Eyebrow waxing

All about eyebrow waxing the advantage of eyebrow wax and how to choose and use eyebrow waxing strips?

The appearance of a girl is always made up of little things. Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the state of the eyebrows, as they transform the face of a woman. Not everyone is able to adjust eyebrows by themselves with tweezers, therefore the procedure of eyebrows waxing is becoming more and more popular. Waxing eyebrows – a simple but effective technique that allows you to quickly remove unwanted hairs.

What is eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a technique for removing unwanted eyebrow hairs to correct their shape. The procedure replaces standard plucking with tweezers, which often ends in partial breakage, which looks sloppy.

Waxing eyebrows is most often done in the salon, because the sloppy application of the composition can lead to the disruption of excess hairs.

What is eyebrow waxing

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

Eyebrow waxing is becoming more and more popular every day. Even novice eyebrow artists are now starting to use wax instead of the usual thread or tweezers when correcting the shape.

Related to such popularity with the advantages of eyebrow waxing:

Speed. Unlike tweezers which gradually remove one hair at a time, the wax seizes 20-30 at once, so the complete correction of eyebrows takes 15-20 minutes;
Universality. The method is suitable even for light and small hairs;
Painlessness. During eyebrow waxing a girl feels almost no discomfort;
Possibility to perform it independently;
Long-term effect. Eyebrows remain in a well-groomed state for up to 3-4 weeks.

In addition, eyebrow waxing has a cumulative effect. Over time, the hairs become lighter and softer, so they are not as noticeable when they grow back.

The procedure has disadvantages as well:

Impossibility of correction. Accidental removal of a part of the eyebrow cannot be corrected, you only have to wait for it to grow back on its own;
Risk of thermal burns. The application of overheated wax leads to damage to sensitive skin;
It is not always possible to achieve a perfect eyebrow shape using only wax.

Before waxing eyebrows, it is important for a girl to refuse any kind of correction for 2 weeks. This is due to the fact that the wax captures hairs that are 3-4 mm long.

Contraindications to the eyebrow waxing procedure

Contraindications to the waxing procedure

Despite the relative safety and painlessness of the method, plucking hairs with bulbs always causes a reaction of nerve endings, because of which the depilation of eyebrows wax has some contraindications.

There are not many health restrictions, but it is important to consider them:

1. [tie?tooltip text=”(CVD) is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels. CVD includes coronary artery diseases (CAD) such as angina and myocardial infarction (commonly known as a heart attack).” gravity=”n”]Cardiovascular disease[/tie?tooltip].
2. [tie?tooltip text=” is a disorder in which the body does not produce enough or respond normally to insulin, causing blood sugar (glucose) levels to be abnormally high. Urination and thirst are increased, and people may lose weight even if they are not trying to.” gravity=”n”]Diabetes mellitus[/tie?tooltip].
3. [tie?tooltip text=”A common reaction to waxing that occurs after waxing is folliculitis . It looks like a rash, similar to pimples, and is slightly bumpy. It is caused by an inflammation that normally disappears on its own in a few days.” gravity=”n”]Allergy to wax[/tie?tooltip].
4. [tie?tooltip text=”Papillomas are non-cancerous lumps that grow outward and can cause problems in certain areas. They do not spread and are not aggressive. ” gravity=”n”]Papilloma[/tie?tooltip] or [tie?tooltip text=”A wart is a small, rough-textured growth that can appear anywhere on the body. It can look like a solid blister or a small cauliflower. Warts are caused by viruses in the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. The appearance of a wart depends on its location on the body and the thickness of the skin. ” gravity=”n”]warts[/tie?tooltip] on the treated area.
5. [tie?tooltip text=”Skin disorders or allergic skin reactions such as eczema, rosacea or allergic contact dermatitis. Overly dry or injured skin that can no longer protect nerve endings, resulting in skin reactions.” gravity=”n”]Increased sensitivity of the skin[/tie?tooltip].
6. After a recent tattoo or microblading of the eyebrows.

The procedure is recommended to be performed after menstruation. The pain threshold increases during this time, making the girl’s skin less susceptible to pain.

