Eyebrow slits

3 Ways To Do For Best Eyebrow Slit At Home Tools And Tips

If you’re interested in this trend, and you’ve decided that making eyebrows slits will do you good, you can experiment with how you look.

How to do best eyebrow slits at home?

To make the best eyebrow cut on your eyebrow it is better to contact a professional stylist or beautician. The wizard will help you choose a suitable design for the eyebrow curve and will make the procedure quickly and accurately.

Those who want to do the eyebrow slits at home need to know that there are several ways to do this:

• shave with a razor or a trimmer;
• pluck with tweezers;
• use wax strips for depilation.

Each of these methods can be used at home.


Before you you get the perfect eyebrow cut at home, you should think carefully:

  •  where it will be located – on the right or left side of the person;
  • what is the width of the space;
  • how many stripes there will be – one, two, three;
  • how it will be directed – directly or tilted.

It is important to determine all these parameters in advance. After all, you’re not only going to be applying makeup, you’re also going to be waxing. If the result is not quite what you expected, it will be impossible to fix anything in the near future.

Therefore, to better imagine how the slits crossing the eyebrow will look like, use a cosmetic pencil. Paint in a light tone of the area you are going to shave. Take a look at your face in the mirror. Even better, make some selfies. After all, you can always see the effect better on the photo.

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When the design is finally approved, prepare the disinfectants. It can be hydrogen peroxide or any other disinfector from the pharmacy. You will need them in case of careless movement with a sharp razor. It is very easy to cut the eyebrow.

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Eyebrow slit tool

How to do eyebrow slits with a razor

There is nothing easier than doing an eyebrow cut with a razor. Take the one with which you are most skillfully managed. It can be a dangerous razor, a disposable machine, or an electric device with a special trimmer attachment.

Mark the place for shaving with a cosmetic pencil. Shave the hairs in one precise and confident movement.
Use your usual after-shave cream or lotion.

Eyebrow slits with a razor is a good option for those who are not going to walk long with such a mark. After all, the shaved hairs will grow back in a short time and hide the traces of your experiment. If you like the effect, then you can periodically shave this area or use another way to remove the hair for a longer effect.

How to do eyebrow slits with tweezers

To make a slits on the eyebrows of men or girls can be tweezers. For those who know how to use this tool – it will not be difficult. Draw with a pencil an area with excess vegetation and pluck hairs on it with tweezers. It will hurt. But, beauty requires sacrifice.

It is important to understand that doing of the eyebrow slit in this way will last longer. After all, the tweezers pluck hairs with the root (hair bulb). After this procedure, the follicle from which the hair grows will take time to recover and start the growth of a new hair shaft.

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To do the eyebrow slits with wax strips

This method of hair removal is quite effective and safe. First, you need to make a clear slit on the eyebrows so that the wax stripe will capture only the vegetation to be removed. Then, the wax is applied to the desired area and after hardening, it is pulled off together with the hairs.

Any of these procedures are dangerous. After all, one inaccurate movement, and you get a real scar on the eyebrow. Why do you need such a mark for life? After all, fashion is so fickle!

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