Eyebrow slits

Are eyebrow slits most attractive?

Shaved slits on the eyebrow – what it means and how to do it

With 80s style shaved eyebrow slits. As top makeup artists debate whether this unexpected and interesting runway trend will come back into fashion and become more attractive thanks to the young, fashion-forward Italian brand, we explain if eyebrow slits are attractive, what they mean and how to do an eyebrow slit?

What is the message behind the eyebrow slits?

“It went somewhere else,” thought many people when they saw the unusual makeup of models in the frames of the show of the spring-summer 2021 collection, presented by a subsidiary brand of Prada. This is so – 10-20 years ago, shaved eyebrows were part of the image of many famous athletes, representatives of world show business. David Beckham, Neymar, Nick Kirios, Cristiano Ronaldo wore them. Of course, for some, it was not a desire to stay in the trend, but rather the result of an injury.

Double Eyebrow Slit

And now the fashion for such a pattern returns. The original “haircut” is popularized by insta-models, some subcultures position it as a kind of business card – a visual identifier of community membership, and many young people see eyebrow slits attractive and as an accessible means of self-expression, even a kind of epatage. But sometimes the gap at the knot or tip is nothing more than a scar or the result of inept hair removal.

How to support the catwalk trend

So, a shaved line (or even two) is back on the list of eyebrow fashion trends. Whether it’s cool or not can be debated for a long time. But it’s easy to try this trendy accent – you don’t even need to pick up a razor to do it. Here are two detailed guides – for those who are ready to take radical action, and those who prefer to go makeup-free.

If you shave your eyebrows, the result in its original form will remain flawless for a short time – up to a week and a half. After that, there will be “stumps” in place of the removed hairs, and they won’t look good to say the least. This area will need to be shaved or painted again.

Step by step, the process looks like this:

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1. Put aside the regular razor – it’s not useful. Do the same with the tweezers – the hair pulled out at the root may not grow back at all.
2. Get a special razor for eyebrow correction – it has a very fine head, which allows you to work point by point.
3. Go over the hair several times with a brush to thoroughly comb and style it.
4. Use two plasters to seal the eyebrow line, leaving a space where the future stripes will be.
5. Proceed with hair removal. Carefully cut the hair in the direction of the natural growth – to obtain the desired shape. The patch can be moved to the side if necessary.
6. Remove the patches, fix the result with fixing gel.

Joined haircut + double slit

These instructions are for those who are confident in their abilities and skills. But it is not easy, and sometimes even dangerous, to make your eyebrow slits attractive and neatly by yourself. It is best to leave this task to an eyebrow artist in a salon or specialized studio.

The method described above is the easiest option if you want to support the catwalk trend. But if we go back to the theme of the sensational Italian brand’s runway show, most makeup artists think that their colleagues in the store didn’t take such a drastic step when they were preparing the models to walk the runway. Most likely, they preferred to apply silicone onlays in the skin tone. Achieving such an effect is also possible with the help of decorative means, which are certainly in the cosmetic kit.

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Follow the instructions:

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1. Comb your hair well and style it with a hairbrush.
2. Take a clean spindle-shaped brush (you can use a disposable brush or clean mascara applicator instead) and a bar of soap. Moisten the brush with water or smudge-proof spray to set the makeup, and put a thin layer of soap on it.
3. Using a brush, brush the tail of the eyebrow from the middle to the end. The beginning of the eyebrow should remain natural. Follow the natural direction of growth. The Soap Brows technique is actively used by makeup artists and browsers – the “soap style” allows for excellent fixation.
4. Get two strips of cosmetic tape and attach them where you plan to simulate gaps.
5. On the part left open, apply makeup as usual, without fear of going over the tape – use a pencil, go over powder or pomade, apply setting gel, mascara.
6. Gently remove the strip, working from the bottom up.
7. Take a cosmetic pencil (in a shade that matches your skin tone) and fill in the blanks with it.
8. If you are not satisfied enough with the effect, in the area of the simulated stripes, you can apply powder, and in addition work these areas with a pencil, a concealer.

How to do best eyebrow slits at home

You can also achieve “scar shading” by combining thinning and toning techniques, a task that an eyebrow artist can perform. You can also take thin strips of cosmetic tape and simply stick them over the areas where you want to simulate shaved eyebrows. It won’t look like much up close, but this simple technique will allow you to see if this trend is right for you.

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