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Best Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry and Eyebrow Piercing Types

Eyebrow piercing is a common procedure among youth. Many guys and girls love eyebrow piercing because it allows you to emphasize individuality, make the image brighter and create your own unique style. Sometimes, eyebrow piercing is a kind of sign of belonging to a particular subculture, youth movement or fashionable musical direction.

You can buy any kind of jewelry, but it is better to prefer best eyebrow piercing jewelry with precious metal. At least, until the puncture heals completely. This type of eyebrow piercing jewelryis the least likely to provoke allergic reactions.Eyebrow piercing is done in less than a minute. There is no prior preparation in this case. By doing a best eyebrow piercing once, you will be able to wear the eyebrow piercing jewelry for the rest of your life.

How does eyebrow piercing work?

Best eyebrow piercing is done in specialized salons, which have all the necessary tools for this procedure. In order to prevent unwanted consequences that may negatively affect your health or even cause cosmetic skin defects, it is worth taking this issue seriously. The experience of a professional master, who knows the physiology and structure of the human body, guarantees rapid healing and no complications.

Eyebrow piercing at home.

It is not difficult to make yourself the eyebrow piercing jewelry. All you may need to do is this:

  • needle, but you can use a catheter for this purpose. Only note that the size of the catheter must be the same as the rod;
  • disinfectants;
  • clamps;
  • cotton swabs and sterile gloves.

Before the operation, you should treat all items with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and put the selected decoration in a tray with disinfectant solution. Wipe your eyebrow gently with a cotton swab moistened in alcohol. After that, with another swab, gradually rub the alcohol into the place where the puncture is to be made. This is done in order to slightly reduce pain. With a clamp prepared in advance, grab and pull back the skin area. Puncture the skin without removing the needle or catheter, insert the bar. Rinse well and treat the entire brow area with alcohol. If all the rules are followed, healing lasts from 4 to 10 weeks. After that, the temporary barbell can be replaced.

Eyebrow Piercing Types

As with many other types of punctures, eyebrow piercing is classified by the location of the jewelry. In most cases, this does not mean anything, just everyone chooses the area at their own discretion.Eyebrow piercing jewelry can be done in several ways. Let us consider them below. These types of eyebrow piercing are the most common:

Vertical piercing

This is the most unsafe kind of eyebrow piercing. It is performed by gripping the skin area on the eyebrow arch, which is pierced vertically from top to bottom over the width of the hair growth. It is then pierced by a barbell decorated with spikes or crystals. The only disadvantage is that the eyebrow piercing is located in a place that often comes into contact with clothing. This can lead to inflammation and in this case the healing will be very long.

Horizontal piercings

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Such a puncture delivers a minimum of painful feelings to the owner and heals quickly. The jewelry is embedded in a puncture made along the upper part of the eyebrow. Do not try to make a horizontal piercing at home, it is almost impossible to do it yourself.

best eyebrow piercing Horizontal Barbell and Double Barbells


Diagonal piercing

It is done in the same way as horizontal piercing, but at different angles from the top of the eyebrow down through the width of the brow arch. We can say that this is a mixed version of vertical and horizontal piercing. It looks creative, and it is possible to choose a banana piercing, a segment ring or a bent barbell as an ornament.

best eyebrow piercing diagonal piercing Barbell

Anti–eyebrow piercing

Antibrow is an unusual type of eyebrow piercing, where the decoration is placed slightly below the eye on the top of the cheekbone. Often, such eyebrow piercing is done symmetrically on both sides of the face. The procedure is difficult to perform, and it can be performed only by a master professional in a eyebrow piercing salon.

best eyebrow piercing Anti eyebrow piercing


The skin is pierced between the eyebrows at nose bridge level, at eye level or slightly higher. Then, piercing jewelry is inserted into the puncture. This is a mixed version of vertical and horizontal piercing, which is most popular among men. Healing lasts from 4 to 6 months.

best eyebrow piercing Bridge

Best Eyebrow Piercing jewelry

Often asked a question on the left or right eyebrow will be correct to make a piercing. In this case, what kind of eyebrow you can prefer does not matter. A pierced eyebrow does not mean anything and has no meaning, so it is chosen according to personal preferences.

best eyebrow piercing jewelry

Before you buy eyebrow piercing jewelry, consult with a piercing master. He will advise you on the shape, shape and size of your piercing jewelry: earrings, ring, barbell or banana.

Rods. They are straight piercing barbells with internal or external threads, to which jewelry is screwed in the form of crystals, metal beads, spikes. They are used for any kind of piercing: tongue, nose, genitals.

best eyebrow piercing straight piercing barbells with internal or external threads

Rings. Earrings in the form of rings with removed segment or shaped insert.

Rings eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Labret. Same shape as the barbell. The difference is that on one end of the rod is a disk, and the other is a winding or ball. The microlabret has a much thinner rod, so it is suitable for piercing the nose and ears.

best eyebrow piercing jewelry Barbell Labret

Banana and micro banana. The slightly curved rounded shape of the rod really looks like a banana. On both ends of this decoration are worn curls, which can be absolutely different: stones, spikes, balls or shaped inserts on both sides.

Eyebrow piercing jewelry Banana Barbell

Skindiver. Jewelry made of titanium or medical steel with conical feet is implanted in the skin at one end. The second end of this type of earring remains outside.

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best eyebrow piercing skin diver piercing

Microdermal. This earring is a rod with a pointed end. It is implanted into the brow with the sharp end.

best eyebrow piercing Microdermals Piercing Jewelry

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Which material to choose?

As with the ear, navel or tongue, a variety of different types of jewelry are used for eyebrow piercing. They are classified according to the material of which they are made and their shape.

best eyebrow piercing variety of different types of jewelry are used for eyebrow piercing

The materials from which the eyebrow jewelry is made, there are the following types:

  • Gold. It is not recommended to put gold jewelry in a newly made puncture. This metal is oxidized and contains impurities of other metals, the exception being palladium gold. Such a gold piece can be placed immediately.
  • Silver. The property of this precious metal to oxidize when in contact with skin or blood makes the silver earrings for piercing unusable.
  • Medical or surgical steel. The most common type of material that contains nickel and chromium, which can cause allergic reactions. Not suitable for fresh punctures.
  • Bioplast. Do not confuse with not expensive plastic products, which may contain a variety of harmful impurities and dyes that can cause inflammation, irritation or allergies. Earrings made of this lightweight and plastic material should not be inserted into fresh punctures.
  • Wooden. Absorb liquids. Used only for fully healed punctures. To be replaced every 2 months.
  • Titanium. A material of dark color, the most common and safest of all the previously described materials. Titanium microdermals are very well established under the skin, do not cause complications. The minus can be considered a rather high price for jewelry made of such metal.

Does it hurt to pierce the eyebrow?

A properly performed manipulation will not give strong pain sensations, but it should be taken into account that the reaction to pain is strictly individual in each person. If you experience acute pain and discomfort, you can take painkillers. Sometimes such an operation is done with anesthesia, but usually it is not necessary.

How to take care of eyebrow piercing?

In order to prevent dust or infection from getting into the wound, the puncture site and the earring should be treated daily. Flushing with chlorhexidine and further treatment with Miramistin will reduce the risk of inflammation. It is not necessary to remove the earring at the first time, turn it clockwise or move it up and down to avoid ingrowth into the skin and soft tissue layer.

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