General information about waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a product that allows you to deal with unwanted facial vegetation with a high degree of effectiveness. Waxing is carried out through the use of a special cosmetic product.

The composition of depilatory wax includes:

• beeswax;
• essential and vegetable oils;
• flavorings.

Eyebrow shaping with wax is a fairly simple procedure that can be implemented, both in a cosmetic salon and at home, on their own. Professionals, as a rule, work with a hot composition, conduct shugaring, eyebrow waxing at home women use wax strips of cold or warm type.

Waxing is characterized by high efficiency, quickness of the necessary manipulations. This affordable method allows you to get rid of annoying hairs in the area of the brow arches for a long time.

Eyebrow waxing kit

Before choosing an eyebrow waxing kit, you should decide what kind of wax will be used – hot, warm or cold.

Eyebrow waxing kit

Among the popular brands are the following:

• “Microwaveable Eyebrow“;
• “Brow Shapers Surgi Wax;
• “Face & Lip Wax;
• “Parissa Broe Shaper.”

Both in the salon and when eyebrows waxing at home, you can use different types of wax: hot, warm or cold. All techniques effectively remove hairs from the roots, but the techniques differ significantly.


Hot wax initially has the form of solid granules, which are melted in a water bath or in a special device – a wax-melter, up to 50-60 degrees.

Then the liquid wax is applied to the skin of the girl in a thin layer, and after hardening, it is torn off with a sharp movement of the hand, capturing all the hairs.

The advantage of the method is that even a beginner can accurately apply the wax, and when tearing it off, it does not capture the hairs that are next to it, which helps to get closer to the desired shape of the eyebrow. However, there is a disadvantage – there is a high probability of getting a thermal burn even with a slight overheating of the composition.

Low Temperature

In this option, the wax is sold in a ready semi-liquid state, and to use it, it is enough to heat the package in the microwave oven to a temperature of 40-50 degrees.

The wax is applied to the skin and secured with a special paper bandage on top. After the bandage is completely fixed, it is torn off together with the hairs with a single movement of the hand.

Since the wax does not harden, it can accidentally trap excess eyebrow hairs that do not need to be removed. Because of this, the method is not usually used on the face.


For the technique, ready-made wax strips are used, which are fixed at the eyebrows and torn off with a sharp movement. Cold waxing is used most often, as it is the only one that tears off only the desired hairs as clearly and efficiently as possible.

However, it is the cold depilation and is considered the most painful, so it has more health restrictions.

How to do eyebrow waxing?

More often waxing is carried out exactly in the salon, because for the accurate correction and design of eyebrows with the use of wax requires a certain skill.

How to do eyebrow waxing

The session in the salon is as follows:

1. First, the master examines the area of work and discusses with the client the final result to strive for.
2. The eyebrows are cleaned and disinfected with a special product.
3. The hairs are smoothed with a brush.
4. The skin is powdered with talcum powder.
5. Wax is heated to the optimum temperature and gently applied to the skin in a thin layer.
6. When performing the hot method, the technician waits 10-15 seconds for the wax to harden, and then rips it off in one movement.
7. The warm method: a piece of cloth or paper bandage is placed on the wax, carefully smoothed out and torn off sharply.
8. The cold method: the wax strips are heated between the palms of the hands, then fixed on the skin, smooth and torn off.
9. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.
10. Single hairs are removed with tweezers.
11. The skin is disinfected again.
12. A soothing lotion is applied to the skin after depilation.

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A standard eyebrow correction session lasts up to half an hour, which is excellent relative to other methods of removing unwanted hairs.

The procedure can also be done at home, but do not neglect the steps of waxing, including preparing the skin for work and the application of soothing lotion.

Note that the wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth and torn off in the opposite direction. This way you will avoid ingrown hairs.

Eyebrow waxing or threading

Eyebrow waxing or threading

To permanently remove hair from the inter-brow area (for both men and women), several methods can be used, namely eyebrow waxing or threading. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as unique characteristics. Therefore, you should carefully evaluate all the features of eyebrow waxing vs threading, as well as the differences between these procedures, before you go to the beauty salon.

