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All you should known before getting a dermal eyebrow piercing

How not to have problems of infection or rejection after the installation of a dermal eyebrow piercing. A good healing, without infection, will depend on several factors: the conditions of hygiene that the piercer puts in practice, his experience, the technique used, the quality of the needles, the choice of the jewel but also the person who makes itself pierced. A person in good health and who respects the advice of hygiene which is given to him will inevitably heal better than a less serious person.

After a deraml eyebrow piercing

Taking care of your new piercing is not only to clean the wound, it is also to avoid any infection, by following the indications of your piercer.

Each piercer has his own way of doing things, you have trusted him to pierce your skin, it is up to you to follow his instructions.

  • The first (and most important) instruction, shared by all, is to never touch a piercing without washing your hands.
  • The second one is to have a good hygiene of life and a balanced diet.

Dermal eyebrow piercing Infection

An infection happens when, a few days after a dermal eyebrow piercing, the piercing is painful, red, swollen and a yellowish discharge appears through the pierced hole.

Do not confuse pus with lymph: a clear substance secreted by the body to promote healing.

Should i remove my piercing?

Removing your dermal eyebrow piercing carries a risk: the hole will quickly become clogged with an infection, which can spread.

After a temporary piercing has been placed, clean the pierced area of the eyebrow twice a day for the entire healing period, which is about 15 days.

Afterwards, clean only once a day with soap.

Do not clean or disinfect more than recommended, or you will delay the healing process.

The treatment is performed over a clogged sink.

Causes of dermal eyebrow piercing infection:

  • dirty hands: Never touch the piercing with hands that have not been previously washed with warm water and soap or better still an antibacterial soap. Dry your hands with a tissue.
  • a piercing that is too tight
  • an allergic reaction
  • to a piercing containing nickel.

Dermal piercing: recommended care

  • The first 15 days, clean your hands by putting a compress soaked in antiseptic solution and by removing all the residues (lymph concretions), without tearing off the crusts.
  • Above all, never scratch with your fingernails!
  • Let it dry.
  • Throw away the compresses after each use.
  • Do not use any other product: neither alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide or some healing ointments.
  • Then wash with water and antibacterial soap or an antiseptic lotion.
  • Dry with another compress or a paper handkerchief

In case of dermal eyebrow piercing infection

  • Use an antiseptic solution twice a day.
  • The care must be done twice a day for 15 days and then once a day.
  • And if after 2 days the infection persists or worsens, show the piercing as soon as possible to the piercer or to a pharmacist.
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Show your piercing to a doctor as soon as possible if:

– You have a fever

– The infection does not improve after 48 hours of treatment.


Products to avoid on the piercing

Even if the instructions to look after an unhealed piercing can evolve from one piercer to another, all agree to proscribe

  • Alcohol, because it burns the scar tissue and delays healing
  • Hydrogen peroxide, because it is very irritating, softens the flesh around the piercing and destroys it.
  • Ointments and healing creams because they block the hole and prevent it from healing.
  • The usual soap for the shower or the bath because it is not antibacterial
  • Betadine or Hexomedine because these products dry out the tissue and therefore delay healing.
  • On the other hand, they can be used in the case of an important infection and for a very short period: 1 to 2 weeks).
  • cosmetic products: foundation, cream, powder or even shaving cream

Dermal eyebrow piercing healing time

The healing time on the eyebrow arch varies from person to person.

But in any case the formation of a kind of tunnel in the eyebrow takes a few months.

At the beginning of the healing process, while the crust is forming, you will feel a tingling sensation near the crust that is forming, so do not scratch or touch your piercing.

Also, avoid wearing large glasses that may rub on your eyebrows, and avoid combat sports.

Dermal eyebrow piercing Healing faster

Don’t be fooled by the external appearance of your piercing: the fact that you no longer have scabs does not mean that the piercing has healed, but simply that new skin has formed on the outside of the hole.

On the inside it remains very sensitive and risks being irritated. No piercing heals in one month, the canal necessarily takes time to form.

Get a dermal piercing before going to the sun

No problem as long as you respect certain conditions:

  • Avoid sea bathing for too long to avoid softening your skin too much, also sea water is never 100% clean.
  • Swimming pool water is not recommended either.

Unless you buy waterproof dressings in a pharmacy to protect your dermal piercing when you go swimming.

You will remove them after each swim, so that the piercing can breathe.

If you do not have this kind of dressing, for more security, clean your unhealed piercing after each swim with a product composed of sterile saline water, completed by a rinse with saline solution

  • Do not apply sunscreen on your eyebrow piercing, it could smother the piercing.
  • Also, be careful with grains of sand. In case sand is deposited on your piercing, rinse it with clear water.
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A “ball” has formed around the piercing hole

When a somewhat rubbery ball forms around the hole, it is called a keloid.

A keloid, or keloid scar piercing, is a growth of the skin in the area of healing.

It is a reaction of the body during the healing process, which is usually not serious.

Sometimes itching or pain occurs.

But obviously there still, your piercer, by examining the dermal eyebrow piercing, will tell you what it is appropriate to make, if not:

How to make a piercing keloid go away?

Saline solution

Dab the ball 3 times a day for 5 minutes with a sterile compress moistened with a warm saline solution.


Bring the contents of a glass of water to the boil, when the water has boiled add a tablespoon of salt.


Let it cool down a bit so as not to burn yourself.

For more effectiveness, melt an aspirin tablet in the salt solution.

Compressive plaster


Sterilize your scissors, then cut a small strip of plaster that allows the skin to breathe, protruding 1.5 mm on each side of the ball of flesh.

Then stick the plaster on it as tightly as possible.

Change the plaster only when it is dirty.

In 2 months, after one or the other treatment, the keloid should decrease.

But if the keloid does not diminish, do not hesitate to consult.

Show your piercing to a doctor as soon as possible if:

– The keloid around the eyebrow piercing hole has been growing ever since it appeared

The dermatologist will prescribe either:

– Massages with a cream containing cortisone

– Silicone dressings to compress the keloid scar

– Corticosteroid injections

-Laser treatments.

Or he will suggest a surgical treatment.

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