Eyebrow filling

6 ways to grow back sparse and over-plucked eyebrows

Your eyebrows are like beautiful, bushy islands that add definition to your face.So, you’ve recently been a little overzealous in…

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How to get clear eyebrows?

Thick, thick eyebrows are a trend that appeared some time ago, mainly due to such celebrities as Lily Collins and…

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8 Tips To Get Grow Thick Eyebrow NATURALLY!

You would like to grow thick eyebrows? Then we have the salvation for you! With these eight powerful home remedies,…

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permanent make-up techniques for perfect eyebrows.

Sweeping, perfectly drawn eyebrows for a beautiful facial expression. Every face has its own expression. This is why Permanent Make-up…

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Fill in eyebrows: These are the tricks and Tips That Will Change Your Life Real Quick

To fill in eyebrows perfectly, all you need are a few tips, the right tool and a little practice. Then…

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Make-up tips: Eyebrow make-up made easy

Tutorial for perfectly made-up eyebrows Striking eyebrows are in fashion! Whether natural and bushy or finely plucked with clear lines…

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