Eyebrow lift

An endoscopic brow lift and a temporal brow lift What are the choices available to you?

Brow lift allows you to get a beautiful, firm face, forehead absolutely not giving away the secret of a woman’s age. Brow lift is able to fix the beauty of the face, lift weakened tissues that have suffered due to decreased elasticity, reduced amount of moisture in the epidermis. The procedure is extremely in demand, has a number of advantages, disadvantages, peculiarities, which should be familiarized with before deciding on the possibility of its implementation.

What are the pros and cons of a brow lift?

What are the pros and cons of a brow lift

Brow lift is a contouring procedure in which tissues in and above the brow arches are tightened. As a rule, the procedure is attractive to both sexes who have crossed the thirty-year mark. However, for some indications, the operation can be performed and in much younger people, we are talking about the hereditary prerequisites of various kinds of problems.

Specialists share several ways to conduct surgical intervention. They differ in form and length of the incisions made. There is a variant of performing the intervention using an endoscope. The result of such an operation is the creation of perfectly curved arches, as if lifted above the eyes.

If the arches are lower than they should be, because of age-related changes, a brow lift is the best way to solve the problem.

Specialists consider this kind of intervention to be justified in the presence of:

• brow arches that are too low;
• Frontal wrinkles that are too deep and horizontal;
• creases between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the bridge of the nose;
• Sagging tissue on top of the eyelids;
• Skin with a pronounced excess of fat.

Some surgeons recommend performing blepharoplasty procedures and injecting fillers at the same time as the lift.

Do you need a brow lift?

Do you need a brow lift

Indications for surgical brow lift intervention:

• The first signs of aging on the face;
• Lowering of the outer corners of the eyes due to ptosis of the upper eyelid;
• Lowering of the skin of the upper part of the skull;
• Anatomically low position of the brow arches;
• deep creases, wrinkles in the bridge of the nose, forehead;
• fine wrinkles in the corners of the eyes;
• sagging of the temporal tissues;
• Overhanging of the skin at the bridge of the nose;
• loss of skin elasticity;
• drooping of the upper eyelids;
• unsatisfactory eyebrow contouring.

Depending on the existing problem, the surgeon will select the optimal method of treatment to achieve the desired result.

Non-surgical brow lift effects

If you have small wrinkles, you can use non-surgical reconstructive procedures. Unfortunately, they do not have an obvious effect, but the risks of their implementation are minimal. Most such treatments are aimed at increasing the synthesis of collagen organisms. This is required to protect the frontal lobe from a moderate degree of ptosis, to combat the drooping of the brow arches.

Varieties of non-surgical procedures:

  • biorevitalization: it is an injection of hyaluronic acid, which is necessary to restore the water balance within tissues, in order to prevent the active development of aging processes;
  • mesotherapy: here the specialist puts injections containing a multi-component composition, its task is to nourish, moisturize, and lifting the skin;
  • Botulinum toxin type A injections: they cause a partial paralysis of certain muscles, due to which visible wrinkles disappear;
  • apparatus massage: ultrasound, vacuum device, both of which saturate the cells with oxygen and accelerate the flow of nutrients to them;
  • light exposure, which contributes to increased synthesis of collagen;
  • Radio-wave lifting: here the lift is implemented by receiving the skin radiation of radio waves, compacting collagen fibers.

The average brow lift costs $35OO, and at least 4-10 treatments are needed to achieve a visible effect.

Before performing these types of treatment, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications to each of the techniques.

Eyebrow lifting surgery

Eyebrow lifting surgery

The appearance of the forehead wrinkles can make a person’s expression look contorted or cepid. Many people are confronted with the occurrence of these problems when they get older. Brow lift surgery can be a solution in this case. The procedure can visually make the face look smoother, change the shape of the eyes, and remove deep wrinkles.

Most often, surgical intervention is performed if the patient is over 40 years old. The procedure is also carried out if the patient has any aesthetic defects. Deep folds and wrinkles, loose skin, ptosis of the eyelids are the indications for lifting.

