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It turns out to be one of the most well-known allies of feminine beauty, a fundamental tool today to ensure that the make-up of the face is complete and always perfect. After all, having well-groomed eyebrows at any age means giving yourself a more expressive and tidy face. We are well aware of the fact that our face, on many occasions, can speak even more than words can. The color of the eyebrows, as well as their shape, are therefore able to decisively influence the appearance of the person. If the eyebrows are thinning, ill-defined and if, by mistake, a few too many hairs have been plucked with tweezers, the eyebrow pencil can be used in just a few minutes to redesign the shape, emphasize the look and make it sublime. So let’s find out how to choose the eyebrow pencil.


Choosing an eyebrow pencil means paying attention to color combinations. Often, in fact, we are led to make a wrong purchase with the result of being disappointed, regretting it and failing to properly enhance the eyebrows, the frame of our eyes. In principle, therefore, you should always look for a color that is a tone darker than the natural color.

The black eyebrow pencil, for example, is suggested for women who have black or dark brown hair. Excellent, in this case, an eyebrow pencil equipped with a hard tip to fill in any empty areas.

The brown eyebrow pencil is suitable for those who have brown, light brown and auburn hair. It is basically a versatile color that suits all faces well. By increasing or decreasing the pressure of the pencil at the time of application, then, you can have different results, more intense colors in the first case, perhaps for an evening and social style, or on the contrary a more natural look for activities ranging from morning to afternoon.

The beige eyebrow pencil, the lightest available on the market, is recommended for those who have blond hair and eyebrows. The important thing is to choose a shade that defines the eyebrows well and is able to enhance the look in the best way. This pencil, moreover, is also suitable for those who do not have natural blond hair, but have hair treated with dyes and highlights, as it allows to lighten the eyebrows and thus decrease the color gap that exists between the hair and eyebrows.


There are those with a retractable and ultra-fine tip to work on the beauty of the eyebrows in the most natural way possible, and those with a double end to define the line of the eyebrows with a thin line or more double and equipped, to finish the job, with a brush to blend the color and comb the eyebrows.

In addition, there are pencils with a long hold of up to 12 hours to avoid accidents and smudging, waterproof ones that can be used even at the beach or in the pool, those with an oval tip for an extremely precise application, the all in one versions with one end in the shape of a pen and the other in the shape of a sponge for blending and shaping, the 100% natural friendly eyebrow pencils for the safety of your skin and those with versatile eye shadow colors to be applied both dry and wet for a professional result.

Apart from the pencil, there are a number of eyebrow cosmetics that should be used to perfect the eyebrow arch. Among them, a duo brush, in one side presents a mascara brush, in the other an oblique brush, with flexible synthetic bristles that allows both combing the eyebrows and blending the makeup. Or the scissors with angled blades, excellent for cutting any hairs, without hardening them, which protrude from the natural shape due to excessive length. Finally, a volumizing fixer with quick-drying gel texture and brush included.


Make up is not an easy art for everyone. Knowing how to use makeup, brushes and pencils well is in fact necessary so that the final result is well balanced and never unnatural.

So let’s see how to use the eyebrow pencil. The first suggestion is not to move away from the natural eyebrows and not to modify them too much. Very thick eyebrows should never be made too thin, on the contrary, too thin eyebrows should not be marked particularly. Before using the pencil, it is important to start combing the eyebrows downwards, to see where the hairs of the upper part begin and draw the outer line of the design well, and then comb them upwards.

The next step is to comb outwards the hairs of the eyebrow arch to find out any holes to be filled, by drawing small hairs with the pencil. At this point it is possible to define all the work with the help of a concealer, and then illuminate the area under the eyebrow arch with a very useful highlighter.

If you are not an expert and the work does not satisfy you, there are still two possible solutions, rely on the hands of a professional in the beauty industry, or be guided by a series of stencils created precisely to redesign the eyebrows, but be careful to choose those suitable for your face.


The eyebrow pencil is certainly a lifeline, but it can happen to unknowingly make mistakes. The result is to make the situation worse. To begin with, before doing eyebrow makeup, eyebrows should always be combed to outline them at their best and give great volume.

Another common mistake is to start with the makeup of the eyebrows from the initial part, in this way you risk creating a fake effect. The solution is to start from the points where you have less hair.

