Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow makeup : Common mistakes and ways to avoid them

Overly shaved, spread, straight, arched… a bad gesture can have consequences that are difficult to hide or repair. Your eyebrows frame your eyes and ensure the symmetry of the face and the expression of emotions. It sounds simple, yet putting the right makeup on your eyebrows can quickly become a matter of taste. But it is a gesture that intensifies the look and gives personality to the face. However, here are some common mistakes to avoid while applying eyebrow makeup.
So, what are the mistakes you should never make again?

Over plucking

It’s important to remember that eyebrows take forever to grow back. Faced with this prospect, you should always pluck them carefully, but plucking them immediately is not the answer. The hair system may grow back unsightly, leaving you with hair that grows in all directions and that you can no longer tame . So you have to pluck them every month and give them a few moments of respite. We quickly fall into a vicious circle by removing a hair on the right, a hair on the left, then another hair on the right and so on… Until disaster strikes. And if you read this advice too late, put away your tweezers for the next few weeks and experiment with eyebrow makeup to make up for their absence.

Wanting them to be symmetrical

The eyebrows are more similar than identical. So don’t bother to make copies of them in front of the mirror. You risk stripping them too much in your quest for similarity. Don’t forget that eyebrows are not butterfly-wing lines and that a small difference is perfectly normal. We all have our favourite eyebrow shapes. Except that this one doesn’t always match their natural curve. The quest for perfection can become obsessive, except that our eyes are not identical. Indeed, even if contemporary ideals favour symmetry, few people have faces that are considered perfect. So there’s no point in coming to the beautician with a picture of your idol.

Giving them the wrong shape

Eyebrows are not interchangeable beauty accessories. They should primarily serve to highlight the particular shape of your face. And all your features – the height of the brow bone, the extent of the forehead, the size of the eyes and the structure of the cheekbones – serve as parameters to define the shape of your eyebrows. It’s a science indeed. The goal here is to enhance every face. In case of uncertainty, the easiest thing to do is to go to a professional, who can put us back on the right track.

Refine them to the extreme

You therefore arm yourself with patience and redraw your line about once a month… women tend to over-hair and the result may seem forced. but you also have to take precautions. Because the border between well or overly plucked eyebrows is very thin. There’s nothing wrong with trying to refine the start of the eyebrows, but be careful not to go too far. In case of disaster, it is always possible to cheat with a pencil or tinted eyebrow cream. They will fill in the holes, give the illusion of thickness, and draw a beautiful line. But it’s best to spare yourself these scares, and take it easy.

Shorten the tail of the eyebrow.

Eyebrows structure your face, just like your nose for example. If you shorten your eyebrows, the whole balance of your beauty will be altered, for an unnatural look. Eyebrows should always be longer than the eyes. It is always possible to get rid of a few superfluous and misplaced hairs, but be careful not to fall into a spiral that would lead to a line that is too fine. If the hairs in the area are too coarse, they could grow back drus, in an anarchic way, or even never come back. To be sure they have the ideal length, just follow two rules. The head of the left eyebrow should be parallel to the left nostril and pass through the inner corner of the eye. As for the tail, it must be on the same line with the outer corner and the same nostril. The geometry is the same for the other side.

Do not blur your eyebrow makeup.

Of course, in the event of a failed eyebrow waxing, make-up can make up for it, while waiting for regrowth. But the purpose of eyebrow makeup is to enhance the natural shape of your eyebrows, not to turn you into a theatrical mask. To prevent your eyebrows from looking painted, you can also remove the makeup with a beveled brush after applying the filler. This will allow you to blur everything in a harmonious way.and will also avoid the make-up of the eyebrows with a magnifying mirror, It seems tempting: a very precise visibility, a make-up in detail. Except that you’ll tend to pencil in too much.

Stain them with the wrong shade

We tend to choose instinctively for the eyebrows the same colour as our hair, which is not always successful. In fact, we want the eyebrows to complement the face, not dominate it. It is therefore better to dye them two shades lighter than your hair. This will make it easier to define the eyebrows and prevent them from overshadowing the rest of the face. Opt for a tone that is slightly darker than your hair colour. Don’t forget that make-up colour should match your hair colour: don’t use blond pencil if your eyebrows are light brown.

Redrawing the arch of the eyebrow

A brow with a circumflex accent can make you look angry, while too straight it can seem non-existent. How do you find the right balance? When defining your eyebrows, use the wing of the nose as a pivot point towards your pupil. Place the pencil at an angle to draw a virtual line across the iris. The point of intersection between the pencil and your eyebrow is the ideal place to locate the curvature. Because the face has its own symmetry, don’t go too far from your original brow arch.

Having sparse eyebrows

If you’re starting to see skin through your eyebrows, it’s time to think about filling them in with a makeup product. It will only take a few minutes and will make you look beautiful. With a pencil, draw short lines, avoiding a continuous line and keeping your hand light. And ignore eyebrow stencils whose predefined shape will not look natural.

Do not use eyebrow gel

The use of eyebrow gel after filling with a filling pencil may seem unnecessary, but it is a step not to be omitted. The gel is primarily used to keep the hairs brushed well and in place. It will then reward you for all your aesthetic efforts by keeping them fixed for the day.


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By carefully avoiding these mistakes, you are sure to get a natural look for a superb look.

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