Eyebrow threading

The eyebrow correction with thread is more complicated than with tweezers. To do this, the ends of a cotton thread about 50 centimeters long are tied together and then it is twisted so that there are two loops for the thumb and forefinger of both hands. When a hair is caught in the place where the thread is twisted, it is captured and removed. With the right technique and certain skills, eyebrow threading allows you to achieve a perfectly clear line, because not only the extra hairs are removed, but also the fuzz, which is impossible to get rid of with tweezers.

Advantages of the method:

• correction of eyebrows by thread does not damage the skin and has no harmful effects on it;
• In terms of hygiene the eyebrows correction with thread is superior to all other methods;
• Eyebrow correction with thread is much faster than with other techniques.

Disadvantages of the method:

• When correcting eyebrows with thread, several hairs can be removed at the same time, so this method may seem more painful than, for example, plucking with tweezers;
• It is better to entrust the correction of eyebrows threading to a professional, which means that the cost of the procedure will be higher;
• If you use the wrong technique or lack of experience, the hairs will not be removed, but torn;
• Due to the friction of the thread on the skin in the process of removing hairs, a tingling sensation may occur.

Eyebrow waxing

This method allows you to maximize the intervals between eyebrow corrections. To give your eyebrows the shape you want, you can use wax strips or hard wax. In the first case, the wax is applied to an area of the skin, and then it is removed with a strip of cloth or paper in a sharp movement in the direction against the growth of the hair. And the hard wax is applied to the skin in a heated state, then cools down and is also removed against the growth of hair, usually with the help of a wooden spatula. Of course, this method is not as convenient as the aforementioned, but allows for much longer smooth skin. And lastly – the correction of eyebrows with wax requires maximum precision and accuracy. Capturing extra hairs, or making a mistake with the shape of the eyebrows, you will have to wait for a long time until new ones grow back.

Advantages of the method:

• The intervals between eyebrow waxing procedures can be up to 4-6 weeks;
• This method is ideal for thick, stiff and intensively growing hair;
• With regular eyebrow correction with waxing the unwanted hairs begin to grow slower and thin out.

Disadvantages of the method:

• waxing eyebrow correction is dangerous for burns and, as a consequence, the appearance of blisters and scars;
• Wax residues after correction or remover can cause irritation;
• With the help of wax it is not easy to achieve a precise and perfect eyebrow shape: the necessary hairs may also stick to the wax and be removed.

Obviously, all methods of eyebrow correction have their pros and cons, and their application requires certain skills and experience. In the absence of such, it is better to entrust this delicate work to a professional, who will remove unnecessary hairs and give the eyebrows the perfect shape in a matter of minutes.

Care after the procedure

After eyebrow correction it is very important to follow some care rules. They may vary depending on the method of hair removal and individual characteristics.

aftercare for eyebrow waxing

The standard instructions are as follows:

• Do not expose the treated skin area to direct sunlight (especially true in the case of laser hair removal – this rule will protect you from the appearance of pigment spots);
• within a few days it is not recommended to use cosmetics;
• if necessary, you should use cooling and healing products;
• if you have chosen laser hair removal, you should not use other methods of hair removal between procedures;
• In case of complications you must necessarily consult a doctor.

If you follow all the rules, the effect will last a long time, and the eyebrows will look most attractive.

Eyebrow waxing strips

Eyebrow waxing strips are an item that helps the modern woman maintain the beauty and grooming of her own face. They are easy to use, allow you to remove unwanted vegetation with a minimum amount of discomfort. If previously wax for eyebrow depilation could be used only in the conditions of a cosmetic salon, then waxing strips made this procedure easier, which allows you to carry out all the necessary manipulations at home, on your own.

Eyebrow waxing strips

In stores you can find many products from different manufacturers. However, experts recommend using only trusted brands, because they guarantee the quality of the product. Cosmetologists advise to choose such products:

Lumene Catrice Fixing Brow Wax

It is a wax with no additional ingredients. The product comes in the form of a retractable pencil. The product is of high quality, easy and safe to use.

Givenchy Nyx Eyebrow Shaper

It is a wax in liquid form. A special tool is used to apply it. The product is famous for its good quality, but improper use can provoke burns.

