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Eyebrow gel: how to apply it For a perfect eyebrow

Eyebrow gel is a cosmetic product with which you can create the most relevant make-up, a neat, strict or luxurious evening look. It looks more natural than a pencil after application, fixes the hairs, creating a dense effect and a rich natural shade. We will explain how to choose the best eyebrow gel and how to use these cosmetic products.

Eyebrow gel is a cosmetic product

The effect of a well-groomed face results in a perfect complexion and clear eyebrows. That’s why eyebrow gel belongs to the sos category: it allows you to achieve a neat eyebrow make-up in two steps. We will explain to you how to choose the right one from this material.


In fact, with this tool, you can literally transform your face. Eyebrow mascara makes it possible:

  • to create a more saturated but totally natural colour: the key is to find your perfect tone.
  • to shape your eyebrows: without the need for correction, you can experiment with thickness, curvature, the location of the highest point and other shades.
  • to fix the eyebrows without discomfort: Eyebrow products have a special formula that provides an elastic coating that does not limit facial expressions.
  • to increase visual completeness: Eyebrows appear thicker and shinier thanks to easy pigmentation and fixation of the hairs.
  • to try on new images: With a handy brush, it is easy to place the hairs in a fine line or fix them at a slightly neglected angle to the direction of growth.

The use of the eyebrow gel is easy, so the product can be used even by those whose makeup skills are close to zero.



Some eyebrow gels contain ingredients and oils useful for strengthening hair and caring for the skin.

  • Ginkgo biloba leaf extract has antioxidant properties and prevents unwanted age-related skin changes.
  • Beeswax and carnauba waxes facilitate the application of the product and make the eyebrow hairs more elastic for optimal “styling”.
  • Panthenol has antiseptic properties and helps retain moisture in the skin.
  • Kaolin is a kind of natural glue that fixes the hairs invisibly and gives volume to the eyebrows. In addition, it absorbs excess fat from the skin.
  • Vegetable oils (such as shea butter or rapeseed oil) strengthen the hairs structurally, making the eyebrows look neater and softer to the touch.


There aren’t many kinds of eyebrow gel, but everyone deserves special attention.


It’s the most popular variety. As its name suggests, this gel has a transparent texture and is therefore suitable for both blondes and brunettes. Its main and unique function is to fix the hair in the right direction, which is why this gel is often referred to on the packaging as “fixing” or “modelling”.

Colourless gels are especially suitable for girls with fairly thick and dark eyebrows, as well as for fans of nude make-up. These can be found, for example, in the NYX Professional Makeup collections.


By enveloping each hair, the shading gel fixes not only its position, but also its colour. Eyebrows become shinier, thicker and more voluminous, while retaining their natural look. Moreover, in addition to the classic shades – wheat and chocolate – there are also “extremes”: green, blue, red (and even glitter!).

This tool will be useful if you want to support the fashion for coloured eyebrows and create artistic make-up. Look for one of our favourites in Lancôme’s Sourcils Styler range: after using this gel, it’s as if your eyebrows are covered with a delicate pink glaze.

Gel shade

It could be classified as a shadow, but the product gives a more durable result. The gel tint acts on the principle of permanent colouring, so that the light effect can be maintained for up to several days.

Use it if you have very light or “light” eyebrows and need to make them visually thicker. One of the most visible products in this category is Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow.

Gel Cream

The consistency is more like that of a thick lipstick for eyebrows. It is most often produced not in a bottle with an acorn, but in a tube or jar. Because the product gives a shiny effect, it can easily replace a pencil or eyebrow lipstick.

It is more convenient to apply the gel-cream with a bevelled brush (see the Paradise Pomade Extatic gel-cream from L’Oréal Paris for example). Don’t forget to brush your eyebrows before the product hardens to set the hairs in a messy position.


Eyebrow gel and eyebrow ink have similar functions, and in most cases you can put an equal sign between them. Both products fix the hairs, but the gel has a lighter texture. The mascara is almost always pigmented, which gives the eyebrows a lighter shade. Gels are more often used without colour, although shades are not uncommon these days.

If you’re not sure if you need the right eyebrow gel from among all the products available, take our simple test.


There are several objective criteria to consider when choosing an eyebrow gel.


Find out exactly why you need eyebrow gel. If your eyebrows are naturally thick and dark, and you only want to emphasize their shape slightly, choose a transparent fixing gel.

If you have very fine or light eyebrows, prefer a shading product or products such as a tinted gel or cream gel.

tinted gel or cream gel.

Coloured eyebrow gel is also worth choosing to create an evening look: brilliant eyebrow make-up “balances” active eyes.

In hot or humid weather, prefer waterproof eyebrow gel. These are generally labelled “waterproof”.


