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6 Easy Steps to Make Beautiful Eyebrows from australian makeup

Dreaming of learning how to make eyebrows at home? Get the perfect eyebrow shape? Are you rarely happy with the way you shape your eyebrows? After reading this article you will be able to make natural and beautiful eyebrows!

Getting your eyebrows done without going to a salon is as easy as getting a manicure, styling, and other self-care options. It’s easy to learn how to do it, and it’s even easier to create the perfect eyebrow shape yourself. We’ll show you how to do it right.

What materials will be needed to create perfect eyebrows?

The successful result of any business depends on the right materials and tools.

To correct your eyebrows, you will need:

1. tweezers,
2. scissors,
3. brush,
4. Paint, gel, shadow or pencil.
5. Cotton pads and cotton swabs.

If you are confident in yourself or have already modeled eyebrows at the master and know what suits you – you can safely get down to business.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows to the shape of the face?

Before you start tweezing, decide on the shape of your eyebrows that suits you. Choose it according to the shape of your face.

There are two ways to correctly determine your face shape

Method One

Go to a large mirror and take a felt-tip pen or lipstick. Gather your hair, stand up straight and trace the outline of your face reflection without taking into account your ears and hair. Try to outline evenly, so it will be easier to determine the type of face. Look carefully at the figure that you have.

Method two

Take a centimeter and measure the following parameters: the width of the forehead, the distance from the cheekbone to the cheekbone, the width of the chin and the length from forehead to chin. Now compare your measurements:

  • if the width of the face is equal to the height of the face, then it is a circle or a square
  • if the width of the face is equal to the width of the chin and equal to the width of the forehead, it is a square
  • if the facial height exceeds the width in less than 1,5 times, it is an oval or a heart
  • if the width of the chin is less than the width of the forehead and face, it is a triangle

The most common face shapes

Regardless of which shape suits you best, remember that almost everyone will suit the natural eyebrows of medium width, with a classic break line and narrowing to the outer edge.

The most common face shapes

What shape of eyebrows suits a square face

For this type of face you need a clear bend of the eyebrow, located in the middle or slightly shifted to the temple. Try not to overdo it and not to make it too sharp, otherwise the shape will lose its zest.

What shape of eyebrows suits a triangular face

A triangular face requires straight eyebrows. Make the outer edge slightly rounded, but be careful and keep the proportions right.

What shape of eyebrows suits a round face

To try to visually elongate a round face, you can use a sharper bend just to the left of the middle of the eyebrow.

What shape of eyebrows suits an oval face

Owners of an oval face make the tip of the eyebrow islandish, to bring a little playfulness into the image.

What shape of eyebrows suits a heart face

For such an unusual shape of the face, a semicircular line of eyebrows is best.

How do I pluck my own eyebrows at home?

To pluck your eyebrows neatly and not overdo the extra hairs, determine the boundaries of your eyebrows.

How to determine the borders of the eyebrows

1. Take a pencil (or any other oblong object) in your hand and put one end of it to your right nostril. With the other end of the pencil point to the inner corner of the eye – this will be the beginning of the right eyebrow. Pluck the hairs that are left before the pencil on the bridge of the nose.
2. Leave the lower end of the pencil in place, and move the upper end to the outer corner of the eye. Thus, we have determined the end of the right eyebrow. If the eyebrow ends earlier, it is finished.
3. If you guide the pencil from the right nostril through the center of the pupil, then the place where the pencil crosses the eyebrow will be the place of the desired bend. Depending on the shape, the bend can be moved a little to the left or not too sharp.

How to determine the boundaries of the eyebrows, see the diagram below. Do the same manipulation with the left eyebrow.

How to determine the borders of the eyebrows

After you have determined the shape of your eyebrows, we wipe them with an alcohol solution and proceed to plucking. Now the main thing is not to overdo it and not to get carried away with tweezers not to pull out unnecessary things.