Ital Wax

It is an Italian company that offers several types of film wax for different ways to perform eyebrow waxing. The products contain titanium dioxide. Thanks to this, the product captures unnecessary hairs better.


The company offers users wax strips that are easy and effective to use. The material contains various herbal ingredients that prevent irritation or other negative effects. The brand offers a product for different types of skin, which should be considered when choosing a product.

The use of eyebrow wax will not only help remove unwanted hairs, but also help shape the eyebrows: to give and fix the shape, in addition to lightly coloring. The product is suitable even for beginners.

Which one is better?

On the shelves of stores you can find a wide range of all kinds of products for face and body depilation. Consider the most popular brands of wax:

Vit veet wax strips: contain aloe vera extract and lotus fragrance. Distinguished by the rapid capture of individual hair stems, smells good and works effectively.
Shapers cold wax strips: made in the USA, the waxing strips are made in a curved form that repeats the contours of the brow arch. They reduce the eyebrows modeling procedure to 10 minutes, are comfortable to use, remove even the smallest vegetation.
Nara beauty: easy-to-apply, high quality, safe to use not only in a salon, but also at home.
Brow kit: contains formulations of different types, from cold to hot. Suitable for use on different parts of the body, with high efficiency and reasonable cost.

Eyebrow waxing before and after

Eyebrow waxing before and after

Does eyebrow waxing hurt?

The procedure causes painful sensations, to some extent comparable to the sensations of hair removal with tweezers. Their intensity depends on individual features and skin sensitivity.

However, it is quite difficult to endure the procedure. It is possible to pre-cool the skin or apply various products that reduce its sensitivity.

does eyebrow waxing hurt

Eyebrow waxing burn?

Unfortunately, any method of hair removal for one reason or another can lead to certain troubles. As a rule, it is one of three: an allergic reaction, ingrown hairs and burns. The last option is probably the most unpleasant, because it can lead to irreparable skin damage.

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A burn in this case is the result of using too hot wax without proper protection (treatment). That mostly happens during eyebrow waxing at home, as in the salons this method very rarely leads to something bad. As a rule, the burn on the skin after waxing manifests itself in the appearance of pigment spots.

Treatment in this case also depends on the level and nature of damage:

• if severe – go to the doctor;
• If weak – use a cream (such as Panthenol).

Panthenol is a thermal burn remedy that relieves pain and promotes healing. You can also use walnut oil and a compress of aloe juice.

To avoid eyebrow waxing burns:

• Do not use excessively hot wax and do everything according to the instructions (comes with the wax):
• Do not wax if you have a strong tan and if your skin is already burnt;
• After the procedure, avoid tight clothing;
• The more sensitive your skin, the less hot the wax must be.

How long does eyebrow waxing last?

What affects the duration of waxing procedures:

• The technique of the hair removal session,
• qualification of the master,
• Condition of the epilation zone,
• The area of the area from which you want to remove hair.

How long does eyebrow waxing last

Techniques for a waxing session

As a rule, waxing takes less time. And all because at one moment the hairs are seized and removed from a larger (compared to shugaring) area of the body. Therefore for legs, back and arms we prefer to offer our visitors waxing – it’s faster, respectively, and the discomfort goes faster.

Master’s qualifications

Beginners can treat the area of hair removal above the lip for more than an hour, but masters with a stuffed hand and the right technique remove hair from the legs in 30-40 minutes. Therefore the level of the master is very important. And not only to reduce the time of the session, but also to avoid negative consequences in the form of irritation and ingrown hairs.

Condition of the waxing area

If you have been using a razor or depilation cream for a long time, and you first came for shugaring or waxing, the duration of the procedure will increase by 1.5-2 times compared to the standard time of the master. Do not worry, it will not always be like this: already on the second session the time for hair removal will be reduced, because there will be much less hair.

Waxing area

I think it’s clear that the larger the hair removal area, the longer the procedure will last. But for more specific numbers, let’s look at a few basic areas. Our salons have approved standards for procedure times. This allows us to keep the quality of services at a high level.

how long does eyebrow waxing take? Our masters, perform a session of hair removal, on average, from 15 minutes.

