Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination – all about this new treatment

Eyebrow lamination is a care procedure. The components in the products moisturize and nourish the hairs, which in the process can be styled and fixed. The eyebrows become shiny and dense, at the same time they can be painted.To beautifully lay naughty hairs or make narrow eyebrows wider, are laminated. Let’s tell you what it is, how it is made and how it differs from the long-term styling of the eyebrows.

Pros and cons of laminating eyebrows

What’s eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow Lamination is similar to long-term eyebrows. Not all eyebrows can be styled easily due to the growth and structure of hairs. In such cases, eyebrow lamination will be relevant,If you have an asymmetrical shape of the eyebrows, you noticed that the hairs have become thin and fall out, grow in different directions and do not lie in the right direction – then eyebrow lamination is perfect. The eyebrows will become thicker and denser

What is eyebrow lamination

This procedure appeared a few years ago, but wasn’t widespread as long as graphic eyebrows were at the peak of fashion. Eyebrow lamination (as well as laminating eyelashes), lifting, long-term styling, biosetting – all these are beautiful names in fact one procedure. Procedures to give the hair a new direction by breaking the protein bonds inside the hair with thioglycolic acid or its derivatives.

How is eyebrow lamination done?

The whole process does not take more than 1.5 hours and goes through three main stages and two additional ones. First, the first and most important composition is applied, which makes the hairs soft and obedient, it is almost the same for all brands and contains the same thioglycolic acid. Then, the second composition is applied, which stops the first one and slightly covers the scales of the hair. After the first two compositions, the eyebrows are usually colored. The procedure is completed by the third oil nourishing compound, which seems to seal the hair. At the client’s request, after the coloring, liquid collagen or Botox or protein for additional hair nutrition can be applied additionally.

Eyebrows and eyelashes. Lamination and design

The procedure itself of eyebrow lamination takes about an hour, the effect lasts on average two months and is gradual: old hairs fall out and new ones grow,first we fix the hairs with glue, then we apply two compositions alternately – paint and a nourishing cocktail, if necessary, shape the eyebrows.

Eyebrow lamination should not be done in the presence of serious ophthalmologic and skin diseases: eyelid lesions in conjunctivitis, herpes, barley, inflammation or mechanical damage (wounds, cuts) in the areas of alleged treatment

Eyebrow lamination: pros and cons

To figure out if eyebrows lamination is for you, it’s important you know all the pros and cons aspects of getting it done.

The pros of eyebrow lamination

• After laminating the eyebrows are much easier to stack.Eyebrow Lamination does not rule out subsequent care with the use of fixatives to shape them, but helps to arrange the hair in the right direction even with the softest gels and waxes.
• The hairs thicken and become softer.
• After coloring, the color remains longer.
• Eyebrow lamination can correct an unsuccessful tattoo. The procedure will help hide the wrong lines and give the eyebrows a natural look

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The cons of eyebrow lamination

• During the day after eyebrow lamination you should not wet your face and use cosmetics.
• Due to the composition of the procedure can cause allergies.If you are prone to allergies, it is better to make a test one or two days before eyebrow lamination.
• Eyebrow lamination should not be done in pregnant and lactating women.
• The eyebrows will not look voluminous and fluffy, they will rather be sleek and flat, which will make them visually wider.
• Noticeable gaps in the eyebrows cannot be hidden, you can only paint hairs.
• It is not possible to change the shape of the eyebrow dramatically.

Eyebrow Lamination vs. Microblading what is the difference?

Eyebrow Lamination Is Here To Give You Microbladed Brows Without Needling

Microbloiding is a type of tattooing, where a microcut is made on the skin, in which the pigment is introduced. Eyebrow lamination  is a work only with hairs.

If you have hard naughty eyebrows, sticking out or eyebrows with a lack of hair on the fracture – laminating will save you.

This procedure is suitable for almost everyone. But we would not recommend it to those who have inflammation in the eyebrow area, those whose eyebrows have significant plucking on the lower line, after taking antibiotics and pregnant and lactating mothers. With special care can be done for those whose eyebrows have thin hairs – if the master is inexperienced and violates the protocol, there is a risk of burning the hairs and then they will get stuck at the tips.

Why eyebrow lamination is taking over Instagram?

“Instagram” dictates not only fashion and care trends, but also trends for procedures. Despite the fact that eyebrow lamination is very popular in “Instagram” and it seems that all girls do it, the procedure is not necessary for everyone. As a rule, it is necessary to change the direction of hair growth, to make its structure softer.

Those who have hard hair, naughty and very difficult to style will especially like it. With eyebrow lamination, it is possible to create a catwalk effect of fluffy, brushed eyebrows.

Are there any downsides of eyebrow lamination?

Lamination makes the eyebrows more obedient and puts them in the right direction, by feeding the hairs become dense. The eyebrows look larger and naturally thicker, which is now a trend. The effect of sable eyebrows lasts from 6 weeks or more. Everything depends on the speed of renewal of your hairs, that is, on how quickly new ones will grow.

How often can I do a eyebrow lamination?

I advise not to do it more often than once in 2 months. There is a risk of allergy to any component, and if you are passionate about the procedure, it is possible that the hairs will break and you will have to grow them again.

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Care for eyebrows after the procedure

The main rule that must be followed after eyebrow lamination or long-term placement: eyebrows must not be wet within 24 hours. Water will reduce the effect of the procedure or even completely negate it.

To make the result happy for more than five weeks, after eyebrow lamination, we recommend taking care of the eyebrows. Any serum will do. It is better to combine products within the same brand, so it is worth choosing the same brand as the lamination compositions.

How to remove eyebrow lamination

Since there are different eyebrow lamination options both in beauty salons and at home, there are different ways to remove unsatisfied results:

First Method

If you do not want to spend your money to remove the lamination of the eyebrows in beauty salons, with the help of a remover you can do it yourself by buying the product. Familiarize yourself with the instructions and get started:

• rinse all the cosmetics off your face;
• apply a fatty cream around the eyebrows;
• moisten the cotton swab with the remover and gently run it by the hairs a few times, avoiding eye contact;
• after the procedure, the product should also be removed with a cotton pad moistened in warm water;
• grease the treated area with a cream.

Second Method

If the lamination was carried out only recently, and the chemical composition has not yet fully absorbed into the structure of the hair, you can remove the lamination of the eyebrows at home as follows:

• Soak the cotton pads in hot water and apply to the eyebrows;
• leave it for 5 minutes;
• repeat it several times;
• rinse everything off thoroughly with warm water.

Third Method

With the help of tar soap, using exactly second method , only instead of water the cotton pads should be wetted in soap solution. This is a well-known method to remove the laminating of the eyebrows at home.

several reasons for removing an unsuccessful laminating effect

There may be several reasons for removing an unsuccessful laminating effect:

• Allergic reaction: skin flaking, red eyes and eyelid skin, itching;
• did not like the shade obtained;
• unsightly fixed eyebrows;
• too rare and thin hairs, and the lamination looks very heavy.

Before leyebrow lamination, try combing your eyebrows with false eyelashes glue or a strong hair styling. This way you can more or less understand whether this procedure is suitable for you or not.

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