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All about Eyebrow concealer types and features methods of application

Eyebrow concealer can be found on the shelves of every cosmetic store. What are the different types of concealers and how to choose the right one. Instructions for using and shaping eyebrows.

With the help of cosmetics you can eliminate various appearance defects. Eyebrow concealers are a powerful cosmetic product that allows you to emphasize the tone of the eyebrows, to change their shape and visually thicken them. As a result, the look becomes more expressive and facial features look proportionate.

Many girls are already used to wearing eyebrow makeup in several stages and every morning they first comb their eyebrows, then tint, stack and fix them with gel. This algorithm can complement the eyebrow concealer. Let’s talk about why you need it, what it can do and what an eyebrow concealer looks like.

What is an eyebrow concealer?

The eyebrow concealer is a multifunctional product that performs several tasks in makeup at once. The first is to smooth the contour. You can use it to cover up any blotches that you might have made with the pencil you used to draw your eyebrows. Or if, for example, the shadow that you used to fill in the eyebrow contour inside has gone a little beyond its boundaries.

The second task is to create an accent. In this case, the concealer comes in handy for those who do eyebrow contouring. They apply the product under the eyebrow to emphasize its curve, as well as on top of the ponytail for the same purpose. If you like eyebrows with a perfectly smooth graphic contour, then you will definitely need a concealer.

Types of eyebrow concealers

The Pencil

The pencil or stick format is one of the most convenient for eyebrow makeup. You can brush the drawn line with your fingertips. Try, for instance, the Alliance Perfect concealer-stick by L’Oréal Paris.

L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Facial Concealer, shade 10, Ivory, 5g

The Cream

Creamy-textured concealer can be available in a tube with a soft “plush” applicator, like a lip gloss, or in a jar. The former includes Fit Me by Maybelline New York.

Maybelline New York Face and Eye Concealer “Fit Me”, shade 05, Ivory, 6, 8 ml

In the second case, you will need a brush to apply the product. Such concealers are more suitable for graphic eyebrow makeup with clear lines, which are more difficult to achieve with powder products. Do not forget: the eyebrow concealer should not be white. It is important to choose a product that will blend in with your skin tone.


These products are designed for gentle correction. They allow you to get a soft accent on your eyebrows if you work in a contouring technique.

Features of the choice of eyebrow concealer

With such a variety of concealers (including those that are made specifically for eyebrows), everyone will be able to find the product that she is most comfortable with. What to pay attention to when choosing?


It should either match your skin tone (and your main foundation) or be slightly lighter to lighten your skin. Otherwise, it will stand out against the general background in color.


Creamy concealers create a fairly dense and long-lasting coverage. This texture allows you to emphasize the contour of your eyebrows if you like their tips to be sharp, and the lines to be smooth and neat. Powder concealers, on the contrary, will help to soften the sharpness of the borders after the color correction of the eyebrows. By the way, you should also pay attention to the fact that concealer can be matte and with shimmer. Shimmering ones, as a highlighter, will emphasize the eyebrows. Such a concealer is ideal for evening makeup. Also for daytime too, if you only paint eyebrows and eyelashes. We told you more about highlighter for eyebrows in this video tutorial.


Does the concealer need to be long-lasting? It depends on your skin type. If it tends to be oily, a more robust product is useful – otherwise the contour of the eyebrows may “float” during the day. Otherwise, it’s okay to use powder.


It is good when the product contains, in addition to pigments, also useful components – to moisturize and protect the skin at least. This composition is most often found in cream concealers or powder concealers for mineral concealers.

Release format

If you are used to a quick, hassle-free makeup look, then pay attention to pencil concealers. If you like using makeup brushes, because it is easier to achieve a perfect result, it is better to choose creamy concealer in a jar. Or a dry powder product – but with it you can’t get clear and strict lines. However, often you don’t need them.

How to use an eyebrow concealer: step by step instructions

concealer is a product that is usually used to complete your eyebrow makeup. So first you will need to correct their shape with tweezers, and, if you want, emphasize it with a pencil or, for example, with shadows.

Next the plan is to fill in the contour of the eyebrows from the inside. Using the most comfortable means for yourself (a pencil, a shadow or a special lipstick), blend the color in the direction of the tips of the eyebrows. Try not to obscure the bases too much, as this can “weigh down” the look. If you know the technique of contouring eyebrows, create a smooth transition from a light shade at the base to a darker one at the tips.