You should remove the hairs in the direction of hair growth by first running a special brush over them, because in this way you will cause yourself less pain. Thanks to the alignment of the hairs with the brush, they will not break, and pulled out with the root.

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Only the lower line of the eyebrows can be plucked, and the upper line should be left untouched. Otherwise “sleeping” roots of hair can increase their growth. And also on top there is the most delicate skin, which can be inadvertently damaged. It is necessary to grasp a hair at the root and pull sharply, while slightly pulling the skin. If you grasp the hair higher, there is a great risk of hurting yourself, as well as breaking the hair, leaving the bulb and the tip sticking out of the skin in an unsightly way.

When the ideal shape is achieved, you can correct it with scissors. To do this, the eyebrow is combed upwards and any hairs that are left sticking out of the straight row are shortened.

Ideally, try not to touch your eyebrows at all, the more so that excessive touching can spoil the newly created beauty.

How and what to paint eyebrows?

Professional eyebrow specialists believe that beautiful eyebrows are 50% of makeup. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to them.

After the eyebrow is plucked, you can dye it if you want. This will make your look more attractive.

There are products that are suitable even for beginner brow lovers: shadows and powders. Powders give a soft matte effect. When using these materials, you only need a beveled eyebrow brush.

Eyebrow dyeing products:

a. henna – makes your makeup richer
b. paint – contains a lot of nutrients and moisturizing elements
c. pencil – you can draw on the mistakenly plucked hairs and create a perfect eyebrow line
d. gel – used as a grooming agent for eyebrows
e. fondant – gives a more graphic look to the eyebrows, but not suitable for oily skin types
f. powder – fills the gaps between the hairs, making them thicker, which is suitable for owners of sparse eyebrows
g. shadows – create a softer and more natural look
h. wax – for fixing the shape of eyebrows, styling eyebrow hairs

For a light makeup look, the shadow is used, just like powder, in its pure form. To create a brighter effect with gloss, wax is applied on top, but you have to be careful:
shadow + wax = pigment. When the shadows become wet, their color becomes bright and makeup lines become clear. In the case where the density of hairs on the eyebrow is uneven and you want to slightly even out the density without going overboard with makeup, wax is applied to the entire body of the eyebrow, and color is added as needed.

Why is a pencil the best option for drawing eyebrows?

The pencil is an indispensable assistant in the creation of makeup. First, it is convenient and easy to use and does not require any special skills. Secondly, it will be a supplement to other eyebrow coloring products.

The pencil lead plays an important role. If it is very soft, you should freeze it beforehand so that it won’t float when you work. Make sure the pencil is sharpened carefully, as carelessly protruding chips will easily scratch the skin.

Why is a pencil the best option for drawing eyebrows?

Pay attention to the pressure on the pencil, so as not to overdo the brightness of the color.

How to choose a color of eyebrow pencil

The color is chosen according to the following principle: for blondes it is one or two shades darker than the hair color, and for brunettes – two shades lighter.

With red-haired beauties the situation is much easier – they are free to choose any shade at their discretion.

When using a pencil, as a rule, first the lower line of the eyebrow should be emphasized in the direction from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Then the tip is traced, and the contour is completed with the upper line. After that, strokes are made inside the eyebrow, if it is sparse, and the pencil is shaded with a brush.

Step by step instructions on how to trace eyebrows with a pencil

  1. Prepare the eyebrows for coloring.
  2. Draw the lower part of the eyebrow from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.
  3. Draw the tip of the eyebrow.
  4. Draw a line from the tip to the beginning of the eyebrow along the top edge. Add strokes inside the eyebrow.
  5. Brush the pencil with a brush.
  6. Done!

Step by step instructions on how to trace eyebrows with a pencil

What is the best way to dye eyebrows – paint or henna? How to prepare the skin for the application of products?

To begin with, the main difference between henna and dye is that henna color is richer and lasts longer than dye. So be careful when making your choice, and keep in mind that it will be very difficult to wash henna off your eyebrows if the color suddenly turns out to be too bright.

Use henna for brightness and paint for naturalness.

