Microblading Eyebrows

Eyebrow embroidery: New manual method to get the magic brows

Eyebrow embroidery is a relatively new technique to create the finest hairs in the eyebrow area by manual tattooing, which is done with a special scalpel.also called microstroking : the “eyebrow embroidery”. Indeed, this technique is so thin and filigree, that it resembles an artistic smoothing.

What’s eyebrow embroidery ?

Eyebrow embroidery – a relatively new technique of eyebrow tattooing to get magic brows. It is performed manually and involves creating fine hairs by applying a pigment under the skin with a special microscalpel.This technology allows to prolong the resistance of eyebrow coloring, is absolutely comfortable, completely natural and environmentally friendly.

The technique of eyebrow embroidery can do this task better than anything else. Imagine: as soon as you wake up, you already get perfectly groomed eyebrows. You don’t have to worry about pencils, brushes and other trifles – and so every day!

How to embroidery eyebrow ?

Eyebrow embroidery is done manually and involves creating fine hairs by applying a pigment under the skin with a special scalpel. This allows you to adjust the direction of the hairs, their length, shape and bend, and to create a color that is uniform throughout the line. In this case, correction of the eyebrows with a pencil or shadows after the procedure is not required at all, and the effect of eyebrow embroidery, or 6 D tattoo – as this technique is also called – lasts up to three years. Then, the pigment disappears completely, leaving no trace. This method is ideal to solve problems with asymmetry of the eyebrows, lack of own hairs or complete absence of hairs, also it is an excellent way to hide scars or scars in this area. However, for the result of eyebrow embroidery to suit you completely, it is worth paying very close attention to the choice of a master. Its professionalism, artistic taste and neatness in this case will be of paramount importance for your beauty. Not without reason in the West this technique is called eyebrow embroidery, Can you imagine the effort and pedantry you need to show when creating an embroidery? And if this “embroidery” on the unique face of a living person?

Features of eyebrow embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is performed by a very thin and flat needle, with which the pigment is brought into the epidermis (which allows not to injure the hair follicle). Due to the fact that the colorant is located closer to the surface of the skin (compared to the standard machine tattoo), there are very clear, fine strokes, so no “smears” or blurring under the skin is visible. Handmade in the end looks thinner – to understand that these are not natural hairs is impossible, even if you look closely at them.

Eyebrow Embroidery Create the magic of the eye

In order to prepare for the procedure, you don’t need to do anything special. Just do not pluck your eyebrows for a week. In the salon, first you should take a photo, then the master forms a new shape of the eyebrows with a cosmetic pencil, and then you decide on the color together. Next, the eyebrow embroidery process begins – the master uses a hand tool with a disposable micro-needle to create the effect of natural hairs or shadowy inserts.

How eyebrow embroidery is done ?

For eyebrow embroidery to succeed and getting magic brows, you need to prepare for the procedure by following a few simple rules:

1. Try to sign up for the tattoo in the interval from 6 to 23 days of the cycle;
2. A week before the procedure to exclude aspirin and other blood thinners;
3. Three days before the procedure, it is necessary to start taking the antiherpetic drug “Atsiklovir”, if you are going to get a lip tattoo. The same applies to other types of permanent makeup, if you have previously had herpes in these areas;
4. Eliminate alcohol consumption 24 hours a day;
5. Treat the tattoo site carefully in the evening before with a soft scrub;
6. At night before the procedure, be sure to get some sleep;
7. Six hours before PM application, refuse coffee and strong tea;
8. Immediately before tattooing of lips it is desirable to eat, because the next couple of hours after the procedure it will be difficult;
9. Do not twist yourself and do not be afraid. It won’t hurt! If you are very worried, you can drink a light sedative, but not a brandy for courage;
10. Do not plan any important visits for the rest of the day.

How long can eyebrow embroidery last ?

The filling time is approximately 8 months to 1 year. 15 days after the first service, it is essential to make touch-ups for an optimal result. Without touch-ups, the effect will simply fade away.

Eyebrow embroidery doesn’t hurt

There is some discomfort associated with the procedure. A local anesthetic (a group of lidocaine or Emla) is used to reduce sensitivity in the treatment area. The procedure itself takes about two hours, sometimes more, sometimes less – depending on the nature of the problem and the effect that the client wants.

Care after Eyebrow embroidery

Redness and swelling usually drop within an hour after the procedure. The time of full healing also varies from person to person. It usually takes about 1 week: during this period, a light crust (or crust may not be present at all) is formed in the area, which will soon peel off, leaving a slight exfoliation. It takes at least a month before it is possible to estimate how good the “light” pigment is. Usually, additional correction 1 or 2 will be required (you can correct the results between four and six weeks after the first session).

During the first day you should not even wash your skin, and for at least a week you should keep your skin clean and dry – this means that you should avoid swimming, physical activity that stimulates sweating, drinking stray alcoholic beverages, as well as avoid sunbathing or prolonged exposure to the sun. Peeling is not recommended during the first months.

Contraindications for Eyebrow embroidery procedure

The effect of the procedure lasts from two to four months, which allows them to get rid of the daily styling of the eyebrows. They will remain magic brows, perfect even after swimming in the sea or swimming pool.

Eyebrow embroidery should be abstained from:

• pregnant women;
• women during menstruation and premenstrual syndrome;
• people with blood diseases;
• inflammatory processes.
• Hepatitis B and C, HIV infection;
• diabetes, reduced immune status;
• poor blood clotting;
• propensity to form keloid scars;
• chronic conjunctivitis;

Who should try Eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a method that is ideal for those who have too rare and thin eyebrows and want to improve the contour or the thickness of their eyebrows in this way. This method of tattooing provides a more natural look, as the strokes are as similar as possible to natural hairs, regardless of the number of present own, real hairs. This method may be the best option to hide a cosmetic defect for those who are worried about the brow splashes resulting from the scars. People suffering from alopecia or other trichological pathologies associated with hair loss will also be able to appreciate the benefits of the eyebrow embroidery method.


After the first procedure, about 40-80% of the work done remains, for a full result, a must be corrected (shape, color intensity).


The correction is carried out strictly within 30-45 days after the first time. If eyebrow embroidery is repeated after more than 45 days, the cost will be 100% of the first procedure.

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