Before the eyebrow lifting surgery, the doctor will consult and gather your medical history and schedule an examination to determine your health status. A couple of months before the surgery, you will need to give up smoking and alcohol.

Non-surgical brow lift treatment leads to fewer symptoms. One such procedure is Botox injection, a machine-assisted massage. The effect of these procedures is very short-lived.

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There are several variants of lifting procedures. Temporal manipulation implies removal of excess skin, is characterized by low traumatism and is performed under mechanical anesthesia. It leaves marks and scars.

If the sagging is mild or there are horizontal lines on the forehead, an endoscopic brow lift is the most frequently chosen method. The procedure is done invasively or non-invasively. An open brow lift is performed in cases of significant ptosis.

After the lift, rehabilitation is required. The recovery time depends on which procedure was performed, whether it was invasive or non-invasive. In most cases, the recovery time is no more than 14 days, but in some situations, it can take up to a month.

How is brow lift surgery done?

How is brow lift surgery done

During the surgical intervention, the incision is made in the temporal area of the head, where the hair grows. Sometimes similar incisions need to be made in the area of the upper eyelids, forehead.

An open lift (classic, coronal lifting) is performed in this way:

• The surgeon makes a long incision along the hairline or crease of the forehead.
• The coda is separated from the tissue underneath it.
• The doctor dissects the muscular layer, removes excess skin tissue and fat.
• The remaining tissue is tightened.
• Stitches are put in place where the incisions are made.

The endoscopic variant of the lift implies the insertion of an endoscope through small incisions made beforehand in order to see all the manipulations that are performed in the subcutaneous layer.

There is another type of surgical intervention that involves the use of mixed effects. Here, the surgeon may make small incisions, occasionally using an endoscope to access the removed points. This type of exposure allows the effect on the muscles that lower the forehead, achieving the disappearance of existing wrinkles.

Endoscopic brow lift

Endoscopic brow lift

The brow lift is performed in the same way to remove cosmetic defects. Endoscopic forehead and brow lift is usually performed if eyelid correction is not required. The incisions are made by means of punctures.

The endoscopic brow lift is performed without making the classical incisions, removing excess skin tissue. In addition, the surgeon cuts and fixes the soft tissues of the face in a higher position. The punctures through which the injections for the brow lift and forehead lift are inserted are made in the scalp to avoid scarring in the zygomatic mecca.

What is a benefit of an endoscopic brow lift as opposed to a classic forehead lift?

• There is no sign of the procedure.
• The procedure is relatively gentle.
• Low risk of complications.
• Fast recovery time.

Although this type of lift does not involve incisions, the surgeon can control the action using a small camera that is inserted through a puncture. The technique allows you to reduce the period of rehabilitation, reducing the risk of complications.

The procedure usually lasts a few hours, after which a period of rehabilitation is required. The recovery time depends on the technique used and the complexity of the correction. After the surgical brow lift, you should limit your activities, not drink alcohol, not smoke and not affect the surgical area.

Is temporal brow lift worth it?

Is temporal brow lift worth it

There are some differences between performing an endoscopic forehead and brow lift and a temporal brow lift. The surgery can be performed under medical or general anesthesia. The method is determined by the physician and the procedure. In general, a brow lift takes about ¾ hour.

The method of brow correction is based on making incisions in the temple area, removing excess skin. The technique makes it possible to get rid of wrinkles, raise the corners of the eyes, and lift the cheekbones. This type of correction can be combined with other plastic surgeries. Correction of the forehead with threads is highly effective.

temporal brow lift

The indications for the procedure are loss of skin elasticity, appearance of wrinkles and folds. Lifting corrects the lateral, diagonal part of the upper third of the face. Plasty corrects the temporal zone, the arches, the forehead. The operation allows to make the look more attractive, to partially remove the drooping eyelids.