Blondes should buy eyebrow gel for a ton or two darker, and brunettes – on the contrary, a little lighter than the roots of the hair. In each case, the appropriate shade will be individual, but there are some general rules.

  • The caramel-coloured gel is combined with “dark blond” hair.
  • Platinum blondes are better suited to the product marked “blond”.
  • Redheads or girls with dark brown hair are also suitable for caramel or chestnut coloured products.
  • Dark-haired pendants should choose a “brown” shade.
  • Dark brown, almost black, a shade of hair – an excuse to buy espresso gel.
  • With gray hair, the gel for the granite shades of the eyebrows combines perfectly.


The easiest to use is the classic eyebrow gel in a bottle with a brush. But if you are confident enough with the make-up brushes, you can buy the product in a tube. Apply it with a beveled artificial plush brush.


There are many different ways to apply the gel. For an easy and quick setting, simply apply it in a single layer in the direction of hair growth. For a more expressive effect, not only the shape, but also the shade and completeness should be worked on. The gradual application of this type of make-up is as follows:

1. Determine the beginning of the eyebrow, the highest point and the location of the end;

2. trace the outline with a soft white or pink eye pencil;

3. Using a sharpened pencil, for example, using the NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil, we draw the individual hairs in the spaces of the growth line with line movements ;

4. Use a stiff brush to soften the correction areas ;

5. Take NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel, use a special brush with a beveled applicator to work the growth line, shape the contours and bend, style and set the hairs;

6. Light contours can be erased or developed ;

7. To visually make the curvature more expressive and the look more open, apply a highlighter under the eyebrow to the skin tone.


The best alternative is eyebrow mascara. As a last resort, you can use mascara for the lashes, but not black, but brown. If you don’t have any of these products, try styling your hair with a lip balm or ordinary colourless hairspray.

Which is better: gel or wax for the eyebrows?

Wax-based eyebrow lipstick has a similar texture to cream gel, so it may well replace cream gel. However, it is not able to set hairs properly, and is best used for those who have naturally perfect brows. Apply the fixing gel because a top coat is not worth it, so as not to erase the lipstick itself.

gel or wax for the eyebrows

Pencil, eye shadow or eyebrow gel: what to choose?

It all depends on your objective. You need a pencil if you want to make your eyebrows shinier, fill in the gaps between the hairs or correct their shape.

Pencil, eye shadow or eyebrow gel

The shadows will give volume to the eyebrows. But to tame naughty hairs, you will need to use extra gel. If your eyebrows naturally have a perfect shape, simply use a pencil or eye shadow.


Over the years, we have tested dozens of eyebrow gels and are ready to present the most, in our opinion, the best.

Brow Finish, Urban Decay

eyebrow gel Brow Finish, Urban Decay


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Brow Finish Eyebrow Gel quickly and firmly sets each hair, giving your eyebrows the right shape and volume. A handy microfibre brush rubs the bristles and prevents them from sticking together. In addition, the gel has a gentle composition without harmful components.

Sourcils Styler, Lancôme

Sourcils Styler, Lancôme

Lancôme has developed a product that not only “keeps” the perfect shape of the eyebrows, but also treats them. It contains a rose extract. You can choose between the transparent gel and the shaded gel – the short-bristle brush colours the bristles completely without touching the skin. In any case, the eyebrows look very natural, because thanks to the short bristles of the brush, there is exactly as much gel as you need. You can see this in the picture below : The eyebrows of the model are fixed with the transparent gel Eyebrow Styler.

Paradise Pomade Extatic, L’Oréal Paris

This eyebrow gel is a universal remedy for natural make-up. It will help to shape eyebrows, make them thicker and more expressive. In addition, the gel has phenomenal durability for this product category – up to 24 hours! There are three matte shades in the collection: for blondes, brunettes.

Brow Tattoo, Maybelline.

Brow Tattoo, Maybelline.

If you’re tired of wasting your time every morning putting on eyebrow makeup, and you’re not yet ready to make up your mind about tattooing or microblogging, Brow Tattoo is the ideal solution. Place your eyebrows with a brush, apply the product and leave it on your eyebrows for 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove the resulting film: the effect is almost the same as after colouring and lasts up to three days.

Eyebrow Gel, NYX Professional Makeup

If your ugly eyebrows need a secure and long-lasting hold, NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel is for you. The range of pigmented gels includes five shades to make it easy to choose the right one. The waterproof formula ensures perfect results all day long.


Without well-groomed eyebrows, it is impossible to create beautiful and relevant makeup. Different products allow you to correct curves, experiment with colour intensity, natural or graphic effects, and eyebrow gel is one of the most universal. It’s easy to find and fix the perfect shape, and it’s enough to take even a simple daytime makeup to the next level.

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