Brow architecture: what is it?

Let’s enrich our beauty vocabulary and understand what eyebrow architecture is and why it’s needed.

What is eyebrow architecture?

Brow architecture is the process of creating a harmonious eyebrow shape using different techniques and means. This includes correction with tweezers or wax, coloring and makeup, as well as permanent eyebrow makeup.

Each of the techniques is responsible for a specific result. Which of them to choose, or to use in a complex, depends on many factors. The most popular among the clients of makeup artists and eyebrow artists are techniques of correction, dyeing, and eyebrow makeup with the help of pencils, shadows and markers. In recent times, permanent makeup, which is performed by other specialists, is also very much in demand.

Brow correction

The correction of the shape is one of the most important procedures of the eyebrow architecture. In order to correctly shape the eyebrows it is important to take into account the natural line of the eyebrows, the shape of the face and even the location of the eyes.

Masters use tweezers, wax or a special thread to perform the correction. If some of the hairs are too long and out of the ideal shape, the master will need scissors, with the help of which the eyebrows can be trimmed.

Eyebrow tinting

The correction is followed by eyebrow coloring or makeup. In the first case, the visagiste and the eyebrow specialist will need paint or henna. It is important to choose a suitable shade of beauty product, so that the client’s eyebrows look natural and natural. For example, it suits blondes better if the eyebrows are painted a couple of shades darker than their hair color. And girls with dark hair are better suited to lighter shades of dye compared to their natural hair color.

Eyebrow Makeup

Makeup can be performed on both colored and unpainted eyebrows. For this, masters use colored shadows, mascaras, pencils, markers and gels that cosmetic brands develop specifically for the eyebrow area. Some beauty products, such as gels and mascaras, are also available in a transparent shade, so it is convenient to use them for styling and fixing the unruly hairs without giving them color.

Permanent makeup

In fact, this is a tattoo in a certain area, with the help of which it is possible to achieve a very natural result, as if the hand of the master and did not touch the eyebrows at all. The permanent make-up is especially actual for girls with problematic forms, because with its help the eyebrows can be created almost from scratch. Moreover, this method of architecture provides a reliable result for 2-3 years.

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