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Drawing Your Eyebrows: This Year’s Fashion Trends

Today, the industry of cosmetic products for the care and design of eyebrows is at its peak. In the variety of schemes and shapes not only professionals are required to understand: every woman should know what shapes and colors are suitable for her.

There is a common color characteristic of eyebrows: pistachio and gray colors suit blondes, and brunettes mostly use brown and black. Thanks to the rapid development of the industry, cosmetic companies began to produce special means of decorative cosmetics for eyebrow coloring.

The most popular cosmetic product for eyebrows is eye shadow. Eyebrow shadows are very easy to use and shade. There is a huge variety of color palettes that allow you to find the most suitable color for your eyebrows under the tone of your hair.

The second most popular are eyebrow pencils. Pencils are made, as a rule, on a wax basis, thanks to what the line of an eyebrow is not broken even at the end of the day. Their advantage is that the wax allows the pigment to stay on the skin near the eyebrows as long as possible, even if a girl often touches her face. Pencils are also good because they discipline the hairs. When you stain your eyebrows, you also glue some naughty hairs together, resulting in more disciplined and even hair growth. This adds neatness and aesthetics to the look of your eyebrows.

The eyebrows are the character of a girl. It is very important to choose the right form in relation to the shape of the face. The selection algorithm is very simple: first it is necessary to find out what is the face shape of the girl and what features prevail in it. The owner of an acute features is recommended a more rounded shape that will soften the sharpness of the face. And vice versa, if a girl has a rounded face and puffy lips, it is better to choose a sharp eyebrow shape.

The eyebrow consists of three parts: the base, the bend and the tail. To start painting the eyebrows is worth, slightly receding from the base. If we start to trace the eyebrow exactly from the base with a clear contour, it will result in an unnatural tracing, which will immediately give the girl away with her head. Consequently, the base of the eyebrow should always be more shaded and soft. Different shades add dynamics to the color, which indicates the naturalness of the dyeing effect.

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The growth of hair is not always perfectly even from base to ponytail and in order to underline this naturalness, the brow can be made more dense at the bend and more delicate and graphic near the ponytail. This color transition dynamic will allow you to create the most natural-looking staining possible.

The next popular product for eyebrow design is pomade. It is also incredibly handy because it consists of a creamy texture that is excellent to apply, shrinks and lasts very well.

Mascara for eyebrows is a cosmetic product of a light brown or gray-brown shade, which draws not on the skin itself, and paints only the hairs. Mascara is suitable for girls with even hair growth.

Another convenient innovation is the transparent gel for eyebrows, which does not paint over, but only disciplines the hairs, making them more groomed, sets the correct direction to the hairs and “combing” the hairs that are knocked out of the general mass. The gel gives eyebrows a shine and looks very beautiful and aesthetic. It is suitable for girls with very dense eyebrows, which one would like to comb or fix somehow, or for girls with “chunky” eyebrows, i.e. with hairs growing in different directions.

Before staining the eyebrows they should be beautifully shaped, so that it would be easier to draw them in the morning. This includes plucking, shaping and then dyeing the eyebrows themselves with henna or paint. All these procedures greatly simplify the drawing of eyebrows with decorative cosmetics.

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