.

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Of course, almost everyone wonders if it does eyebrow piercing pain ? To make a long story short, not really. In fact, it all depends on your sensitivity threshold.

You may feel a little eyebrow pain and some discomfort. In order not to make you feel uncomfortable, you can anaesthetize the eyebrow piercing site. For this, well-known drugs are used: lidocaine, ultracaine. The procedure lasts several minutes.

Earrings the eyebrow piercing are a common decoration. Special chopsticks, banana sticks, rings with a ball clasp are used. They can be decorated with coloured balls. Everyone chooses what they like the most. Here you can try, experiment safely. The metal of which the decoration is made is also important. The best option is teflon, titanium, gold.


Eyebrow piercings often cause swelling and bruising; there is frequent and residual bleeding that can bother you during the first few days after an eyebrow piercing. A small percentage of piercings are significantly swollen immediately after the procedure. When a piercing ring is used for a new puncture, it may protrude even if the dye is tilted. This is a temporary phenomenon: if the size of the ring is correct, it will bend on the surface of the skin when the tissue at the time of dyeing loosens. The ring will come out even after the healing process is over if it is too small in diameter or if it is in a perforation that is too vertical. There is nothing wrong with sweat getting into eyebrow piercing – if you wash it regularly, there will be no problem. Don’t wipe your eyebrow with your hands: instead, soak it gently with a clean, disposable paper towel.

The most dangerous can be blood poisoning or infection under the skin. Mistakes made during eyebrow piercing can be fatal to health, and in isolated cases, even life-threatening. However, if you have to dig in a good specialized salon or with a confirmed master, there is no need to worry.


To ensure that eyebrow piercing is not accompanied by inflammatory processes, unpleasant sensations and rot, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality and care of the freshly eyebrow piercing area. Buy all the necessary antiseptics and follow the simple recommendations of a specialist.

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1. During the first three days, it is not recommended to wet the perforated area of the eyebrow with water.

2. In case of disinfection, it is necessary to treat not only the decoration but also the surrounding skin with an antiseptic. Good for treatment is appropriate means “Miramistin” It should be noted that it is not advisable to treat the perforated area with hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is only used in case of blood or sucrove protrusion.

3. In winter, it is important to pay special attention to the treatment of the piercing as often as possible. As jewellery can freeze in the freezing cold, rot can start at the site of the eyebrow piercing. In this case, the puncture should be treated with “Oktenisept”.

4. During the treatment, it is important to scroll the eyebrow piercing so that the jewelry does not grow into the skin.

5. During the first month after the eyebrow piercing, it is not advisable to remove the jewelry.


Unfortunately, flat perforations in places that are actively involved in mimicry are very likely to be rejected. It is impossible to predict when this type of eyebrow piercings will be worn, so it is best to take it immediately as a temporary decoration. Of course, if the eyebrow piercing is done by a professional, the procedure used a tool of appropriate quality, and in the process of wearing the jewelry does not cling strongly, the trace will remain minimal. However, the eyebrow piercing should be carefully monitored and come to the examination at the first signs of doubt – perhaps the master will see the first signs of rejection and recommend that the jewel be retrieved before it begins to migrate, leaving a fairly visible eyebrow piercing scar.

You have learned all the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow piercing. Only a professional specialist, quality work and the favourable characteristics of your body will give a 100% positive result. Pierce with your mind, dear readers!


Doesn’t an eyebrow piercing scar heal? Do not panic! Rinse the pierced area with a saline solution, massage with lavender oil, zinc ointment. You must eat well, especially take B vitamins. Finally, go directly to the dermatologist. Let a specialist help you solve the problem quickly. Home treatment can be inefficient and ineffective.

It usually takes 4-6 months to heal completely, but the discomfort of expressing emotions will not be felt much sooner – with good care already starting at 3-4 weeks.

Remember that the healing process of an injury depends on how well you care for it. If you do it right, you’ll be fine.


  • The first and most important restriction to the eyebrow piercing procedure is blood disease. It is strictly forbidden to have a piercing in case of blood clotting problems.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy, the female body is weakened, there is a risk of inflammation.
  • Skin diseases. Chronic and even more acute skin diseases are a form of prohibition of any types of eyebrow piercings.
  • It is not advisable to practice eyebrow piercing in the winter period. Indeed, the pierced area will tighten much more slowly than in spring or summer.


Very often, it is believed that eyebrow piercing can have a negative impact on a person’s vision. This opinion is absolutely wrong. With a eyebrow piercing, the ocular nerve cannot be damaged. But, with a bad eyebrow piercing, there is a risk of touching the trigeminal nerve. This mistake can lead to neuralgia. It is therefore wise to choose an eyebrow piercing specialist. It must be a qualified specialist with a lot of experience and good examinations and recommendations. By using a good master, you will not only enjoy a beautiful eyebrow piercing, but also a high quality piercing.

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