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Can I paint my eyebrows after permanent makeup and what is the right way to do it?

Permanent makeup is bright in itself. But sometimes it is necessary to touch up the eyebrows. With the help of the dye it is easy to correct the shape of the eyebrows, hide imperfections, renew faded pigment.

The possibility of using paint

After permanent makeup, the look can change completely. The right shape of the eyebrows can correct the features of the face, make it attractive and the look more expressive. If the artist is experienced and highly professional, the brow arches will look natural and organic. But this effect is not achieved immediately. During the tattoo, there are punctures in the skin, through which the paint is injected. These wounds require time to heal, and special care. Immediately after the procedure there is redness and swelling, which should go down in the first week.

Then scaly crusts appear to cover the wounds. During this time, the eyebrows look unaesthetic, and the color itself becomes duller. You should not peel off or soak the crusts. You can get an infection, and then the healing process will take an indefinite time.

In addition, under the crust is the coloring pigment, which can be accidentally removed. This can result in color gaps, which is an additional correction.

In this very period of healing, you want to make your makeup more vivid and your look more expressive. But many people are afraid to paint their eyebrows after permanent makeup, and with good reason. The thing is that the paint affects not only the hairs, but also the skin. Even though it is not as aggressive as hair dye, it is a serious ordeal for the still damaged dermis. As a result, protective crusts may be damaged, and allergic reactions in the form of rash, redness or swelling may occur.

That is why the first two weeks, experts strictly forbid to paint eyebrows. After allowed to use a cosmetic pencil, but very carefully. Make-up should be removed by special means on an oil basis. Use of eyebrow paint, including natural henna or basma, is allowed only 3-4 weeks after the tattooing procedure, once the skin is completely healed. Usually this is not required, as permanent makeup is bright in itself.

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Nevertheless, the masters distinguish the following cases when it is necessary to touch up the eyebrows:

  • correction, concealment of color gaps, hair loss;
  • overlapping the color, for example, to a darker color;
  • Changing the shape of the eyebrow to match fashion trends;
  • asymmetry of the brow arches;
  • graying;
  • lack of a bright background, as the pigment burns out over time.

Usually eyebrows are tinted twice a month, because the pigment contains natural components and comes off faster. But in the case of permanent make-up, specialists recommend that the coloring procedure be performed not more often than once a month. This is due to the condition of the skin of the brow arches. It is more sensitive, it has a lot of blood vessels. And any dye has an impact on the dermis. If you abuse it, various allergic reactions, peeling, hair loss are possible.

Can henna be used and why?

Unlike ready-made professional products, henna is a completely natural dye. It not only gives color, but also takes care of it. Its hue, grind, and even smell depend on the variety and the country of supplier. In Russia, it is imported from Egypt, India, Iran and Pakistan. It is allowed to use henna after 14 days. Again, relying on the appearance of the brow arches. They are not yet fully healed, there are protective scales. Therefore, the dye should be used extremely carefully, and applied with a soft brush.

It is best to dilute the henna in a minimum concentration. This will reduce the risk of irritation and swelling. If the skin is already red, inflamed or other problems that require special care and treatment, it is better to abandon the dyeing procedure.

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How to properly paint eyebrows after a tattoo?

The use of a cosmetic pencil is allowed as early as 2 weeks after the permanent makeup procedure, but very carefully. This dye does not penetrate the dermis and does not irritate it, so it is safe. But it is possible to damage the crusts when removing makeup. Once the skin is completely healed after the permanent, which is 3-4 weeks, it is allowed to use professional eyebrow dye. The shade should be chosen as suitable as possible, for the first dyeing choose an oxide of 3%, with subsequent – 6%. If the eyebrows are corrected with tweezers, then postpone the coloring for 1-2 days. The point is that in place of the plucked hairs formed a micro-scratch, which should have time to heal. If the dye gets into it, then there may be allergic rashes, swelling, and even inflammation.

The product is diluted in a separate container, and then the brush is applied to the eyebrows. To avoid accidentally staining the eyelids and forehead, these areas should be smeared with a fat cream beforehand. Keep the dye strictly according to the instructions – usually 5-15 minutes. Overdoing it is not recommended, as it negatively affects the skin and hairs. If the eyebrow becomes sharply darker, it is recommended to wash the paint off immediately with soap.

It is obligatory to remember about care, to use products for growth acceleration and nourishment. Usually they are transparent, gel or oily consistency, and can be easily applied with a lash brush.

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