The advantages of this temporal brow lift are preservation of the facial contour, mobility of the muscle muscles is not impaired, and when performed correctly, the stitches are invisible. There are a total of two types of such correction. The option is chosen based on the type of access to the correction area:

• The open variant is used when there is a large excess of skin.
• The endoscopic variant is considered almost non invasive.

There are contraindications to performing manipulation. These are chronic cardiac abnormalities, diabetes mellitus, low blood count, eye diseases, thyroid gland, cancer.

Some time before the operation, you should quit or limit smoking, limit alcoholic beverages. In the case of constant use of medication, it is necessary to consult a doctor in advance. Reduce the amount of spicy, fried foods you consume.

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Brow lift with thread and Botox

A brow lift is performed to remove signs of aging. It is indicated for loss of skin elasticity, to restore the oval line. The use of thread, as well as botox brow lift, is one of the most gentle methods of restoring the arches and getting rid of wrinkles.

The recovery period is relatively short, and the result lasts for a long time. It is possible to lifting just the eyebrows or the entire oval, and it is also suitable for correcting the décolletage area.

Brow lift with thread and Botox

The procedure is performed under general or surgical anesthesia. The appropriate method is determined individually by the patient. Sutures are inserted under the skin, which provide a lifting effect, smoothing out the corns on the forehead. The face becomes more refined and more prominent.

This type of intervention implies the preservation of the mimicry. Not only the arches but also the upper eyelids can be lifted. Creases on the forehead and lines under the eyes can be corrected. This method is invasive and is used to correct the eyelids.

It is used for age-related changes. The method is used to restore the oval, the arches, and to correct drooping eyelids. It is not effective for skin diseases, wide pores.

In total, there are several types of brow thread lift that are used. Smooth sutures are made of synthetics that do not resorb – silicone, polyamide. Mesonites are resorbed in the tissues, because they are of biological origin. The combined sutures are the most long-lasting and last about 7 years.

What options do you have?

The same patient may have problems not only with sagging arches, but also with overhanging arches, excess fat, and skin in the eye area. In order to achieve the greatest possible effect, the surgeon may decide to perform several types of treatment at the same time.

As a rule, the doctor chooses the most gentle, but at the same time, effective technique, which will allow to achieve the intended result, with a minimum of scarring.

How long does it take to fully recover after a brow lift?

How long does it take to fully recover after a brow lift

In general, sutures, surgical staples are removed about a week after surgery.One week later, you can be physically active, but you need to limit lifting weights and doing sports. Driving a car is allowed from about 2-3 weeks, when the person will feel the resumption of previous attention and ability to concentrate.

During the first 2-3 weeks there will be a decrease in sensitivity of the skin. This should not be a cause for concern, and you may also experience pronounced itching associated with the restoration of sensitivity of the nerve endings.

It is normal for the skin to remain numb at the incision sites for up to a year after the surgical intervention.

How long does the result of the brow lift surgery last?

When a woman decides to have her eyebrows lifted, she should understand that it will take at least six months to see obvious results. After the stitches along the hairline have completely healed, you can enjoy your own new look.

How long will the effect that has been achieved last? It is difficult to name specific terms, they depend on the individual features of the body, anatomical components, lifestyle of the person. It is worth noting that even after some time, tightened areas of skin will not look too bright, so strongly pronounced, as before.

• To maintain the effect achieved, it is necessary:
• Protect your skin from direct sunlight;
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle;
• Follow the recommendations given by your plastic surgeon;
• If any abnormal changes occur, seek help from a specialist

Possible complications after a brow lift

Skin tightening around the eyebrows and eyes, can cause such complications:

• The body’s reaction to anesthetic agents;
• bruising;
• fluid accumulation under the skin;
• Infection of the tissues;
• bleeding;
• allergic reactions;
• decreased sensitivity of the skin;
• scarring;
• tissue damage.

To minimize the risks of a negative development of the brow lifting surgery, you should carefully choose a specialist who will be entrusted with the operation, as well as fully comply with the surgeon’s recommendations during the preparatory and recovery periods.

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