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If you are looking for best brow pencils that frames your look and gives it a full and seductive effect you are in the right place. Here are some of the best brow pencils to give shape to your eyebrows in a natural but cared for way!

Best brow pencil Dessin des Sourcils, YSL Beauté.


This double-sided pencil with a brush will give your eyebrows a natural shade. It is presented in four colors – two brown, ashy and ebony. The best brow pencils is not greasy and is easy to apply, but also very durable and is not erased from the slightest touch during the day.

The medium pigmentation of Dessin des Sourcils allows to make the eyebrows makeup both bright and rich, and natural (for this purpose, let them down with light jerky strokes of shape). In addition to serving as a decorative function, the best brow pencil also cares for the eyebrows – it contains coconut oil.




Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from YSL Beauté.

High Precision Best Brow Pencil, Giorgio Armani.


This best brow pencil is also double-sided: its brush allows you to comb your eyebrows and arrange naughty hair. The palette offers three shades, from light to dark brown. The tip of the pencil is ultra-thin, and this allows him to carefully draw the hairs, giving the eyebrows a natural look.


Another plus is the water resistance: thanks to it, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your eyebrows either in rain or snow.





Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Giorgio Armani.

Best brow pencils Brôw Define Pencil, Lancôme.


Double-sided best brow pencils from Lancôme comes paired with a brush, which allows not only to comb the eyebrows, but also to grow strokes of the pencil after its application. The palette has six shades to choose from. The pencil slides softly and easily in the hairs, creating a clear line.

It is easy to apply, which allows you to experiment with eyebrow makeup – best brow pencils to give them a new shape or emphasize their natural beauty. Also, you won’t have to worry about your make-up during the day: the pencil is very durable.





Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Lancôme.

Best brow pencil Brow Beater, Urban Decay


On the one hand, this best brow pencils has a rotating slate, and on the other hand – a spiral-shaped brush, which will help you to apply eyebrows before applying cosmetics. As for the functional characteristics of the pencil, it comes in four shades: gray-brown, warm brown, brown and dark gray.


The best brow pencil is hard enough to easily and imperceptibly draw the missing eyebrow hairs and fill in the “holes”. Thanks to its light texture, you can grow the pigment and experience the saturation of the makeup.




Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Urban Decay.

Micro Brow Pencil, NYX Professional Makeup ultra-slim best brow pencil.


NYX Professional Makeup eyebrow care product will delight you with its wide color palette and high pigment content. This best brow pencil has eight shades: from light grey to bright chocolate and espresso. The pencil is reversible and has a multifunction brush.

The texture is dense and pigmented, which makes it easy to juggle images. You will be able to give the eyebrows as a natural effect, as well as bright, catchy. And the ultra-thin slate will easily make the eyebrows symmetrical and color the most difficult places.


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Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from NYX.

Brow Precise Best brow Pencil, Maybelline New York


Double-sided mechanical pencil from Maybelline is presented in three natural shades – dark blond, brown and dark brown. It has a thin neckline that can easily draw even the thinnest hairs on the eyebrows.


With this best brow pencil, you can fill in the shape of your eyebrows by drawing the missing hairs and then grow with a brush. The pencil is sturdy and the make-up will last all day with it.





Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Maybelline.

Brow Artist Designer Best brow Pencil, L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris professional double-sided best brow pencil is available in two universal shades – for blondes and brunettes. It has a dotted neckline, which allows you to perfectly color the missing hairs, give the eyebrows a delineated shape and highlight the curvature.

And with a brush you can grow the pigment.




Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from L’Oréal Paris.

Best brow Pencil, Helena Rubinstein


Best brow Pencil, Helena RubinsteinThis best brow pencil from Helena Rubinstein will be an excellent assistant in eyebrow makeup,it will give them a well-groomed look and help to perfectly emphasize the shape. The product consists of two parts: a pencil at one end and a spiral brush at the other. Thanks to its functionality, it will help to perfectly draw the contour of the eyebrows and immediately grow the pigment.


The texture of the product will ensure easy application and durability of make-up during the day. The best brow pencil is available in two shades: dark brown and light brown.




Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Helena Rubinstein.

Best brow Pencil von Lavera

Best brow Pencil von Lavera


For easy thickening of the eyebrows the best brow Pencil from Lavera is definitely recommended. But if you want to shape and define your eyebrows you should choose an alternative product. The texture of the pencil is a bit too creamy for that.






Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from von Lavera .

The Precisely My Brow Pencil von Benefit


The Precisely My Brow Pencil von Benefit


The best brow pencil from Benefit is easy to use and is particularly suitable for tracing the brow arch. The color tone looks very natural and ensures a beautiful result.





Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Benefit.

Best brow pencil Dior Sourcils Pencil


Best brow pencil Dior Sourcils Pencil

With the best brow pencil from Dior, the brush must definitely be used after the application in the second step to distribute the color. But this works very well.


For irregular eyebrows, however, a product with a creamier texture is more suitable.







Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Dior Sourcils Pencil.

Best brow pencil MAC Eye Brows Styler


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Best brow pencil MAC Eye Brows Styler

Mac’s Eye Brows Styler best brow pencil is waterproof and therefore perfect for summer. The guaranteed hold is up to 12 hours and has an ultra-thin, removable mine that allows you to define your eyebrows with great precision.


The final effect is very natural and the pigmentation allows an excellent durability.




Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from MAC Eye Brows Styler.

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Best Brow Pencil


Bobbi Brown’s best brow pencil is precise and long-lasting and has an angled, chiseled mine. This particular shape allows you to fill your eyebrows in an extremely natural way with the flat part or, for a more decisive shape, you can opt for the tapered tip.

In addition, Bobbi Brown’s Perfectly Definited Long-Wear Brow Pencil is waterproof, sweat-resistant and free of parabens and silicones.




Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Bobbi Brown.

One of the best brow pencils is by Anastasia Beverly Hills


One of the best brow pencils ever, according to my puto of view, is the Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills, in the colors Soft Brown and Medium Brown. Before I discovered Urban Decay’s Brow Blade, it was to all intents and purposes the product I used most often.

It is a very thin and very precise pencil that allows you to redefine the eyebrows, at the same time you can shade it to obtain a natural effect. The Brow Wiz on the one hand has a thin and retractable tip while on the other has a small brush with which to blend the affected areas.




Here you can purchase the Best Brow pencils from Anastasia Beverly Hills.


The best brow pencil, With it you can easily fill in gaps and accentuate your brow arch. Our tip: Pay attention to the consistency when buying. The pencil should be neither too hard nor too soft. It’s best to test on the back of your hand to see if the color can be applied easily.

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