Use concealer to complete your makeup. Take it on a brush and apply it where you want to hide “border violations” with a pencil or a shadow: it will allow you to achieve an even and clear contour. To “highlight” the skin around the eyebrows, blend it on the tips and under the eyebrows to create an accent on them.

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Tips from makeup artists on how to use the product

*Are your eyebrows too dark? The concealer can be useful in this case too. Put it on a round brush and sweep it over your eyebrows.

This way you can lighten them slightly without having to erase makeup and do your eyebrow makeup all over again.

*You can also do something else, which is to mix the concealer with your eyebrow remedy (gel, cream, lipstick, and so on) if their shade is darker than you need. This way you will get closer to the natural color of your eyebrows makeup.

*You can replace ordinary eyebrow concealer with a face concealer, or with a heavy foundation with a long-lasting formula. You can apply them in the same way along the contour of the eyebrows with a brush to make the lines more distinct.

And instead of glowing concealer, use a regular highlighter.

Review of the best eyebrow concealers

When looking for a concealer, you need to decide how many functions the product should perform. After all, you can add a concealer to your cosmetic bag, which will at the same time help you with the masking of redness and other imperfections. Thus, you can also choose an all-purpose product. We have collected the best of them, according to the editors.

Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour, NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Professional Makeup’s 2-in-1 double-sided eyebrow pencil is a very practical product. It can be used firstly to highlight eyebrows, making them a more noticeable feature of the image – a dark rod to match the color of the eyebrows copes with this. Second, you can even outline them, using a light-colored slate. It’s also good for contouring, giving your skin a luminous glow for more eyebrow accentuation. The light-colored cream has a soft texture that’s easy to blend with both a brush and your fingertips. To see what our readers think about it, click here.

Monsieur Big Brow Pencil in shade #00 Highlighter, Lancôme

This product is great for highlighters – “highlighting” the skin – to create an accent on the eyebrows in the evening makeup. In the case of Monsieur Big Brow the creamy texture with shimmer is a pencil lead that is very comfortable to use. For shading Lancôme provided a solid brush built into the pencil from the back side. To find out what our readers think about this product, click here.

Alliance Perfect Concealer-Stick, L’Oréal Paris

Another handy and practical product in pencil format is Alliance Perfect. There is no shimmer in the texture of this concealer, so you can use it not only for eyebrow makeup but also on your face if you suddenly need to hide an accidental inflammation or other imperfection. The pencil can be sharpened to achieve a graphic eyebrow makeup look. Or, on the contrary, it can be gently blurred. This highlighting will create the contrast needed to accentuate the brow.
Find out what our readers think of this remedy here.

Eyebrow concealer brush with a precise application, ideal for eyebrow makeup.

Today I want to tell you about one of my workhorses, a fighter of the invisible front – nyx brush #10.

Brushes, as you know, there is no lot of them, and a brush of this shape is very necessary, once you start using it you can not refuse, because with its help you can easily draw the eyebrows, make the lips more expressive, “trim” the eyelid with concealer, as well as neatly correct the mistakes of mascara. But first things first.

I bought this brush at a discount in IM WB for 543 rubles, I think it’s pretty budget, the full price of 760 rubles.

Feel like a pro with our NYX Professional MakeUp Pro Spot Concealer Brush. The thick, flat brush is perfect for spotting concealer. It can also be used for eyeliner. Made of synthetic hair

The brush has a regular, graphic, rectangular shape. The design for me is very nice, it’s a classic black brush, without any frills or tinsel:

It’s very dense, pretty thick, even at the end, so it seems to me that drawing arrows with it is not a pleasure, you can, of course, for lack of anything, but for this purpose I have my favorite curved brushes from the same nyx and zoeva, which do this much more convenient.

The hair is elastic, does not tangle and does not change its shape, which is important for this kind of brush, because it must draw graphically and its hair should not stain the excess.

The pile is synthetic, which means it does not ‘eat’ the product and gives back to the skin exactly as much as it took in.

It is comfortable in the hand, not heavy, the center of gravity is quite convenient.
Where to use it?

First, it is perfect for spot application of concealer or concealer on the face in order to conceal some imperfections.

Secondly the brush is indispensable for eyebrows design, it can be used to highlight the underbrow and overbrow area for its greater expressiveness, thanks to its shape you can easily do it without messing up the excess.

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