Eyebrow Shapes

  • How to create eyebrows with arch?

    You can see eyebrows with arch on the faces of beauties smiling from the pages of fashion magazines. Otherwise, this version of the design of the brow arches is called “house eyebrows”. It perfectly looks…

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  • How eyebrow lamination just works?

    Laminating is the coating of eyebrows with a revitalizing agent with the accompanying correction of their shape and color.Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new procedure that focuses on creating shiny, smooth brows. Also sometimes called…

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  • What is eyebrow microblading?

    Microblading (from the English “microblade”) eyebrows – a type of eyebrow tattoo, which is done manually with a scalpel and allows you to achieve a more natural look than a hardware tattoo. Microblading is a…

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  • How to shape eyebrow?

    Many cosmetologists and make-up artists call the eyebrows the “face of the face”. The right shape can give the features and the look expressiveness even without the use of makeup. Choosing it, you should take…

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  • How long does it take for an eyebrow to grow back?

    How long do my eyebrows grow? Such a question often arises in women who follow fashion trends, which are now actively agitating for wide, natural arches. Sometimes, improper cosmetic exposure, correction, tattooing, lead to the…

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  • How many microblading strokes for each eyebrow?

    Microblading has recently been gaining popularity. This procedure is largely compared to the eyebrow tattoo, but it has not only a number of differences, but also its advantages and disadvantages, about which it is useful…

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  • Do you need a permit to do microblading eyebrows?

    The norms of the Ministry of Health and Social Development clearly state that permanent makeup – a medical service, and therefore without a permit it is impossible to provide it, including microblading. Microblading has only…

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  • How to get attractive eyebrows?

    Attention to the eyebrows was based on the residual principle – it was enough to pluck them “in fashion”. But in recent years, eyebrow correction and makeup have gained a whole new weight in makeup.…

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  • How to use the eyebrow trimmer like a pro?

    Natural eyebrows are in fashion and while this trend is present, girls are trying to match it in every way. Some use ordinary tweezers, others regularly visit a beautician, while others choose trimmers. This tool…

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  • How to perfectly shape eyebrows with concealer?

    With the help of cosmetics you can eliminate various appearance defects. The eyebrow concealers are a powerful cosmetic product that allows you to emphasize the tone of the eyebrows, to change their shape and visually…

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