Again, never use an excessive amount of eyebrow pencil, with the risk of weighing down the look; it is better to apply the pencil in small, light strokes and then blend it in. Pay attention also to the brush, a version with bristles that are too long or thick can lead to a makeup that is too heavy. It is always important to avoid illuminating the eyebrow arch with the wrong color, instead of having a more rested and bright look, you risk having a strange effect.

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As for the shape, it is important to make sure that the eyebrows start and end at the same point, some other type of difference can be there, use a light as natural as possible, avoid making up in front of a mirror that magnifies the image not to overload the eyebrows, and finally, do not economize on make up for the eyebrows to avoid creating irritation.


Let’s take a look at some of the best eyebrow pencils available on the market.

Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil:

One of the best eyebrow pencils is definitely Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil, a tool that allows you to get full, marked and well-defined eyebrows. It turns out to be equipped with a handy comb that helps to shape the eyebrows, an operation that we recommend to do before drawing the shape in the desired way.

The ergonomic tip is ideal for a perfect definition of the eyebrow arch, while the comb allows you to blend the color between the hairs, filling in the gaps. The intensified look becomes deeper and more seductive.

You can choose between two different shades, one light brown and the other dark brown. The first is suitable for blondes and those with light hair, while the second is ideal for brunettes.

Applying the pencil is very simple, depending on the pressure exerted you get more or less dark shades of color. A lighter touch will allow to obtain a more natural effect. The line lasts for many hours and is not compromised by contact with water or sweat.

The formula of Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil is ophthalmologically tested, and is also suitable for those with very sensitive skin.


-Pencil comes in two different colors to match your natural brow tone

-Convenient comb makes it easy to apply color and fill in the gaps

-It has a great price to quality ratio.


-Some people complain about too much brown coloring of the dark brown pencil, which could give the look an artificial look

-According to some customers, the thick tip makes the stroke too pronounced: a drawback that can be remedied by avoiding pressure during use

Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Professional pencil for shaping and sculpting eyebrows with built-in comb.

Application – Use the tip to redesign the shape of the eyebrow and fill in the gaps. Then, using the comb, further refine the result.

Effects and benefits – Long-lasting perfect eyebrows with a practical 2in1 product

Formula – Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for use even by those with particularly sensitive eyes

Live the London Look! Rimmel London is the certainty of always having a cool style, irreverent, unpredictable and constantly evolving. Rimmel does not aspire to perfection and does not want to intimidate. It is like London: young, eclectic, metropolitan and avant-garde.

Price: $13.27

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Eylure eyebrow pencil:

Our eyebrow pencil review continues with a really good product, the Eylure eyebrow pencil. This is a brand that is still not very well known, although it is conquering the market of makeup products.

The Eylure eyebrow pencil has a dark brown shade, which makes it perfect for brunettes and those with naturally dark brows. The handy comb allows you to shape your brows, while the tip fills in the gaps between the hairs perfectly.

The Eylure pencil is easy to use, it is applied following the method recommended by the experts for eyebrow makeup, namely

-Place the pencil vertically next to the nose and draw a small line starting from the point closest to the nose and extending outward. Repeat for the other eyebrow

-Pull the outer corner of the eye with one finger.

-Place the tip at an angle inside the line, keeping the pencil perpendicular. Draw thin lines at the top, towards the hairline, until you reach the outer end of the brow bone.

-Repeat on the lower part of the line.

-Make sure to fill in the gaps

-Blend the effect with the help of the comb.

The fine tip allows you to draw the shapes perfectly. It has a very long lifespan, the line remains unchanged for a whole day. However, you have to be careful not to get wet, because this product is not waterproof.

The price of this pencil is in line with that of similar products.


-Fine tip allows perfect eyebrow shape without smudging

-Comb is comfortable to use and helps comb the lashes, as well as perfecting the result.

-It turns out to be the ideal pencil for those who want to achieve dark and marked brows.


-Dark brown is too pronounced for those with light-colored brows or those that tend towards red.

-It’s not waterproof, so you have to be careful: if you go to the beach or the pool, you’ll need to perform small touch-ups

-Very thin tip may not be suitable for drawing very thick eyebrows.

