Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – The Basic Steps

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows are not only found on a woman’s face. Some men also want to improve their facial features…

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How to Grow Quicker and Thicker Eyebrows: After you do These Ways

Not all of us have thick eyebrows by nature. If the eyebrows grow thin and rare, it will be more…

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permanent make-up techniques for perfect eyebrows.

Sweeping, perfectly drawn eyebrows for a beautiful facial expression. Every face has its own expression. This is why Permanent Make-up…

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How do you get your Eyebrows on Fleek?

Eyebrows are still a hot topic – especially since Instagram-Beauties have extended the trend towards razor-sharp eyebrows. Today I’ll show…

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Find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face

You want to give your eyebrows the perfect shape? We’ll show you the best way to do it. You find…

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Eyebrows are never identical, which is why

Have you ever spent a few minutes in front of the mirror looking at your eyebrows? If you haven’t, you…

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5 Things Girls With Great Eyebrows Always Do

Beautiful eyebrows form the frame for an attractive look. Good care gives your face a certain radiance. These five things…

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Eyebrow makeup : Common mistakes and ways to avoid them

Overly shaved, spread, straight, arched… a bad gesture can have consequences that are difficult to hide or repair. Your eyebrows…

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How to use eyebrow pencils correctly and which colours match your eye colour

With the help of eyebrow pencils, the eyebrows can be wonderfully accentuated and the eye area can be given more…

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