The henna and dye are applied in the same way. The box with henna shows the necessary proportions for mixing the dye and the oxidizing agent, and inside the package there are auxiliary materials for eyebrows dyeing.

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Before starting to apply the dye, apply some oily cream to the skin around the eyebrows to protect the skin from the dye. Once the dye and oxidant are at the right consistency, carefully apply the resulting mixture with a brush or cotton swab in a thick even layer to the eyebrows. If necessary, cover the eyebrows with one or more more layers.

Before applying henna, coat the skin around the eyebrows with a greasy cream to protect it from spots

The color or henna is washed off with a cotton pad soaked in warm water after about 10-15 minutes, depending on the quality of the manufacturer and the brightness of the pigment. The more saturated color you want to get, the longer you keep the product. If something gets on your skin, use soap and water.

How to wash off the eyebrows if the henna is applied incorrectly, the color is too bright or you have crooked eyebrow line?

When coloring your eyebrows with henna, it’s easy to overdo the shade, so you should always know how to correct this mistake. It’s worth noting that it’s not easy to do right away, but there are ways to do it.

  1. During the day after dyeing, apply an ordinary vegetable oil on the eyebrows with a cotton pad several times, and after a couple of minutes, wipe it off with an alcohol solution. This method is the most harmless to the skin.
  2. Place a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice on the eyebrows. After three minutes, remove the disk. You may feel a slight tingling sensation on the eyebrows, but this is only the effect of the juice, and it is not necessary to be afraid. The main thing is not to get it in the eye.
  3. Use hydrogen peroxide. Dip a cotton swab in it and gently apply it to your eyebrows until they begin to lighten.

The latter method is also suitable for eyebrows covered with paint. It is much easier to wash it off, and sometimes ordinary laundry soap is enough to wash your eyebrows thoroughly with. After such procedures it is better to smear the skin around the eyebrows with a moisturizing cream, as the laundry soap will dry it out.

How do I use eyebrow shadows?

Another option for eyebrow coloring is shadows. They are more convenient than a pencil, but not suitable for a narrow eyebrow shape. As a rule, it is better to mix several colors on a palette and achieve a suitable shade than to apply a ready-made one. A mixed shade will look more natural.

To apply the shade, brush your hairs upwards and lightly stroke the eyebrow along its entire length. Then comb your eyebrows down and lightly stroked the top of the eyebrow once more, so that the tip is slightly lighter than the rest. It’s easy to remove unnecessary strokes with a cotton swab.

How do I use eyebrow shadows?

How do I use eyebrow coloring gel?

A not very popular, but no less effective product is eyebrow gel. It can be transparent, to fix the result obtained from the pencil and shadows, as well as to promote the growth and strengthening of the hairs, or it can contain a shade. It is usually a brown or black pigment.

Tinting eyebrows with gel, regardless of whether it is transparent or has pigment, is very simple, because the scheme of its application resembles the application of mascara on the lashes. All you need to do is dab the eyebrows with a special brush from the beginning to the end. With this method, it is rarely possible to make a mistake, but it is also easy to correct with a cotton swab.

How to properly care for the eyebrows after design?

When everything that was required is already plucked and painted, let’s take care of the eyebrows.

Basic methods of eyebrow care

1. Comb your eyebrows daily. Do it with a special eyebrow brush or an old mascara brush.
2. Rub castor oil on your eyebrows at night to improve their growth.
3. Gently smooth over eyebrows with colourless gel using a brush or brush right along their length.
4. Treat eyebrows once a week with a nourishing oil mask.

IMPORTANT: When dyeing, use only special eyebrow dye. Never apply hair dye to eyebrows.

Have you been impressed with the ability to do eyebrows at home and easily master the skill? 

So, anyone can make eyebrows at home. You will surely get eyebrows no worse than those of your girlfriend who just visited a beauty salon.

Tell us in the comments how you make your eyebrows. Repost the article so that you don’t forget the simple tips on how to make eyebrows at home.

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