Eyebrow waxing at home

To perform the correction of brow arches with wax at home, you do not need to be a professional in this field. It is enough to follow the instructions, clearly follow the rules.

Step-by-step instructions for waxing eyebrows at home:

• take a bath to slightly steam the skin;
• Clean the surface of the manipulation of decorative cosmetics, dirt, dust;
• Dry the area before waxing;
• Remove curls from the face, so they do not get into the wax, it is better to gather them in a ponytail, additionally wear a bandage on the forehead;
• Draw the desired contour of the arcs to avoid removing those hairs that should have been left behind;
• Prepare all the tools that will be needed during the job.

Eyebrow waxing at home

To facilitate your own work, you can buy special stencils, with their help you can create the perfect shape without making any special effort.

To understand better how exactly the procedure of waxing the eyebrows line can be carried out, studying special videos on the Internet. You can watch a few videos, but it is more effective to visit a beautician in the salon, and carefully observe his work. You can ask the master questions, and ask him to explain incomprehensible moments.

How to make your own wax?

It is easy to prepare a wax that can be used for waxing at home. It can be prepared by yourself.

Recipe for making wax:

1. Combine 100 g of beeswax and 50 g of paraffin.
2. Add 200 g of rosin.
3. Melt the mixture by means of a water bath.
4. Keep in refrigerator, melt as much as needed before each use.

A step-by-step course of work on eyebrow waxing

A step-by-step course of work on eyebrow waxing:

1. Clean the brow and the area around it with a special cleanser, wipe the skin with a degreasing compound.
2. Treat the skin with talcum powder, which will help to increase the adhesion of hairs to the wax.
3. Warm the wax to the desired temperature (if necessary). If it is the application of strips, they are warmed by rubbing with the palms of your hands for 1-2 minutes.
4. Using the applicator to apply the wax against the hairline, if the strips are used, gently smooth them on the surface of the skin under the eyebrows.
5. With a quick movement, against the hair growth, remove the strip of paper.
6. Repeat the manipulation, if necessary, to remove all unwanted vegetation.
7. Remains of the adhesive mass should be removed using cosmetic oil, or a specialized compound that is in the package.
8. Treat the affected area with a soothing agent, for example, containing aloe.

The use of eyebrow waxing strips allows you to quickly, effectively and permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation in the area of the brow arches.

For home waxing passed without the appearance of unpleasant consequences, you should heed the advice of professionals:

• Before conducting experiments on your own, you should visit a cosmetologist and undergo this procedure with him, carefully observing all the manipulation, asking clarifying questions;
• If you have doubts about their own abilities, you can watch a few video tutorials, which are not difficult to find on the Internet;
• If you are sensitive to pain, you can treat the area before the procedure with cream with lidocaine or put a piece of ice on the skin;
• In order not to accidentally spoil the shape, you can use a special stencil, which is put on the eyebrows, and then trace the future contour with a cosmetic pencil;
• To avoid most of the subsequent complications, you must necessarily treat the area of the arches regenerating composition after depilation (fits any nourishing cream);
• After depilation need a couple of days to refrain from exposure to the sun, or apply at this time to the skin, the cream with a high sun protection factor.

Final correction with makeup

Proper waxing does not guarantee perfect results. Sometimes, even after the removal of unwanted vegetation, a woman may not be satisfied with the shade of her eyebrows, the density and location of the remaining hairs.

You can use makeup techniques to correct your own eyebrows:

• Touch up the existing gaps with a cosmetic pencil;
• arrange the hairs in the desired way with a transparent fixing wax;
• To change the shade, apply a shade of a suitable color to the hairs;
• shape the eyebrows with a modeling gel, which is especially important for long, dense hair.

If you doubt your own abilities, you should not perform the procedure yourself, you should initially make it in a cosmetic salon and observe the actions of a professional.

Regular repetition of the eyebrow waxing procedure will help a woman gain the necessary experience. After a while, all manipulations will be performed automatically, minimizing the time spent on this important cosmetic procedure.

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