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5 Things Girls With Great Eyebrows Always Do

Beautiful eyebrows form the frame for an attractive look. Good care gives your face a certain radiance. These five things should be used in every eyebrow care.

Finding the perfect eyebrow shape for your own face is not so easy. Brows that are too thinly plucked will quickly make you look severe. A small curve in the back third of the brow makes your face more expressive and you look younger.

In general, the eyebrows should start at the height of the nose and end parallel to the outer corner of the eye.

The right eyebrow care

Once you have found the perfect eyebrow shape for yourself, you will want to keep it that way. With regular eyebrow care this is possible.

The best thing is that the care of your eyebrows does not take long and you need few accessories. These five things will love your eyebrows.


Plucking is a must for beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows. However, finding a good eyebrow tweezer is not so easy. Many of the tweezers are blunt, making plucking very painful and exhausting. If you see a tweezer with a bevelled end that is a little wider at the bottom, you have found the perfect one.

You can pluck your eyebrows precisely towards the tip of the ears if you have a round or oval face, and end with the sweep of the eyebrows towards the middle of the ear if your face is rather long or angular.

Tip: If you pluck your eyebrows in the evening after a hot shower, your body will be least sensitive to pain and your pores will be optimally opened so that you can easily catch even the most unruly hair with the tweezers.

Aloe Vera

Just as important as the plucking is the care afterwards. To avoid painful inflammation or irritation, it is essential to apply a nourishing and cooling cream, lotion or gel to your eyebrows.

Aloe vera gel is particularly suitable as eyebrow care, as aloe vera is moisturising and the gel contains valuable amino acids, acemannan and enzymes. The enzymes are responsible for controlling hair growth and creating thick eyebrows.

Castor oil

Castor oil is rich in vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants. The ingredients of castor oil are especially good for hair. They provide the hair roots with the necessary nutrients and promote hair growth, so even sparsely sprouting eyebrows are stimulated to grow.

The application is very simple. It is best to dab the pure oil onto the eyebrows in the evening with a cotton swab, then massage it into the eyebrow with the fingertips for two to three minutes and leave it on overnight. The next morning, wash the oil off with lukewarm water. Repeat the application after several weeks.

should know better: Test the oil on your skin before use. Sensitive skin can burn and cause irritation. If this is the case, please do not use the oil.

Eyebrow Brush

After the plucking, the eyebrow brush should not be missing in the eyebrow care. Stubborn eyebrow hairs are tamed in this way. The brush not only gives the eyebrows the perfect shape, but also removes excess powder from the brows.

After combing the eyebrows, the small hairs all point in one direction again, creating a great look.

Eyebrow pencil

Their pores are particularly wide open after plucking, which can quickly lead to small wounds. It is therefore absolutely essential not to apply make-up to the affected areas directly after eyebrow care. Allow the stressed skin a short break.

Not every eyebrow is equally thick, shiny and bushy. This is perfectly normal. Thin areas can be easily filled with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder after plucking.

Eyebrow pencils are not only used to perfect thin areas, but also to give the brows more contour and expression.

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