Eyebrow Culture

Eyebrows: Body language & communication tool , natural protection, fashion statement.

Perfect eyebrow shapes for a square face

Each type of girl has its own shape, today we will try to choose eyebrow shape for a square face.…

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Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

Girls who have a triangular face that looks like a heart often wonder what shape of the eyebrows for a…

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This eyebrow trick makes you look younger

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face. With this make-up trick for your eyebrows you can…

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The evolutionary secret of eyebrows

• The evolution of the eyebrow and eyebulb reflects the changed communication between the ancestors of man. • From the…

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Eyebrows are never identical, which is why

Have you ever spent a few minutes in front of the mirror looking at your eyebrows? If you haven’t, you…

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The scientific reason why one eyebrow is always more beautiful than the other

Science finally tells us why one eyebrow is always more beautiful than the other. Even if you have beautiful eyebrows…

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What do our brows reveal about us?

Eyebrows reflect the mental activities of every person. Above all they show feelings of fear, disgust, confusion, anger. You can…

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7 eyebrow facts you’re going to want to know

No, it’s not just the part of the body that we like to wax the most: the eyebrows are there…

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Beauty ideal eyebrows – antiquity until today

Eyebrows form the frame of the face. They are ornamental and aesthetic stylistic elements, but also support communication and serve…

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