  • Ey dark brown eyebrow pencil
  • Color and definition
  • Dark brown eyebrows pencil
  • Dark brown eyebrow pencil
  • Ey dark brown eyebrows pencil

Price: $8.99

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Eyebrow Pencil Peel off Tattoo Maybelline New York:

It is not an eyebrow pencil like the others, but a semi-permanent product that you can apply on your eyebrows to get a long-lasting result. This way you will no longer be forced to perform daily eyebrow make-up.

Maybelline New York’s eyebrow tint lasts up to three days and is available in different shades, to be chosen according to your eyebrow color, namely light brown, medium brown, dark brown, chocolate and black.

Using the eyebrow pencil is really easy. The handy wide-tipped nib applies semi-permanent color to the lashes, redesigning them and filling in the gaps. After application, the product needs to dry for about 20 minutes.

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Removing the makeup is also very easy, just remove the film that has formed and proceed with another application. The makeup lasts a long time and can be used even in the middle of summer, since it is not eliminated by contact with water or sweat.


-Because the makeup is semi-permanent, you don’t have to redraw the shape of your brows every day and there is no need for touch-ups. This saves time and allows you to look perfect at all times of the day.

-The product has a great ratio of quality to price.


-Given the very intense effect, the look may appear unnatural

-Some clients have found their lashes to be greasy and sticky after removing the color, which can be avoided by applying a little product.

Peel-off eyebrow tint with easy-to-apply formula that can be corrected during application

Long lasting up to 3 days for defined eyebrows and a natural tattoo effect

Apply by drawing the shape of the eyebrow, Allow to dry from a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours for a duration of up to 3 days, Remove the film with your fingers starting from the base of the eyebrow

Peel-off (removable) tinted formula that gradually fades after 3 days, Easy to apply, no smudging or smearing

Contents: 1x Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo Brow Tint Maybelline New York, Medium Brown (02), Quantity: 4,6 g

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QIUFSSE 3D Tattoo Eyebrow Pencil:

Another innovative pencil is the one proposed by QIUFSSE, a real pen for drawing eyebrows with liquid dye. Ideal for those who have thick and thick eyebrows, and want to enhance the eyebrow arch.

QIUFSSE’s liquid eyebrow pencil guarantees a hold of about twenty-four hours. It turns out to be water resistant, so it can be used at the beach and in the pool without fear of the makeup melting off. The manufacturer guarantees that the result is not altered even by sweat, rain, water sports and rubbing.

Despite the fact that this is not a pencil in the traditional sense of the word, but a dye for eyebrows, the removal of makeup is very easy, just gently rub some makeup removing oil on the eyebrow arch with a cotton pad.

Customers especially appreciate the texture of this product, which gives character to the lashes. Everyone agrees that it is an easy pencil to use: just apply it by making short firm but light upward strokes. Depending on the pressure applied with the hand, it allows to obtain both a very intense result and a soft and natural effect.

QIUFSSE’s 3D Tattoo liquid pencil is available in different colors, to be chosen according to the natural color of the eyebrows. It also has four tips, making it easy to dispense the liquid evenly. The below-average price helps make this product one of the best eyebrow pencils.


-The consistency, which allows you to fill in and outline the eyebrows perfectly, giving the eyes natural beauty and depth

-The product has a long life, about 24 hours, and is resistant to water and sweat

Features a four-pronged nib, which makes application easy and even, without smudging.


-Some customers complain that they have to swipe the product several times to achieve a marked effect

Naturally Polished Eyebrows – Our waterproof tattoo eyebrow pen’s long-lasting gel tinting formula is perfect for drawing natural-looking hair-like eyebrows that work with any makeup.

Innovative Four-Point Design – Our eyebrow pen features a unique four-prong design that helps both beginners and experts easily fill in eyebrows with full control.

No Fade & No Smudge Eyebrows – We guarantee that your brows will stay in place without smudging, discoloration or streaking. We are serious about helping you create beautiful brows that frame your face without moving from rain, sweat, water sports and even accidental rubbing.

Long lasting tattoo eyebrow pen makeup – 24 hours long lasting, easy to color sumdge proof, fine sketch, super durable tattoo sense.

Easy to remove: just use oil cleanser or makeup remover to remove eyebrow tint at the end of the day.


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